1. U

    possible fungal infection???

    so i believe this started at the beginning of september? it was very very small. she shed a few times and i noticed that this spot was not only getting bigger but it also wasn’t shedding. a few people i asked said it was just a shedding thing but when i looked it up i started to get kind of...
  2. C

    Are these femoral pores clogged?

    Hello! I have a bearded dragon for almost 2 months and today I noticed his femoral pores. Are they clogged?
  3. Phia

    Bearded dragon licked chocolate

    My bearded dragon accidentally licked a bit of chocolate frosting. I’m not sure what to do/ how serious it is?! I’m worried, and wondering if anyone knows what I should do in this situation?
  4. B

    Is his toe swollen?

    My bearded dragon has been missing these two toes since i got him but i noticed this morning his other toe look swollen and i don’t know if i should be concerned about it or not. What do y’all think
  5. S

    Is this scale rot?

    I am having a hard time finding information of what this is based on how it looks; and the vet is closed until tomorrow. It just appeared and isn’t super flaky but looks like it hurts him. I have been using vetericyn and betadine...
  6. TurkeyKirkey

    I’m not sure what this is and I’m really concerned 😦

    Hey I found this liquid in my terrarium carpet and I’ve never seen this in my beardis terrarium before does anyone know if my baby might have gotten sick or Mabie seen this before
  7. Yuko

    My 3 y/o male Beardie keeps closing his eyes when I try to hand feed him

    So I just got this Bearded Dragon from a friend about 2 weeks ago. He seems healthy and well kept, definitely a bit stressed though. Anyways to the question at hand. I realized early on he prefers to hand fed instead of with tongs or just having the food put in the bowl, but recently everytime I...
  8. D

    I found a bearded dragon.

    My aunt passed away, and she had a bearded dragon. Well, mine now. Anyways, his name is Rango, (short for, My Durango, #95) when I inherited Rango he was in pretty bad shape. Keep in mind now, I've never even heard of a bearded dragon before now. Some of his tale is missing, I found out that he...
  9. B

    Should i be concerned about this spot?

    My dragons tail has been like this for a while and I thought it was shed but it hasn’t came off yet. I made a post of it a little while ago it hasn’t changed much but starting to get worried about it. He is still eating and drinking just fine.
  10. TurkeyKirkey

    Black night bulb okay ??

    Hey ! My tank just gets a little to cool at night I have ordered ceramic heat emiter bulb in the mail but until then I have a 100w black light trive bulb is this okay !? I heard the red ones can be extremely harmful to your baby’s eyes so I want to make sure the black light doesn’t do the same...
  11. S

    Help my beardie ate a clay bead.

    So I spilled a bunch of clay beads on the floor and my beardie was roaming around my room and he ate a small yellow clay bead and I tried taking it out of his mouth but he bit me, and swallowed it and I don't know what to do, please help!!
  12. R

    Is bearded dragon ok with little sunlight?

    So I’ve had my bearded dragon for a year now. He only gets about 30-60 minutes of natural sunlight per week. Is that really bad? The lightning and temp in his enclosure is correct in and all, but is that all he can survive on? Even if it is, I’m still going to try to take him outside more. I...
  13. Monique996

    New Adopted adult beardie won’t eat, help!

    Hi all! I adopted my beautiful adult bearded dragon on June 2nd, 2022. Her name is Keala! She. I got her from a reptile store near me. It’s now been almost 2 weeks, and she still hasn’t eaten. I have tried to feed her Dubia roaches, collared greens, apples, carrots. She doesn’t even seem...
  14. B

    Help my dragon ate plastic!!

    My bearded dragon got a hold of a fake fishing lure and ate a piece of it. The piece wasn’t very big but i’m worried it’ll hurt him. Any suggestions on what to do?
  15. I

    Help my bearded dragon took a huge fall not using back legs

    Hi, I need help! My bearded dragon fell off my 2 story balcony on Memorial Day. He was alert but not using his back legs. I immediately took him to the only open Vet for an emergency visit. They just looked at him, pinched his leg and said it wasn’t broken and sent him home with pain meds. They...
  16. H

    Idk if he’s hurt or mad

    I took my bearded dragon outside, and he went up high on my shoulders I tried to lean down so he has easy access down to the grass but he jumped off and then puffed up. I’ve never seen my lizard do that, his chin got black (it’s a faint black now, but his chin is normally darker cause it doesn’t...
  17. Sunkissedrhea


    My beardie is eating good drinking good her stool is good shes active she shed last week but now she looks like this please help i dont know whats wrong she was fine when i left for work she was basking but when i got home she was like this please help heres a picture of her normal color vs what...
  18. C

    Am I doing this right? Is he growing?

    I have had Daryl for about a Month and i think he is 2 months old i am not sure. He is only small (13.5cm) so (5.5inches) and i don’t think he is growing or i am feeding him enough.I feed him live crickets (10) every morning before school and i give him fresh Greens and either cucumber, carrots...
  19. S

    Prolapsed Beardie! Vet Couldnt help

    I need some advice for my beardie. He prolapsed Friday night and i could not find a vet over the weekend in my area who could help. Monday morning i called the vet but they couldnt see him until the following day. (Ive been doing sugar baths and sugar paste in the meantime). When i took him in...
  20. kenobisaber

    ANY tips/tricks for stress? I NEED help!

    Tigger is my oldest beardie, he will be two years old on August 15th and Mando will be 1 year on May 18th. I am in a slight predicament. Their cages are across the room from each other. When Mando first arrived home (late January), Tigger went BEZERK..like I never seen him act like it. Running...
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