1. S

    Help please! Does anyone know what this is?

    Sorry if this is kinda gross but as my bearded dragon was using the bathroom something was sticking out of her butt. It was red but within about 3 minutes it went back in on its own. I tried to look things up but I can’t find anything. I added a picture so you can see. Thanks
  2. Y

    Serrapeptase UK

    Hi! I have owned a rehomed beardie for about 2-3 years now, he’s about 7/8 years old & and he’s never had any issues up until September last year. He was having issues using his arms and legs so he’s had an X-ray and the vet says he reckons its early arthritis and suffers with some spinal...
  3. S

    Need Help! Don’t know if this is tail rot!

    Hey all. My beardie has been doing fine since I got him. I noticed discoloration in his tail and it looks withered and fragile. I do not know if this is tail rot, but I can make the appropriate decision once I know what is wrong. Any help is greatly appreciated. Let me know if you need any info...
  4. B

    Looking for any advice please…

    My beardie is extremely black under her chin and tip of tail, sunken eyes and weak - not eating or drinking or pooing. Have been feeding her morio worms and some veg but no calcium for a while. I have no idea what’s wrong, she’s in bad shape. Have just soaked her in a warm bath and put some...
  5. kenobisaber

    Watery poop but no parasites and temps are good?

    Hi y’all! Tigger had spotted his little brother (aka Kenobi - my new dragon) from across the room on accident. I don’t know if the stress from that has caused his watery stool or what. He was recently tested for parasites and i test quite frequently and he has none. He goes poop like 1x a week...
  6. rocko_the_beardie_bangs

    Large adult dragon hide and set up (need help)

    hey guys, So on Sunday I am adopting an adult male beardie, he’s pretty big, measured about 20-19in and I’m almost done setting his tank up but I would like to add another hide since his tank right now really only has one hide he can fit in, I attached 2 photos of his enclosure, (it’s 4x2x18 and...
  7. Jupitertheking

    How much to dust and how to teach it to eat salad?

    Hi, I have a bearded dragon who is named Jupiter. Jupiter is about 4 month old and he is doing really well and he is extremely healthy but he has not been eating he is salads much and sometimes I feel like he is scared of the greens because when I try to hand feed him the greens he runs always...
  8. D

    My baby dragon got a eye infection and I don’t know what to do

    She recently got crust in her eyes and cat open one of them but she keeps the other one open help pls what can I do/ use to help her
  9. M


    Hi. So i’ve had my beardie for about 3-4 months now and when i got her she had a toe hanging off. I brought her to the vet around two weeks after i got her. They amputated her toe and tip of her tail from it rotting. For the next couple months after that she was doing good. She started heaving...
  10. L

    Adult Dragon still hates being held

    We've had our female Dragon, Marzia, for almost 3 yrs now. She came from a very loud home, where she lived with a toddler in his room (I know, not the best). She's never liked being held, or taking baths,nothing. I'm not sure what else to try. I will admit I don't take her out as often as I...
  11. Gyrffinthedragon

    Jumped off my shoulder

    Hello, I am new to dragon keeping. I have an 8 to 9-inch bearded dragon I've had him for probably three months now. He just now had his first really big shed and I was planning on cleaning out his cage because it's full of shed and calcium dust. I got him out and put him on my shoulder because...
  12. xelexas

    Big dark circle on belly

    Recently I noticed a large circle on my beardie, Bowser's, belly. I was looking for some assistance on figuring out what this is. I am also currently looking for an exotic vet in my area, and as soon as I find a good one, I plan on giving them a call to set up an appointment. I'll attach an...
  13. V


    Hi, I’ve noticed this yellow color on my bearded dragon, I’m concerned that it might be yellow fungus I am not sure please help!
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