1. B

    Help my dragon ate plastic!!

    My bearded dragon got a hold of a fake fishing lure and ate a piece of it. The piece wasn’t very big but i’m worried it’ll hurt him. Any suggestions on what to do?
  2. I

    Help my bearded dragon took a huge fall not using back legs

    Hi, I need help! My bearded dragon fell off my 2 story balcony on Memorial Day. He was alert but not using his back legs. I immediately took him to the only open Vet for an emergency visit. They just looked at him, pinched his leg and said it wasn’t broken and sent him home with pain meds. They...
  3. H

    Idk if he’s hurt or mad

    I took my bearded dragon outside, and he went up high on my shoulders I tried to lean down so he has easy access down to the grass but he jumped off and then puffed up. I’ve never seen my lizard do that, his chin got black (it’s a faint black now, but his chin is normally darker cause it doesn’t...
  4. Sunkissedrhea


    My beardie is eating good drinking good her stool is good shes active she shed last week but now she looks like this please help i dont know whats wrong she was fine when i left for work she was basking but when i got home she was like this please help heres a picture of her normal color vs what...
  5. C

    Am I doing this right? Is he growing?

    I have had Daryl for about a Month and i think he is 2 months old i am not sure. He is only small (13.5cm) so (5.5inches) and i don’t think he is growing or i am feeding him enough.I feed him live crickets (10) every morning before school and i give him fresh Greens and either cucumber, carrots...
  6. S

    Prolapsed Beardie! Vet Couldnt help

    I need some advice for my beardie. He prolapsed Friday night and i could not find a vet over the weekend in my area who could help. Monday morning i called the vet but they couldnt see him until the following day. (Ive been doing sugar baths and sugar paste in the meantime). When i took him in...
  7. kenobisaber

    ANY tips/tricks for stress? I NEED help!

    Tigger is my oldest beardie, he will be two years old on August 15th and Mando will be 1 year on May 18th. I am in a slight predicament. Their cages are across the room from each other. When Mando first arrived home (late January), Tigger went BEZERK..like I never seen him act like it. Running...
  8. M

    dragons mouth only slightly open ?

    i only very recently started caring for my dragon, so please bear with me if my question seems obvious: my dragon has only recently started basking, as she was left with no basking lamp or any adequate heat source for just about a year before i got her. i checked on her just a few minutes ago...
  9. G


    PLEASE HELP My beardies femoral pores were SUPER clogged and naturally i researched and thought you were supposed to clean them after a few bathes with a brush and GENTLY with tweezers if needed. His pores are open/clean now but there are 2 that became slightly bloody and now im freaking out and...
  10. D

    Help! What is this?

    While bathing my bearded dragon today I noticed his little clad was dirty and so I started washing it but it wasn’t coming off and taking a closer look it looks like he hurt himself but I don’t know for sure does anyone possibly know?
  11. J

    HELP! Don’t know what this is coming out of beardies vent.

    He is healthy and has no other issues he acts fine as well he poops regularly and pees and it’s all healthy poop. Also when I try to take it out becuase I thought it was a sperm plug it’s pretty large and it seems like it’s stuck or attached to his i insides. I don’t want to hurt him can I...
  12. Mia08

    What's this??

    I noticed that my dragon has this on his side, it's hard
  13. Z

    New Beardie with weird setup and a couple issues

    Hello! I just adopted a beard as a rehome and ive taken care of beardies before but I want second opinions. Birthday is unknown, The last owners had him for 2 years. They had an animal hoarding home to say the least. Now first thing I knew was he is D E H Y D R A T E D. they told me they brought...
  14. T

    Strange lump

    I noticed this lump on my beardie today and I have no idea on how to deal with this or an idea of what it is has anyone seen this before
  15. J

    Bearded dragon not looking so good

    Hi, I have about a 6/7 month old dragon, and he’s been great up to now. Past couple days he’s looked really tired and shutting his eyes during the day time, his lights and temperature and humidity is perfect so I’m not sure what’s going on! He’s sat under the basking light as he’s warm...
  16. V


    Hi, I have a question so I have a bearded dragon that is about 8 months I feed him crickets, however I want to know if the quantity that I’m giving him is good or not. So I give him 30-35 crickets a day but I have read that you should let them eat whatever they can in 10-15 min however would...
  17. B

    Beginner lighting questions

    I’m wanting to get a baby bearded dragon soon but I have a lot of questions for all the proper lighting I need for it before I get the lizard. I have a 75 gallon tank and want to know what type of UVB light I need to get and if I also need a heating day lamp to go with a UVB. If I need a heat...
  18. T

    New Tank, Strange Behavior

    Hello. I’m fairly new to bearded dragons and reptiles in general, but I think I’ve been handling it well. I built a custom tank for my bearded dragon that I got at about 3 months old. That tank had an open top, but I was able to maintain temperature and humidity well. Three weeks ago, I...
  19. C

    Bearded dragon bit tail it's hanging off!

    My bearded dragon has bitten the end of it's tail off and I can see bone and flesh but he's not bleeding. Their is a few scales that's keeping it attached some how. The bearded dragon doesn't seem at all fazed about it and is eating and running about as usual..I'm unsure what to do as theirs not...
  20. S

    Help please! Does anyone know what this is?

    Sorry if this is kinda gross but as my bearded dragon was using the bathroom something was sticking out of her butt. It was red but within about 3 minutes it went back in on its own. I tried to look things up but I can’t find anything. I added a picture so you can see. Thanks
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