Worm Frustrations!

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So...I'm on my ever growing mission to breed any and every feeder beardies could possibly eat.

But yet I can't find hornworms, are they illegal in South Africa? Does anyone know?


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Oh, I am not sure about that. You should be able to google it, or if that doesn't work call a wildlife station or something like that.

There are no online stores that sell hornworms to South Africa?

It is possible they are illegal, since many see them as a pest. But you would have to call someone to find out I think.



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Thanks guys, I can't find nay site that ships to SA and as for any government institutions, you have to stay on the phone for hours to just get anyone to answer your call.

I was thinking of that, each year I plant a bunch of different heirloom tomatoes ('cause they look and taste awesome) but I've had no worms :?

I even tried getting a tobacco plant, but that's another impossible mission.

I know we get the death's head moth here in SA but I've VERY rarely seen one in my vicinity.

SIlkworms, waxies, mealies or supers...that's about all I can offer my babies.


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Where do you get your waxies from?

Have you tried roaches? Herpetology Africa sells roaches, crickets and supers. Excellent quality


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I just called a local beekeeper and he sent me some. They are pests so the beekeepers really don't mind.

Are you from SA?

i have about 6 different species of roach colonies...:)


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Yup im in SA.

Did you get waxies from the beekeeper? Wonder if we have any here in out area.....
Wow 6 roach species............thats great. Wish i could get some variety
I breed Lobsters and Super worms. Got rid of the crickets cos theyre a PITA :D


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oh ok, where about?

I basically called the first one that came up when I googled it, he collected the worms and sent them to me, I just paid for postage.

Try the SARoachman, he ships nationwide and he has a wide variety of roaches, my colonies are only coming back to life now that it's warmer.

I'm trying to breed black crickets, I got them from Herpetology Africa.
Hopefully all goes well and I can get a decent colony up and running.


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Well lets say near Bronkhorstspruit, cos nobody gets my area anyways.....
Gonna see if we have bee farmers here, should have to cos we stay on smallholdings and farms..........

Thanx for the info on the roaches, will check it out. And good luck with the crickets
By the way...........had any luck with the hornworms? All i can find out about is tomatoe worms :?


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Such is the world of reptiles, I can't even squash crickets anymore, cause all I can think is, that's could be one full tummy of food!
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