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well dashers shedding again :| i am spraying him daily
does anyone have any tips? :)
the first time he shed i did so much research :study: until i realized that all i had to do basically spray and bathe him lol
That's pretty much it....Daytona's been shedding non-stop it seems like. I have a couple pictures where she looks like she's impersonating a banana.



How old is your beardie that keeps shedding? Mine is around 5 months and has only shed once since I've had her. I know she shed at least once before I got her when she was 7 weeks but only one body shed since then. Her leg shed the other day so I thought maybe she'd have another full body shed but no luck. I only bathe her once or twice a week bc she doesn't really like it and tries to jump out. Any thoughts?
No thoughts really, I know my Daytona has done an impressive amount of growing since I got her, but she needed some feeding up. Most of my herp keeping experience is with geckos, Daytona is my first beardie. And my geckos usually shed while I'm not looking.


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yeah I usually only bathe them twice a week
but it seems like once their done they start again! :mrgreen:
Dasher is turning 1 this december
thanks again!
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