Rocky's stares

okay we all know that beardies stare, that's what they do. However, Rocky makes me nervous again. You know how he says NO by winking at me, well I find that creepy. Some days it weirds me out more than other days. It was one of those days. We had a great day and it was time for bed.
I was chatting with friends, Rocky listens, no issues. I turn to Rocky and say, "Do you want to go to bed?" He winks-
I don't like it. I finish talking to and try to trick him. 10 minutes later, I turn to rocky and say, " Night time"-- he winks.
I say, I am going to close the blinds- no wink, I close the blinds. I keep talking. I am going to shut the tv off-no wink. I chat about random stuff to throw him off... and he is just staring at me. I then say, "Time to go to your tank"- I didn't say enclosure on purpose. He winked.
I didn't want to but I laughed so hard (but inside I was crying MOMMYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY)

So I realized, with a dog, I pat my leg and say c'mon. Rocky just stares, he doesn't turn his head away- he doesn't wave his hand he just stares. But when it's time to communicate, BOOM-
I feel uncomfortable in my own home.
So needl;ess to say, ROcky was able to stay out all night. In fact he slept by my head (I must not be that afraid right LOL)- he was happy as pie. Of course, he won AGAIN!
I then said, "Hug" thinking he would wink- he DIDN'T so I hugged him goodnight.
That's my Rocky.
(As I write, I realize the hole for me and Rocky is getting deeper and deeper and deeper! LOL)

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Should we be concerned?

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