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OMG She is starting to do so!
but every now and then she will stop breathing completly..
she just stopped for agoo dminute but she was horribly bloated she needs to poop more i assume?


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ok she was breathing but keeps getting bloated
what do i need to do??
she will go really skinny then bloat like a balloon
shes trying so hard..will more pumpkin work?????


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ZOMG i think we made her survive
We think she will be ok and she will pull through
wat a little miracle she is good and running around like she should be she gave us a huge scared but we didnt give
up and she made it YAY Thanks for all the help we couldnt have done it without u guys thanks soooo much


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so he pooped then?! thats great news, isnt it weird that we are always soo estatic when they poop, lol, you would never have thought you would be glad to see it, ay?

right with the ballooning, they do do that, its quite funny, 1, when their in the bath they do it to float better, lol, mine balloon out then let their back legs just dangle about in the water, 2, they do it when their due to shed and to stretch, they do it for numerous reasons, its nothing to be concerned about, however the breathing is concerning, im not quite sure what you mean? he stops breathing completely? are you certain? cos i know sometimes i cant see mine breathing, i can watch for ages when their napping and i see no movement whatsoever but they are in fact still breathing, just peacefully, can you answer some questions for us please to help you better?
do you hear any popping, wheezing at all? any sounds at all?
also is there any mucus in or around his mouth or nostrils?
what temperatures is he sitting at up his cool, warm and basking areas?
how do you measure them? with a probe or round stick on one?
what is his humidity in his cool and warm ends?
hope he picks up for you now hes pooped he should feel at least a bit better.

edited to add: you may want to keep bathing him couple times a week just to keep him hydrated, also if your misting him or his viv id recommend you not to as this can raise humidity levels too high and can cause respirectory problems. one more thing is you may want to stick to soft bodied insects for a little while just to help out his system a bit better, hes a baby right so id stick to phoenix, silk or butter worms perhaps and the odd wax worm as a treat.


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do you hear any popping, wheezing at all? any sounds at all? A little bit yeah
also is there any mucus in or around his mouth or nostrils? No none whats so ever
what temperatures is he sitting at up his cool, warm and basking areas? cool area about 77 warm not sure and basking 81-82 we know it is low i have too prder some better bulbs for her.. yes we found out it is a her :D
how do you measure them? with a probe or round stick on one? a ruler Lol
what is his humidity in his cool and warm ends? dont know we donthave something too measure this....yet. what was that site again?
one more thing, she has bloated up andhasbeen for a while.. not moving just swallowing
and by stop breathing i meant that she would puff up and not breath or move,even twitch for 5 mins at a time and she done this about 4 times we thought we had lost her but kept trying xD
something about playing with poop too save your young makes it seem like not such a poopy job hahaha


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Oh btw i meant too ask in the last post are the pinhead crickets okay?? all we have is meal worms and them.. plus greens fruit and such
should we put some of the pumpkin apple sauce in our mix of food dish or is this a bad idea?
For misting should there be the calcium supplement in the bottle? we have a watering dish with A drop in it


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.........bad news folks
she didnt make it. She ended up bloating her stomach and we thought she was going to make it she was swallowing regularly and trying too moveon her bloated stomach..
a few minutes later i looked over and noticed she had not moved.. so i watched and she wasnt doing anything... i went oo move her and there was blood on the paper towel from her stomach. it had 2 holes in it......... Rest In Piece Kodo.. we love you and will never forget you little girl. :cry: :cry: :cry:

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Oh Dear...I am so very sorry! I was hoping to come back on here and find that your little one was doing better.
Sometimes the little tiny ones get sick and their little bodies cannot take it! I feel horrible! I truly am sorry!

You mentioned there being two holes in her stomach.... could you explain that better?


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2 holes in her stomach that had been bleeding??

wow well i am soo sorry to hear your lil girl passed away. i was thinking impaction. you did all you can for her and she was very loved indeed.
my condolences go out to you.


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I am so sorry for your loss. Some times these things happen, for reasons beyond our control. Rest in Peace Little One.

I too am intrigued by the two holes..


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I wonder if your dragon ate something that punctured the stomach and then was bloating up to get it moving but with the movement it punctured the skin...


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I am sorry your little one did not make it. I wish we had been able to see the two holes earlier. This is why it is important to have a reptile vet, no matter how far away. This is not your fault. Remember that.

Pinhead crickets are great, though you really should stop feeding your beardie mealworms. They can get addicted to them and refuse to eat anything else.


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they were like.. 2 very little slit's one bigger than the other
right around her stomach :(
Thank you all for caring so much, and for all the help you have given us. You guyz rock!
We will be keeping you up too date with our male beardie, Drake.
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