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We never expected to get another dragon, but our neighbours next door wanted to give away Cleo, as he was called. We'd babysat him before, he's such a sweetheart. We nicknamed him Velcro because when he snuggles he never wants to go back to his viv, he hangs on as if he's made out of velcro.

So here he is. Today was his first day with us. He ate 13 supers and ate some squash, not bad for the first day he was here. He's only in a 30 gallon tank, which will be ok for now. He's 18" long but weighs only 200g. We figure he's probably 2 yrs old. Our neighbours rescued him last fall, they found him and a female (which they named Puff) on Craig's list. They were in a 30 gallon dirty tank, with sand and a huge log that took up 1/2 the space in the tank. Leo was at the bottom, he was sooooo skinny. He's gained weight, but never got the attention he deserved. I took some pics today, but will take more tomorrow. I think he remembers our place as didn't get stressed as I expected. No stress marks at all. When we let him run around the living room, he noticed our girls and immediate black beard, so his hormones are working!

He had a bath this morning, had a big poop, no smell, so not worried about parasites.

So here are a few pics, he's a yellow & dark gray, light gray colour.

Under the communal power sun in the living room:

Discovering there are girls in those tanks up above, he has a great black beard for such a skinny boy:

On the couch, he's got a pretty diamond pattern on his back:


Hope you enjoy
Deb and my six dragons :D :shock: :shock: :shock: :cry: :cry: :( :love5:


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I loved the pictures Deb! Titan looks great and I bet Didi didn't like sharing HIS ramp! The picture of Rubio is so funny, they sleep in the funniest places/positions.

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Hi Holly and Gina, no his head is the same size on the left, it just looks smaller because his eye doesn't have the orange around it like the right one and the spikes look different, too. Glad you liked the pics, isn't Rubio just awesome in that dish, honestly does anyone else's beardies do the splits that well? And thanks Lindz, I'm glad you enjoyed the pics and no, Didi didn't like Titan on his ramp at all, he wanted to smother him, then eat him, so Didi sat on my shoulder while I let Titan on the ramp, now it's time to change the towel that's on the top, just in case. Didi's been on the side pillow since we left.

So I just got back from the vet and she's very impressed with Titan. She wants me to rub in a bit of polysporin (I have the cream) on the top of his head. The burn on his left lip turned out to be a healed abcess, so she was able to remove the black part and it's all healthy skin underneath, just red as it's still open. I have a med, the same one Leo got for his mouth rot, to put on it for 3 weeks to heal it up. So no poop to take in but she agreed that he needed de-worming and has other parasites, too, so I start him on a couple of drops of Baytril for 10 days, then next Saturday when I take in Leo, I'll get the Panacur, Then two weeks later I take in a fecal & probably Titan, too, to check his mouth and head & get the fecal tested. She was very impressed with Titan, he stayed nice and quiet. She wasn't sure if he was small for his age, thought his length was ok, but as we really don't know how old he is, I'm guessing 7 mo, it was hard to figure. He weighed 230 so he's lost weight, which is not unusual when he hadn't eaten bugs until yesterday. Because of the prolapse, she wants him to eat only veggies for today and tomorrow, see what happens with his poops. If there's no prolapse, then I can start him on bugs again on Monday. I'm hoping it's gone & it was just that clot that was trying to get out, but only time will tell. And she wants pics of my boys, so I'll get some done and take them in next week. She has tons of pics in her office of all the kinds of animals she's taken care of, from dragons and other reptiles, birds, monkeys, rodents, dogs, cats and's a long list! That's why I trust her!

So all in all a good morning, now I'm off to eat, then feed the crew!

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I love that pic of Rubio, such a funny little boy.

Glad nothing seems to be too serious with Titan. Hope all goes well on that end =)

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Thanks for the update Deb. We all wonder bout your sweetie's and a prolapse is always a bit shocking. Glad to hear he's on the up and up. You'll have to show us all the pics you choose for the vet office :wink:


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Hey Deb :) Glad there's nothing too serious with Titan and hope the parasites and such clears up quickly for him and you. I'm also glad to hear Lonzo's doing good after his fall *hugs to you both* I'm hoping to have some pictures and video's up of Jango soon.. hopefully tomorrow sometime. Take care and give everyone a cuddle from me :)

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Thanks everyone, I'm glad you think Titan looks great, I think so, too. Lonzo is doing just fine, he spent over an hour on the ramp this am, ran around the living room, did quite well, which made me feel better.

I starting Titan on the Baytril this am, considering it's supposed to taste awful, he lapped it up right away. Lapped up all his calcium, Acidophiluz+ and Electrlytes, too, which was great, as I gave those to him 2 hours later, even though I've been told to wait six hours, I'm not home enough during the week to allow that. Cheryl said 2 hours would be fine, so I'm using that. Means I'm up at 7:30a giving him his meds, then at 9:30 bath & rest of his liquids, then feeding him. Don't know how I'm going to get the crickets in there, but can always leave him with them for 20 min after his bath, etc, when I'm getting ready. He ate veggies only today, but yesterday he was hungry, he at 4 larger sized roaches, 15 large crickets and 8 med supers. It was awesome to see him eating and hunting as normal. So we'll see how his appetite is this week after the Baytril. He's on that for 10 days, then he's on panacur after the Baytril for the other parasites, I'm not sure for how long, then no meds for 2 wks after that and then another fecal.

He actually pooped in the bath! I was so surprised :shock: It wasn't very solid, but that's to be expected and it was at 11:30, so I won't be that late during the week, but at least he let loose and no blood that I could see.

I went to see my friend Joanne yesterday for the afternoon and she said her beardie Athena had the same thing and it turned out to be hemmeroids, which went away after about 4 days, so we'll see if it's the same with Titan. I'm sure it's all to do with him being on wood chips when he was at the petshop, but I'll get him all sorted soon enough.

I went to PetSmart this afternoon, it's new in my area, and got the regular water crystals I normally get at $2 off the price I get them at the pet shop. I also found him a great hide for $19, while the one I was going to get him would have been $34. So he has a basking spot, plus I'm going to steal the shelf in Didi's tank (don't tell him, though) and now he'll have this great hide. I think that's enough for now. I want to get him a stuffie, but not until he's done the meds and he's clear.

So here's the hide I found:

And here's Titan, he found the "beehive" at the back of Didi's tank:

And here's Didi playing King of the Ramp, considering he's been living there for 2 weeks, he looks pretty good!:

Rubio ran into his hide again, silly boy, and Leo and Gabriel are doing fine. Gabriel is getting to be a big fatty, so may cut down his worms a bit (even though he's not getting more than 50 a week at the most) and give him more veggies/greens. I'm not sure if it's just that he was so skinny a year ago, or if he's just naturally a fatty :lol:

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The hide looks great. Though I don't like PetSmart's treatments of animals (between the 2 Petcos I go to and the 1 PetSmart, Petco takes WAY better care and they seem to care about their babies) they do offer a lot of great decor. It's when I bought Jace's branch and both his and Zy's bridges.

I love Titan's climb of the beehive, so cute. The rock looks rough, does it keep their nails trim?

I love the look on Didi's face: "You ain't taking me off the ramp...are you?" :lol:

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Hi Liz, they didn't have any live reptiles of any sort, just 1 row of reptile supplies and a few small tanks and 2 rows of aquatic supplies. The great thing was a lot of people had their dogs in, I met three just in the few minutes I was in there, a 8 mo old Doodle, mix of retriever and poodle, a Burmese mountain dog (I just love those dogs), 16 weeks old who piddled, it was so funny and a tiny Yorkie that fell in love with the Doodle. It was a lot of fun, I sure enjoyed myself. I plan on going there any time I need the water crystals, as they're so much cheaper, plus I get to meet dogs! Glad you like the hide, I'm hoping Titan likes it, too.

The beehive is rarely used, Didi gets on it when he wants to pout or avoid eating. I was surprised to see Titan on it, but it will stay in Didi's tank after Titan moves out & after a good washing. Didi's hide will get a good washing, too, once Titan is in his own tank. I'm just waiting for the lights to come in. That should be interesting, I'm going to move it on a weekend so I can keep an eye on him, I'm not sure if I should put paper on the side so he can't see Rubio or give him an excuse to arm wave, which he seems to love doing, to the point of almost windmilling :lol: He's such a cutie!


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Neither one of mine wave... they are not very submissive :lol: I love the hide too and I just absolutely love the picture of Titan on the beehive, so cute. It's good to see DIdi being Didi and loving his temporary home. He is going to have a nice good pout when he has to go back in a tank!


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Love the pic of Titan on the "beehive" :lol: and Didi looks great! Love the new hide you found, i'm sure Titan's gonna love it too. got my pictures up finally if ya wanna see :)
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