To preface, this isn't a 'how often should I feed x' kind of question. This is more of a hypothetical.

For the sake of this question, assume you have an adult beardie who you feed 10 gut loaded (w/ veg, not protein to avoid excess uric acid) dubia roaches the generally suggested 2-3 times a week (20-30 total/week) and has veg always available.
Why offer 10 roaches 2-3x/week versus 2-3 roaches/day in addition to veggies? Ultimately the dragon would be getting the same amount, just more regularly.

Is there any harm in offering a small daily amount of protein?
Protein gives us energy and helps build/maintain muscle, so would a small but constant source help the energy levels of a lazy (not lethargic) dragon?
What would the effect on the metabolism be? It shouldn't cause weight gain given that the calories would even out during the week, or am I wrong?

I understand that having a constant supply of insects can make the dragon not want veggies, so let's also assume the dragon would still eat their greens. Perhaps with behavioral reinforcement that after their greens they will get insects, as we know we can train dragons certain behaviors (potty location, coming when called, etc).
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That's what I do in the warmer months when I have a more steady supply of bugs. I'll feed a few bugs a day, every day some time after they eat their salads.


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That's what I do in the warmer months when I have a more steady supply of bugs. I'll feed a few bugs a day, every day some time after they eat their salads.
What is the effect it has on their system? Do they generally seem to be more energetic?


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It's hard to say. Since I feed them that way in the warmer months and they tend to be naturally more active during those same months I can't say it's because I feed them that way. They also get a lot more natural sun because I let them outside a lot once it gets warm enough.


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I wonder if anyone else has done this, and what their experience with it is.
I might try it to see the effect it has on her, but I'd be worried about weight gain as a result.


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As long as you keep the amount of bugs a week the same just fed at different rates it shouldn't lead to weight gain.

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