1. NickAVD

    Feeding plan for dragon

    Please help me to find the true feeding plan for a teenager dragon. This guy's name is Foxy, he's 9 months old. Foxy weighs 370g and is 18" long. He eats every day according to this plan: - in the morning (1pm - 1:30pm) I give him vegetables, usually lettuce, bok choy, some pumpkin and arugula...
  2. O

    Hypothetical Feeder Insect Frequency?

    To preface, this isn't a 'how often should I feed x' kind of question. This is more of a hypothetical. For the sake of this question, assume you have an adult beardie who you feed 10 gut loaded (w/ veg, not protein to avoid excess uric acid) dubia roaches the generally suggested 2-3 times a...
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