dubia roaches

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    Dubia Roaches - Vancouver, BC

    Does anyone know where I can order dubia roaches that can ship to Vancouver, BC?
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    Hypothetical Feeder Insect Frequency?

    To preface, this isn't a 'how often should I feed x' kind of question. This is more of a hypothetical. For the sake of this question, assume you have an adult beardie who you feed 10 gut loaded (w/ veg, not protein to avoid excess uric acid) dubia roaches the generally suggested 2-3 times a...
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    Suddenly Fussy Eater

    My beardie is about 3 months old and has suddenly been very difficult to get to feed. He's showing a TON of energy over the past week and has been very difficult to sit still and eat his dubias. He's always eaten his dubias and has only just now been difficult. I was wondering if this is...
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    Juvenile beardie diagnosed with gout.

    Hi everyone, My beardie Bindi, who is approximately 3-4 months (vet says he is 9m old but he is only 11 inches long??) old was diagnosed with gout. It noticed something was wrong almost a month ago when Bindi was limping and not using his left arm, and it was very swollen. After going to the vet...
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    woodies or dubia roaches australia

    Hi, im an Australian boy getting a bearded dragon, i was wondering what bugs i should use as feeders, Dubia roaches or woodies? and how long dose it take to start up a colony so i can be feeding it daily without running out, and any tips to start a colony.
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