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I just received some new Dubia roaches from, where I've been getting them the past several months. They seemed fine, although I didn't get a good look at them, but after I fed my beardie I noticed something on his tank wall. He's a messy eater so often guts end up around where he's eating (disgusting, I know lol), but there was a tiny little white thing that I'm wondering might be a worm or larva of some sort? I have the blurriest of photos attached. It could honestly just be guts but I figured I'd get a second opinion anyways lol.


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I think that might be an ootheca? Did your beadie eat an adult female dubia? I caught one of them giving birth to an ootheca and retracting it the other day. Might just be dubia gut, cuz from what I know dubias parasites aren’t visible like that.


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Update: It's been a few minutes and it seems to be drying up. Here's an updated photo from like 15 minutes later.
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Looks like Dubia guts...
Or what Groggyfroggie said.

A lot of the times these bug breeder don't mess up....
They are easy to work with.
They wont send you sick Dubia Roaches.
You could sue them..

I've bought bugs on Ebay, amazon, and some other wholesale retailers.

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