Combining adult roaches in Dubia colonies?


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A few months ago when it started cooling off, I started slowly cleaning out some of my feeder bugs since Jasper wasn’t eating much and about to go into brumation. I gave him what was left and left the bin empty - I thought.
I just got a new container of small roaches (1/4” - 1/2”) to restock my bin, but when I went to clean out the old cardboard and put more egg carton in, there is a large adult roach that somehow survived??? I must have missed seeing it in the egg carton, but it hasn’t had any food or water for at least a month, I’m not sure exactly how long.
There’s at least a 1.5” size difference, and I have no clue how healthy it is (other than it is alive and crawling around) since I’ve just started keeping them this year and I’ve never had any get this big before.
Can I add it to my new roaches? Or should I get rid of it? What should I do with it?


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You say ABOUT?
Already there now?
I’d be afraid of him eating on the smaller ones if you were to put with.
I’m guessing that this is the only reptile you have.
We’ve become FREAKS and in the last 6 months have acquired 3 other reptiles aside from the beardie. The BTS (blue tongue skink) is kinda a garbage disposal and will eat MOST anything we put in front of her.

Back to your issue, if it were me with only one I’d put it in box and keep it for when Jasper comes out if he’s there now.

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