1. A

    Feeding advice

    Sonny my lovely dragon is 7 months old and she has never stuck to the advice I was given as a first time owner. I’ll post the advice I was given and what she actually eats and please give me some advice. From 0-4 months feed her as many bugs as she can eat 4 times a day. Feeding time should be...
  2. zonkey

    Gutloading and Feeding Help

    Hi all, a few questions here. What are the staple leafy greens and vegetables I should be feeding my beardie? As for insects I have some dubia roaches, and black soldier fly larvae coming in... I'll get some crickets and worms too. I want to gutload them all, so I wanted to ask if this product...
  3. F

    Eating what is happening ????!

    Hey my name is faith and i am a new beardie owner. Ive had my beardie for about a year and some change but he just wont eat , or i have to hand feed him. When i first got him he was very active and aye about twice a day and started him on a worm diet and gave him shallow baths for him to drink...
  4. Chris.

    How to handle shedding

    Hello everyone, my boy Luis is finally looking like he will start shedding soon. At least he's showing all the signs. He's not moving much, avoiding his basking spot, hiding more and showing a dark skin (pale at the tail and back legs), sometimes stress lines and a black beard. I've seen him...
  5. SarahNancy13

    Bearded dragon ate day old veggies

    Hi! I'm coming on here again to ask for advice for my little Ember. He's 1 year old now and I had a question about dried out greens. So, usually, I give him fresh greens every morning and let them sit in the tank until his lights go out. Usually he doesn't eat them but sometimes he does...
  6. T


    Hi! I got a baby beardie last Monday. He/she is about a month & a half old so super small but managed to sort out his enclosure few days prior with heat and lighting and also to check the temps. He currently has a compact UVB (from Exo Terra) but I’ve ordered the Arcadia linear one from the U.S...
  7. adambeck

    Reptile shop says my beardie is fat, that I should stop feeding him insects???

    Hello from Japan! I’ve been meaning to reach out for impressions about my beardie, Yogi, because I’ve been confused about his weight and about feeding him. This past weekend, though, he stayed in the “pet hotel” at our local reptile shop (where we originally got Yogi) and the guy there told me...
  8. Sulitlana

    Dubia roaches ate a hole in the egg cartons.

    My Dubia feeders ate a hole in their the egg cartons in their container. It may be they were after the squash juice or something else but I am worried about feeding them to my bearded dragon. I have researched a bit and haven't seen where someone specifically asked this, more just talked about...
  9. Jordanbryant

    Baby bearded dragon being picky??

    Hey guys! So I got my beardie about 2 months ago. I’m thinking she is about 3/4 months but I am not 100% sure. She LOVES her greens and eats them every day no problem but is picky when it comes to bugs? Now I am feeding her crickets, wax worms, and the occasional hornworms. Also I’m saying picky...
  10. hakusmom

    Stubborn butt won’t eat greens!

    Hi ya’ll, it’s been awhile! Haku is now a year old. And still, after everything I’ve tried, still refuses to eat salad. The only way I can get any kind of green in his mouth is by shoving it in there while he’s chewing on a bug. Usually he’ll take it, not without a few head shakes. And other...
  11. NickAVD

    Feeding plan for dragon

    Please help me to find the true feeding plan for a teenager dragon. This guy's name is Foxy, he's 9 months old. Foxy weighs 370g and is 18" long. He eats every day according to this plan: - in the morning (1pm - 1:30pm) I give him vegetables, usually lettuce, bok choy, some pumpkin and arugula...
  12. NightRaysMoon

    False brumation or something?

    Kazoku for the two years he's been alive does something strange around November, December, and a bit of January. He'll refuse to eat once the cold winter days have taken hold of our city, however that's where that detail ends. Kaz is still as alert and active as any other season, maybe vibing...
  13. hakusmom

    Bug strike

    My close to 10 month old beardie, Haku, has been such a stickler for veggies. He never eats them. He used to snack on the occasional carrots and bell pepper, but now it seems like he’s gone on veggie strike. I’ve been giving him slurries but it doesn’t seem to help in any way. I got advice from...
  14. tedbubz

    Are black soldier flies nutritous or are they like the lettuce of the insects?

    I'm talking about the actual black soldier flies and not the BSFL. My beardie loves eating the flies but can't find much infomation on if they're a staple and healthy or should be avoided. Please let me know what you think! Thank you in advance! <3
  15. Groggyfroggie

    Feeding Silkworms

    So I’ve just started on silkworms and wonder how many should be fed everyday? Draco is 4.5 months old and 15 inches, eats healthy amount of salad and 7-10 big dubias everyday. My silkworms are at ~4cm (1.5 inches) now. I plan to feed him only silkworms for protein until I go through all of...
  16. T

    Feeding questions for new baby

    Hello all! I am still doing research on when I get a new baby (from a breeder). I'm just so torn and confused about which insects to get for him. 1. I'm leaning towards Dubia roaches, but to be as cost-efficient on shipping (from sites such as Dubiaroaches.com), how many do I get and how...
  17. H

    Beardie with a Silver Spoon

    It started about 18 months ago when I was desperately trying to get Sticky to eat more vegetables and fewer bugs. She simply refused - for weeks - to eat, so I started spoon feeding her pureed vegetables. She seems to love this. I give her live prey from time to time, and monitor her weight. I...
  18. Baby_Magatron

    Beardie will only eat Greens

    Hey everyone, I’m relatively new to having a beautiful little bearded friend so I hope this isn’t a stupid question! I can’t seem to find any help online anywhere, if it’s a bizarre one the next stop is a vet!! So I’ve had baby Maggie since October 2021, at this point I was told she was...
  19. Wonderful Lizard of Oz

    Super Worms?

    Hello! I've had my dragon for around 4 weeks now and I've been regularly feeding him super worms as his main course. He just turned a year old a little less than a week ago so I was searching how many to feed him now but I came across something. There were a few websites that said super worms...
  20. J

    Cricket Alternative

    I’m planning on getting a bearded dragon soon, i’m currently working on getting its new home ready. I’m wondering about food and i’m hoping you can post what you normally feed your bearded dragons and how old they are!
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