how to get your bearded dragon to eat greens

Hi all, i need some advice on how to get my bearded dragon to eat more greens; she currently barely eats any and she started looking skinny. I feed her worms most of the time but i know i cant just feed her worms all the time.

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Can you post a few pics of her to show her size, also her set up ? What type of greens have you used ? Some people put BSFL or other worms on the greens but if your dragon is looking thin she needs more protein as well. Can you get crickets, locusts or dubia ? Those are good staple feeders. My dragons all started eating dragons as babies, sometimes if you just drop a few pieces near them it attracts their attention. Some people put the greens on a white paper plate so they stand out more.


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Adding something to the greens to get them attracted is a good idea, whether it's worms or a small amount of fruit or something. I agree with @AHBD, if she is looking thin she probably needs more protein too. I also found offering the greens a couple of hours before the protein helped encourage mine to eat his.

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