1. catwu20

    HELP!! Bearded dragon ate dead, rotting bird

    This morning, my 5-year old bearded dragon was outside and I looked away for a second, and she ate a DEAD ROTTING ANIMAL!! I don't know what animal it was. It was brown and black had a white slime over it. My mom who was watching this thinks it was a bird. She ate it too quickly before I could...
  2. TotoTheBeardie

    Tips for new food?

    Does anyon shave any tips for getting Toto to try new foods?
  3. quantum

    How Many Dubia Roaches/Times do I feed my Baby Bearded Dragon a Day?

    I recently got 700 Dubia Roaches. I sort of just feed my baby bearded dragon the Dubia Roaches until he doesn't want to eat any more. But I'm wondering if there's a more consistent way of feeding him instead of just feeding him until he stops eating, so I can more skillfully keep track of how...
  4. F

    How Much Should My Beardie Be Eating (and What Do I Do?)

    Hello!! My daughter (age 5) has been saving up for a pet for over a year. We finally got her a beardie on Saturday. But while I’ve done a ton of research, I’m finding a lot of it to be conflicting and am just worried about how much Annie (the dragon) is eating. On Saturday when we brought...
  5. JohnW61622

    Hello all New and super excited but also nervous beardie owner :) Meet Mushu! :)

    Hello we recently got our bearded a week and half ago and absolutely love him/her! I never knew how sweet and spunky these little guys could be, it’s adorable! We started out with a 40 gallon tank knowing we will switch to at least at 120 in the future but wanted to get the hang of things before...
  6. Tigger_14


    I got mealworms a week or 2 ago and there shedding and everything but im noticing 2-3 are white worms now as they werent white before what does this mean? Photo for refrense this is what they look like none of them were white when i got them
  7. Spider8ait1994

    Resources for Aussie owners

    Hi everyone. Figured I’d make this post to share some resources I’ve come across that are great sources of food, supplies and healthcare for us aussie owners. I am based in the Hunter region of NSW so some of these will be more for people in this area. Reptile Realm ( -...
  8. goosegoose

    Outside veggies safe?

    My family and I want to start growing some leafy greens outside in our garden bed for my beardie. Would it be ok to do?
  9. M

    Strategies to get beardie to eat again after syringe feeding

    One of our juvenile (about 3 months old) bearded dragons got very sick with a respiratory infection and stopped eating. She lost so much weight that the vet was all but assuming that she would not make it. On the advice of the vet, we started syringe feeding her. After a round of antibiotics...
  10. motherofalittledragon

    Can I use a chlorhexidine 2% solution to clean my beardie's teeth?

    My beardie's teeth have a buildup of brown and I want to try what I can at home before taking him to the vet (if it was urgent I definitely would). I'd like to try out chlorhexidine because that sounds like a good potential solution, but I'm so confused on which one to use. I'd rather not get...
  11. J

    Cricket Alternative

    I’m planning on getting a bearded dragon soon, i’m currently working on getting its new home ready. I’m wondering about food and i’m hoping you can post what you normally feed your bearded dragons and how old they are!
  12. P

    A couple newbie questions

    hi guys, im a new beardie owner and just have a few questions. 1st is.. i just got my little one a week ago and he’s eating just fine and pooping well so i’m thinking he is healthy. One thing i’m worried about is his hydration. I know that they can go with out water for a while but he does not...
  13. A

    How do I help my beardie grow?

    I have an 11-month-old beardie named Matilda (Tilly for short) and I'm really concerned that she is extremely small for her age. I measured her this morning and she's about 13 inches and 129 grams. From what I've seen online she is way smaller than what she is supposed to be. I want to know how...
  14. Z

    how to get your bearded dragon to eat greens

    Hi all, i need some advice on how to get my bearded dragon to eat more greens; she currently barely eats any and she started looking skinny. I feed her worms most of the time but i know i cant just feed her worms all the time.
  15. Jupitertheking

    How much to dust and how to teach it to eat salad?

    Hi, I have a bearded dragon who is named Jupiter. Jupiter is about 4 month old and he is doing really well and he is extremely healthy but he has not been eating he is salads much and sometimes I feel like he is scared of the greens because when I try to hand feed him the greens he runs always...
  16. C

    Concerned About New Beardies Eating/Behaviour

    I got a new beardie just a few days ago (Saturday, not sure exactly how old she is but young) she was totally fine eating, loved her greens day 1, not so much day 2, loved her crickets both days. Then today suddenly NOTHING. I have managed to get about 5 cricket in her over the course of the...
  17. X

    Am i feeding him adequately?

    I am a first time bearded dragon owner and I love him so much. Not entirely sure how old he is as I got him from Petco and they did not tell me. But he is tiny. (Picture attached [I hope] so you can see how young he is). I got him in August so he's been with us a couple months and seems to be...
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