1. MangosMom22

    Collard Greens

    Howdy, My lovely Mango, 4ish months old, has just begun eating collard greens and thankfully she loves them! I’m so excited that I got her to eat them, as I heard it’s almost impossible to get younger ones to eat greens. I was just wondering how many little pieces should I be giving her? I...
  2. Z

    how to get your bearded dragon to eat greens

    Hi all, i need some advice on how to get my bearded dragon to eat more greens; she currently barely eats any and she started looking skinny. I feed her worms most of the time but i know i cant just feed her worms all the time.
  3. I

    Picky Eater

    Okay so Winnie has been eating kale, superworms, crickets, and some freeze dried bugs for a while. Kale is his favorite green and he refuses to eat soft worms so I think he has a texture preference for crunchy. Recently he’s stopped eating greens and eating very few worms, basically eating just...
  4. I

    Picky eater? Help

    Ok so Winnie has been pretty steadily eating kale and other greens, worms, and crickets for a while. I’ve tried other greens but kale seems to be the favorite, also likes flukers freeze dried bugs and hates soft worms, really seems to have a texture preference for crunchy stuff. Recently he...
  5. C

    Concerned About New Beardies Eating/Behaviour

    I got a new beardie just a few days ago (Saturday, not sure exactly how old she is but young) she was totally fine eating, loved her greens day 1, not so much day 2, loved her crickets both days. Then today suddenly NOTHING. I have managed to get about 5 cricket in her over the course of the...
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