Help! limp tail and foul smell


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Fin was pretty out of it for most of the day, but he did shift about occasionally between his basking platforms and the floor of the viv.

Around noon I offered him a blueberry and he didn't take it so I left it next to him. It was gone a few min later (I know, but i feel so bad for him. And he needs to be hydrated.)

Around 4 PM EST, I heard him chomping beardie pellets while standing in his worm bowl, lol. I held the bowl of BSF in front of his nose and he ate 28 large, leaving 12 in the bowl. He obviously couldn't see very well and he opened his left eye to help him zero in on the worms, even though they were right there. I couldn't tell if it was pain in the eye or just a coordination thing. Obviously, he's not as coordinated as normal.

So, he's still doing that thing with his eye, but at least I saw him open it. It looks normal, if a bit squinty. The Vet tech told me yesterday he gave himself an "abrasion" trying to get out of his cat carrier. I noticed a small red mark on the right side of his face, but I wonder if he could've hurt his left eye too?

I can't imagine I wouldn't have noticed his eye closed yesterday, though, when I picked him up. I sure hope its just the meds.

But I'm very glad he ate.

He wandered straight over to a shady spot near, but not inside, his hide and is fast asleep. Wound site looks ok, I think. A bit more crusty.

AHBD Sicko
Wow, Fin has a strong appetite already ! (y) He's still a bit loopy from the anesthesia + meds. but the appetite is a very good sign. You can slowly drip water on his snout to give him a drink and offer some wet greens torn into small pieces in a bowl.
His eye may be irritated from the little bump that the vet tech described, hopefully it will be back to normal soon. If it lingers you can use a couple drops of raw honey mixed with drops of warm water to put directly on his eye or can get some Terramycin drops. Give it a few days though. How's he been for the rest of the day since his big meal ?


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He slept the rest of the day yesterday. This morning he was very upset. I picked him up to put him on his basking spot and he flipped out and hissed, arched his back and started biting his poor tail! He stopped quickly and I don’t think he damaged the stitches. I used the opportunity to shoot the meloxicam into his mouth. He opened both eyes during the whole episode, but closed the left. One again when he was more relaxed.

AHBD Sicko
Aw, poor guy ! I've never heard of such a reaction at all, hopefully he won't repeat it. I know that was stressful to see.

AHBD Sicko
Have you given him one already or this is the first ? If so, did they explain how to do it ? Was there an option to give oral antibiotics or would that be even more difficult ? Try to post a pic of his tail end today some time. His earlier reaction may just be due to itchiness there.


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I have given them to him in the past, yes. Not fun. The Vet gave him the first dose on Tuesday. She thought that injections would be more effective than oral, which I've heard in the from other vets, too. Not sure if true. Pic below. You can also see the abrasion he gave himself on his poor face. :-(


AHBD Sicko
You'll do fine ! BTW, is that incision crooked ? I've only seen ones that are straight across, this one seems to go up the tail ? Or is that an odd angle ?

AHBD Sicko
The eye should be O.K after a few days, just remember that raw honey mixed with water works as an antibiotic ointment. I used it very successfully on 2 of my beardies.
And his tail should heal just fine [ hopefully ] whether it's crooked or not.


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Second shot administered! It went very smoothly. The vet gave me very small needles, which was so much easier than the ones they've given me in the past. Thank goodness for small favors. He wanted to come out for a bit, and rather than let him work himself into a lather, I put him on his pillow in front of the window. He has a spot light for heat and a reptisun t5 10.0 over the pillow. I got this great little stand (for hydroponics). It's working out great as he was spending a lot of time out of the viv prior to his sickness. I feel better knowing he's getting some uvb.

AHBD Sicko
Great to hear the shot went smoothly ! What a relief for you both and a confidence boost for you. Good to let him have what he wants at the moment, it will relieve the stress a bit. He looks comfortable there. :)(y)

AHBD Sicko
Sure thing ! Just watch that he doesn't make a mad dash for some reason and get a potential dust bunny on his tail. Although your nice clean place looks like it's not harboring many bunnies. :)

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