Hangs out in water bowl for hours?

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My beardie hangs out in his water bowl for hours. Sometimes he poops in it. And then sits in his poop water until I get home. Is this normal???


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yeah its normal, Fred use to do that but got out of the habit once i took his bowl out. you can try and do an early morning bath to see if he'll poop in the sink first and so you dont have to worry about him sitting in his poop water throughout the day. if not a possibility then i would say remove the water until you get home and then let him relax in it, that way when he poops you'll be able to remove it sooner.


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he's trying to cool off.... I think you need to adjust your tank temperatures if he's having trouble thermoregulating .

He's also smart and has discovered poo that's under the water doesn't pong as bad (Puff and Rex did the same thing, never saw then drink from the water dish).

I recommend that you should remove the water dish.


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JuniorBeardie":anq24to0 said:
Tank on that size on branch is 99-100, at water 96-97, other side of tank 88, plus shade and a hide.

Probably need to drop the cool end temperature from 88F (31degC) to about 26oCelsius (78F). As I think your thermal gradient is too small.

Like I said , he's found the water is cooler than anywhere in his tank and is trying to thermoregulate by sitting in the cool water. The water will be a lot cooler than 96-97F because evaporation at the surface will chill the water.


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I turned off the bulb completely on the right side of tank and now have about 78. I moved the water to that side and he stays out of it. I put a lower platform where the water was and he lays on that 88ish. The higher branch hits 98 so I am thinking now that he is a year old - he is needing it a little cooler. I may replace current 100w bulb with 75?

Also - he eats mostly veggies. Just like 2-3 supers and a horned worm every 2/3 days. So I dust his veggies now. He used to eat a bunch of insects but not anymore.
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