easy to breed staple?

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I am sorry, I got mixed up with another thread lol. :oops:

Don't mind that post haha.



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it ok i get mixed up all the time :D i also jump from tread to tread when im telling my mom about the beardies on here and she be like wait did you just tell me it was a female and it like that was a diff tread she get soo confused


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You could do a roach bin with out her knowing. They don't make really any noise and they don't have a smell to them. I started a bin and it took my wife 2 weeks to find the bin. I just left it out lol oooppps and now she has no problem with it. lol :blob5:


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Save up money, get a cash card such as a greendot card. Order roaches online. Have them shipped to a friend's house. Construct bin at friends as well. Keep bin in garage or shed.


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Mach10X":12dhl4hp said:
Save up money, get a cash card such as a greendot card. Order roaches online. Have them shipped to a friend's house. Construct bin at friends as well. Keep bin in garage or shed.

This sounds like a brilliant idea.. if you want to have your mom kick you, your roaches, and your beardie out of the house. (More importantly your roaches and your beardie)


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You're probably right. I wouldn't go behind her back. Stick with reptiworms or silk worms if she's buying.


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Dubia CANNOT infest a house unless you are keeping it 85-90 ALL the time with REALLY good (read mid-to midhigh) humidity. The average house has 20% humidity definitely NOT enough. Unless you live in California, georgia, mississippi, louisiana, or florida its nigh unto impossible, and even in all but a small section of florida still extremely difficult for it to happen. They are NOT German roaches or American Wood Roaches which can thrive in a wide range of climates. Have your mom read about them. Print off tons of info and have her call a LOCAL exterminator and tell them Blaptica Dubia Roaches as the name (pretty sure that is right) they will tell you you can NOT get infested with these. They are a Tropical bug.


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That's a common concern. I had about 30-40 roaches escape once (I was still learning how to attach the lid). About 20 of them were found huddled around the warm base of the bin, they got a trip back in. The other 20 or so were found over the next week on their backs and shriveled up, they couldn't even survive the 65ºF winter temperatures in that room. And these roaches cannot climb so where are they going to get to that's secluded enough to breed?

Guppies (fish) breed like crazy, but I'll bet you wouldn't be concerned about your house becoming infested with guppies if a few got out of their tank. These roaches are the same.
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