Does this appear to be scale or mouth rot? I have an appointment scheduled and waiting on an email from his doctor in the interim.


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Please offer advice about my beardies mouth. I have a vet appointment scheduled and waiting on an email from his doctor with advice until the appointment, but can’t hurt to ask here too.

My babe’s mouth just started looking like this. There’s bits of white, but I think that’s just from the calcium (he inhaled 10 large dubias right before this photo), but there are little black spots popping up around his mouth. They don’t wipe off, so it’s not old food. Any thoughts? Like I said, we’re seeing the herp vet next week and the doctor said he’d look at the pics and get back to me with things to help in the interim. I haven’t heard from him yet, so why not ask you guys.

The inside of his mouth and gums appear healthy, so I’m not sure about mouth rot. But what do you think? His environment is clean and dry, he’s got great Uvb and good temps. To be super safe, I spent the morning deep cleaning and sanitizing every single thing in his enclosure.

Thank you!


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I don't see anything alarming, I'll flag @AHBD, she is good at this sort of thing

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I should add that a few scales with slightly black discoloration is very common, some of mine have had those and it's comparable to a skin blemish on us, a scratch, etc.

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