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  1. M

    Orange specks in poop

    We are new beardie owners and I am still learning what’s normal vs not. Our beardie Mushu, has a strange poop yesterday that I didn’t know if I should be concerned. He is acting normal otherwise, he eats mostly green lettuce, kale and had some carrots. He eats meal worms, crickets and Dubai...
  2. S

    Questions about weight

    My little rescue girl, Lemon, is about eight years old (according to her previous owner), and came to us looking very emaciated and malnourished, dehydrated, and pretty much unable to move around because of muscle atrophy and MBD. She was living in a too-small setup with repticarpet, a single...
  3. F

    Eating what is happening ????!

    Hey my name is faith and i am a new beardie owner. Ive had my beardie for about a year and some change but he just wont eat , or i have to hand feed him. When i first got him he was very active and aye about twice a day and started him on a worm diet and gave him shallow baths for him to drink...
  4. L

    Bearded dragon breathing from mouth, what to do?

    Hello, I posted a few months ago about my bearded dragon Suzi Q. She has been doing a lot better until recently around Halloween. She’s been going through shed and only one nose plug came out. The other isn’t and she’s now breathing from her mouth and makes a noise with her lips. Her beard...
  5. E


    Hi, last post was about the inside color of Puffs throat. Turns out the black color is normal and we also ran a fungal culture on her skin because her head looked yellowish. We got results yesterday and shes fungal FREE! Were so happy. Were still trying to beat this respiratory infection though...
  6. MarkosMom

    My 5 Year old is not eating

    Hi! I’ve been having issues for the past month and a bit with my baby. Temps are 60-70 in cold and 90-100 in basking. Tank is 90 gal, reptile carpet with a small spot of coconut husk for digging. UVB is the Reptisun T5 10.0 one. He gets 12 hours of heat lamp and uvb a day. Biologically female...
  7. D

    Please help a paranoid first-timer

    I’ve only had my beardie for 3-ish days and my female beardie has begun looking very tired (closing eyes, going under hides/shelter) and while trying to sleep she goes black around her beard and head. Am I being paranoid? She’s just come out of brumation so I think she’s just a bit sleepy...
  8. K

    Does this appear to be scale or mouth rot? I have an appointment scheduled and waiting on an email from his doctor in the interim.

    Please offer advice about my beardies mouth. I have a vet appointment scheduled and waiting on an email from his doctor with advice until the appointment, but can’t hurt to ask here too. My babe’s mouth just started looking like this. There’s bits of white, but I think that’s just from the...
  9. S

    Advice Needed Please! Post Surgery Recovery

    Hi Everyone, So my beardie (4-year-old female) had surgery a few weeks ago to remove a mass that the vet believed to be a sarcoma (needle biopsy lab tested). Please see the photos. The vet and I were monitoring it for a month and it kept growing. During the time prior to the surgery, she was...
  10. I

    Black bump on my bearded dragon, is this normal?

    hi, I just saw today that my bearded dragon that I've had for around 6 years has a small weird black bump on his scales. it's not a scale-- is it a scar or something bad? I'm really worried about him
  11. QueenJay

    Possible fluid in side??

    A couple days ago I noticed Nami's right side appeared larger then her left. Yesterday it looked more like a "pouch" of what felt like air had formed on her lower right side. Today it feels more like a fluid and is more tender You can hopefully tell from the pictures how her lower right side is...
  12. I

    7-8yo beardie having trouble walking normally

    Hello, I have noticed recently that my beardie has begun to walk a bit wobbly and was concerned he may have arthritis or some other issue. He mostly seems to have trouble with the left front leg and I can feel slight swelling on that shoulder. He is still eager to walk around and I have been...
  13. bnmorrison1990

    Tiny white spot!

    I just noticed this tiny white spot on Fluffy’s gum. He’s been eating and drinking well but I’m worried about the spot! Any ideas? His top lip is shedding that isn’t his teeth 😆
  14. R

    Frog Eye? Genetic? Health Issue?

    I recently noticed my dragon's left eyeball seems to be "popping out" - not a typical bulging-eye scenario. It can only be seen from a certain angle; I'm not sure how long it has been like this. It looks fine from the front. Her right eye is perfectly normal. I've read various answers from...
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