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  1. S

    Advice Needed Please! Post Surgery Recovery

    Hi Everyone, So my beardie (4-year-old female) had surgery a few weeks ago to remove a mass that the vet believed to be a sarcoma (needle biopsy lab tested). Please see the photos. The vet and I were monitoring it for a month and it kept growing. During the time prior to the surgery, she was...
  2. I

    Black bump on my bearded dragon, is this normal?

    hi, I just saw today that my bearded dragon that I've had for around 6 years has a small weird black bump on his scales. it's not a scale-- is it a scar or something bad? I'm really worried about him
  3. Q

    Possible fluid in side??

    A couple days ago I noticed Nami's right side appeared larger then her left. Yesterday it looked more like a "pouch" of what felt like air had formed on her lower right side. Today it feels more like a fluid and is more tender You can hopefully tell from the pictures how her lower right side is...
  4. I

    7-8yo beardie having trouble walking normally

    Hello, I have noticed recently that my beardie has begun to walk a bit wobbly and was concerned he may have arthritis or some other issue. He mostly seems to have trouble with the left front leg and I can feel slight swelling on that shoulder. He is still eager to walk around and I have been...
  5. bnmorrison1990

    Tiny white spot!

    I just noticed this tiny white spot on Fluffy’s gum. He’s been eating and drinking well but I’m worried about the spot! Any ideas? His top lip is shedding that isn’t his teeth 😆
  6. R

    Frog Eye? Genetic? Health Issue?

    I recently noticed my dragon's left eyeball seems to be "popping out" - not a typical bulging-eye scenario. It can only be seen from a certain angle; I'm not sure how long it has been like this. It looks fine from the front. Her right eye is perfectly normal. I've read various answers from...
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