1. Beardielover9000


    Hello everyone. My beardie just laid her first clutch of eggs, I was wondering if they appear to be fertile or not fertilized. Honestly they seemed to be great at first but now they’re not doing very well. Any advice would be wonderful. Photos attached are when she first laid, vs the end of the...
  2. L

    Mouth rot

    My beardie was sick and wet to the vet on Wednesday. The vet said that he had early stages of mouth rot and prescribed a .5ml dosage of SMZ+TMP twice daily. I’ve been giving him his medication and daily soaks but he seems to be getting worse. He’s extremely lethargic and doesn’t move much...
  3. T

    Possible cancer?

    Hi anyone able to help give any insight on what’s wrong with my beardie, she’s nearly 4 years old and she’s been being sick, not eating her live insects or salad, we have been to the vets but as of yet no answer.. I have her blood samples if anyone can take a look? Her cell counts are so low so...
  4. Isrena

    Possible broken arm

    My baby was perfectly normal when I left for work, a couple hours later I came home and looked at him, noticed he wasn’t using his right leg and that it was swollen. It’s possible he fell from either his rock or he likes to climb on the front of the tank when he wants attention. I picked him up...
  5. C

    Beadie unresponsive but breathing

    Hello, looking for advice for our bearded dragon. No vets anywhere close to us can look at him till tomorrow. In the last 2 days he has been extremely lethargic and unresponsive. He is breathing, but its like he is in a deeeeeep sleep. He's completely limp, no interest in eating or drinking...
  6. Tigger_14

    Growing superworms

    im trying to get my superworms to pupate but im having issues i started with 10 formally to see 3 have died i think i have one pupating but i wont 100% know for another few days what can i do to grow them better? ( into beetles )
  7. BeckHansen

    Black markings!

    Ive got black markings under her beard. This is a travel tank. Not her permanent setup so dont kill me lol. Im really worried about this. Im wondering if its just apart of her morph?
  8. RustyTheBeardie

    Baby Beardie Not Eating Or Pooping

    I created a form yesterday to question about my new baby beardie not pooping. I heard that it is just relocation stress. Yesterday my breadie was eating properly, but last night and this morning they are refusing food. It is also just stress and because they have not pooped yet, or it is...
  9. RustyTheBeardie

    Baby Beardie Not Pooping

    I just recently purchased a new baby beardie (yesterday) and I have not noticed any bowel movements yet. I am beginning to get worried, is this a normal thing due to stress moving into a new place? Or should this be cause for serious concern prompting a visit to a vet? It is also possible that I...
  10. C

    My Beardie Swallowed A Tiny Amount of Betadine Solution

    I just got my juvenile Bearded Dragon a few days ago and he had some tail rot. I consulted a vet and they told me to go with the Betadine solution. I did about ten drops of 10% Betadine and poured about 16 ounces of water into a small container to soak his tail in. This was the second time I've...
  11. ddd04

    Desperate Dragon Help

    I have a dragon named Ragnar, he's around two years old. He's currently in a 40-gallon tank with reptile carpet, an Arcadia T5, he's got a 150-watt basking bulb with basking temps around 90-100 degrees, and the humidity is around 30% with an analog gauge. He also has the ramp bowl that he sits...
  12. Lyrebird.Rainwing

    How do I lure them out??

    So this tailless lizard would occasionally show up at my house and chill for a bit but today he got in! I really like this lil lizard and I don't want them to die here so how should I lure them out?? Update: The lizard is asleep
  13. E

    help! does his mouth look ok?

    I've just noticed my my beardie has black stains on his upper teeth. he's never had this before. I'm also worried his gums on the bottom are kind of white. does his mouth look alright to you guys? he doesn't have any loss of appetite or energy. I've added carrots and dubia roaches to help clean...
  14. Tigger_14


    I mpunted my uvb light inside its about 9 inches to where he is sitting in the photo is this to close?
  15. Tigger_14


    I got mealworms a week or 2 ago and there shedding and everything but im noticing 2-3 are white worms now as they werent white before what does this mean? Photo for refrense this is what they look like none of them were white when i got them
  16. Apollo_the_Dragon

    Help! My juvenile beardie ate cardboard?

    My 4-5 month old bearded dragon ate what appeared to be a smallish piece of cardboard. He jumped out of his bath, ran across the room, and swallowed it in an instant without issue. I don’t believe it was plastic, as there is no pieces of plastic in the room, and I am like 90% sure it was a...
  17. MandiandPapi

    Advise Gravid bearded dragon. Please help.

    I have a bearded dragon named Poppy. She is like 4 years old. She was a rescue. I took her to the vet a month ago because her eye was looking a little weird and the vet told me she was gravid. The vet was worried that she might be egg bound or have foliculitis, but her blood tests came back...
  18. snoopdoggydog

    Stuck Shed - Nothings Working

    So I’ve had my beardie Snoop Dogg for a few months now and he’s still young so he sheds often. It’s always gone super smoothly, but he finished shedding about two weeks ago and the tip of his tail will not come off. I’ve tried baths, aloe vera gel, and a shed aid spray on I bought from the pet...
  19. 3

    Please help, im really worried.

    About 2 months ago on March 24th, I bought a beardie from a lady on craigslist and named her Athena. She was in bad condition and didnt even come with food, I tried really hard to bring her to good condition and it worked, she was walking (her back legs havent worked very well since I got her)...
  20. Tigger_14


    My ligglt guys has one peice of shed that wont fall off itself since i got him does that shed ease stuff actually work?
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