1. hakusmom

    Bug strike

    My close to 10 month old beardie, Haku, has been such a stickler for veggies. He never eats them. He used to snack on the occasional carrots and bell pepper, but now it seems like he’s gone on veggie strike. I’ve been giving him slurries but it doesn’t seem to help in any way. I got advice from...
  2. S

    Stange Lesions, gray scales

    I noticed strange lesions on my beardie today, the past few days I noticed he was shedding and left him alone to do that however I went to check today and saw strange holes on his arm, there doesn't seem like any yellow coloration, his poop is normal so is his personality, it doesn't seem like...
  3. P

    My 2year old beardie has weird new brown spots! help.

    hello! my recently just turned 2 beardie has weird new brown spots on her tummy. not too sure what this is. noticed yesterday ( 10/31) am prepared to take her to vet! please help
  4. CassiTheNerd420

    Diarrhea Issue (gross photo warning)

    Frankie has been stressed (window surfing and has stress marks) and the last couple of poops have been like in the photo I thought it could be the relocation and shedding but it's been 3 weeks now and he is still surfing and still shedding. (His temps are good, and his uvb should be good)
  5. CassiTheNerd420

    Anything here concerning?

    Got some up-close photos of Frankie and I noticed the spot on his back. Also, the back of his neck sometimes appears to be green or orange and I can't tell if it's the lighting in his tank.
  6. CassiTheNerd420

    Frankie doesnt like baths?

    He seems so stressed every time I bathe him (3x a week) hes either frozen or tries jumping out of the tub ive had him for a week and a half now he’s about a year old and ik his old owner didnt bathe him idk what to do The bath temps are between 90 and 100 and the bath has been cleaned thoroughly...
  7. CassiTheNerd420

    Possible Impaction?

    Hi, I just received a beardie (Frankie) last week and this is my first pet. I've spent all week researching and spent hundreds on his setup. His last owner wasn't very attentive on temps, uv, or diet (he was only fed crickets and blueberries daily with no vitamins). His temps look good now, his...
  8. A

    3-4 M/O beardie with mild bleeding from cloaca

    So I’ve had my beardie, Blaze, for about a month now. She doesn’t eat consistently due to her losing food in her enclosure and disliking being put in a different container to eat, but she’s not opposed to eating in itself. Her poops look normal when she eats fine, and not so normal when she...
  9. B

    Baby beardie

    Just had a clutch of baby beardie's born. This one fully came out of the egg, but was still attached to it. Now it's fully out and looks like it's organs are on the outside of the body. Not just a prolapse, but like fully out. There's basically a huge red ball coming out of it's stomach. We...
  10. enenami

    Dig Box for a senior beardie

    Hey y'all! I need help making a dig spot. I'm taking care of a senior beardie, he's about 11-12 (I got him from someone who neglected him so I don't know a lot of things about him for sure). I had to take out his last substrate (sand) because he got severely impacted (healed now after a lot of...
  11. Echoing

    Is this a better light.

    So I have 2 light slots in my tank and currently I have two Infareds but I want to change them to white lights. I have been looking around and I think I have found a good bulb. Two of these at 75 watts - Buy Urs Basking Spot Globe Online | Better Prices At Pet Circle
  12. Casey C

    Head Swelling Post Surgery

    Hey all! It’s my first post on any forum really however I feel it necessary to see if anyone else has gone through something similar. My Beardie, Storm who is 11 years old recently went through her first clutch of infertile eggs. She only passed 1 before needing surgery to remove the remaining...
  13. goosegoose

    Beardie gender/dirty bum?

    Hi, so my beardie is currently about 6 months old right now and I still can't figure out what it's gender is? I also noticed that it's bum seems to be quite dirty (his belly looks the same color too but i checked in different lighting and it is not that dirty color) and needed help on figuring...
  14. A

    Tail Rot?

    Hello, I am taking care of my friend's bearded dragon. Almost two weeks ago she noticed what looked like tail rot and she started a treatment of betadine that's diluted in water along with Neosporin without pain relief. Her tail is a darker color still and I'm worried that it's getting worse...
  15. H

    What do you guys think of my tank set up?

    The lamps are apart of the thrive 40 gallon tank set up. I need you guys to let me know if I need to upgrade them and if the placement is right(I am not yet done decorating his cage) I need recommendations for a humidity gauge also.
  16. B

    Lethargic, no appetite, sunken/bulging eyes, gulping, black beard, etc. Help.

    Hi everyone, I'm desperate and need help. So sorry for the long post! Just very concerned. I have a beautiful boy named Albert, and he's been ill for about almost 2 weeks now and is getting worse. He has a black beard all the time now, and half of his tail is dark most of the time. He's very...
  17. SarahNancy13

    Baby beardie has coccidia parasite!!!!!

    Hi! I'm new to the site as a poster but have been stalking it ever since I got my little guy Ember (3 months old) in the beginning of July. I took him to an exotics vet and she prescribed 0.2mL of a SulfaTrimeth for 10 days. I put his first dose on a bit of strawberry and he gobbled it right up...
  18. F

    Rescued Beardie, New Diet

    Back story: So I recently rescued my old bearded dragon (8yr old) from my parents house. He was with them for 2 years after I had moved out for college, but on my last trip home, I realized that he had a eye issue, and took him to a vet (who doesn't specialize in lizards and rarely...
  19. F

    New Tank Setup

    Back story: So I recently rescued my old bearded dragon (8yr old) from my parents house. He was with them for 2 years after I had moved out for college, but on my last trip home, I realized that he had a eye issue, and took him to a vet (who doesn't specialize in lizards and rarely...
  20. H

    Help bearded dragon gasping and gapping

    Ive had my bearded dragon for about 6 years. A couple months ago i took him to the vet because he had been gasping or gaping for a few week and i was afraid he had a respiratory infection. The vet did tests and said he didnt have an infection but he did have arthritis and gave me pain...
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