1. Monique996

    New Adopted adult beardie won’t eat, help!

    Hi all! I adopted my beautiful adult bearded dragon on June 2nd, 2022. Her name is Keala! She. I got her from a reptile store near me. It’s now been almost 2 weeks, and she still hasn’t eaten. I have tried to feed her Dubia roaches, collared greens, apples, carrots. She doesn’t even seem...
  2. A

    Juvenile, 6-8 months old not eating, sleeping all day.

    Hey, my beadie has barely eaten anything in a week, only have 3 crickets about 3 days ago. He also just sleeps all day or chills with his eyes closed. His basking temp is 105° with humidity being around 20-30%. UVB and heat light are over crossing each other and meet at the basking spot, the...
  3. S

    New Beardie Owner Here - Have Questions :)

    Hi! New bearded dragon owner here! We adopted a 14 month old Beardie. They were sexed as male at a young age, but we think they might be female. Taking to the vet to confirm. Wanted to share my tank setup and routine and see if I should tweak anything. One or two questions about substrate as...
  4. Leahlm248

    Help! Exposed flesh!

    Hello. Ok my beady was running around and her shedding skin got caught on a blanket and it ripped the skin off. She now has exposed flesh and the skin that came off looked like it had puss or something on it. She doesn’t seem bothered but im really worried. Images: Closer image has just...
  5. 6

    Beardie had seizure

    Hi sorry to bother My partners beardie has not been his usual self last few days and when I attempt to feed him tonight he appeared to have what was a seizure His head when back, black bearded, mouth open and then flipped over onto his back. My partner picked him up and he calmed down around a...
  6. B

    Tail rot or just coloring?

    I'm not sure if he has tail rot or it's just how his tail is colored. Can someone help? I'm just paranoid about it :/
  7. goosegoose

    Should I be concerned about his tail?

    I got a new beardie about 5 days ago and I noticed a notch at the end of his tail. I looked at a picture of him before we bought him and it's definitely there too. I need help knowing if there's actually something wrong and if I should be concerned?
  8. C

    Collapsing eggs

    My beardie just laid eggs yesterday and we put them in perlite with water where it just clumps together and had a heat lamp but now they are starting to collapsing. The digital thermometer/hygrothrmo that read 83 for temp and 84 for humidity. That’s what I gathered off of reading the forums...
  9. kasaka

    Possible Infection? Please help asap

    I got my baby beardie a few days ago, he’s been eating normally and been pretty active. when i took him out of his tank today he started opening his mouth for a few seconds, and when his mouth opened it would make a little clicking noise. There’s also some saliva in his mouth when it opens. I...
  10. Willowww

    Beardie getting full super quick

    I’m genuinely so confused because of this but since like late February maybe early March my bearded dragon has had a weird appetite. He would usually eat like 30 crickets and still want more but now he eats 5-15 and doesn’t want anymore? I’m not super sure how old he is but I’m estimating like...
  11. Aruna

    Peeled bearded dragons shed!!!

    I am a first time reptile / beardie owner. I feel terrible, I did so much research and yet did not know that you are not supposed to help peel your beardie’s shed. My beardie is a 1 year old female and this is her first shed with us, we got her a little over a month ago. It was flaking off her...
  12. _P5ych0_

    My beardie is opening his mouth a lot and swallowing a lot please help

    So my beardie has been swallowing and opening his mouth a lot for the past ten minutes and there’s no sound which makes me think he’s just gaping but it’s a lot and it’s worrying me he hasn’t had a bath recently so I don’t think it’s that
  13. N

    New/first beardie

    It’s been 2 days since I got him and he’s been glass surfing a lot especially today, can’t tel if he’s stressed he’s a baby right now maybe a month to 2 months maybe not an expert yet, I don’t know if it’s relocation stress or lighting I’m using a 100 watt ceramic heat emitter over his rock and...
  14. T

    Beardie won't poop?

    So my 1-year-old beardie hasn't pooped in a while. I'm concerned it's impaction but she's showing no symptoms and I'm not sure if she's pooping somewhere that I can't see in her enclosure (I have ripped the whole thing apart looking for a pile and it also doesn't smell like my others' do when...
  15. T

    Baby bearded dragon bloated, flipping onto back HELP ASAP

    Hi, My daughters bearded dragon had babies which hatched two weeks ago. She noticed today one dragon is bloated and keeps flipping onto its back. She has given it a warm bath and rubbed it tummy but it is not pooping yet. She is feeding the babies small sized crickets (1/2-3/4 size of eye...
  16. S

    Baytril antibiotic- need a second opinion

    My bearded dragon Pogi is 7 years old and lately he has been keeping one eye closed. We think he has an eye infection. We took him to the vet on 2/24, and they swabbed his eye to send a culture to the lab, but we have yet to hear back from them. The vet prescribed Baytril. We’re supposed to give...
  17. G


    PLEASE HELP My beardies femoral pores were SUPER clogged and naturally i researched and thought you were supposed to clean them after a few bathes with a brush and GENTLY with tweezers if needed. His pores are open/clean now but there are 2 that became slightly bloody and now im freaking out and...
  18. A

    Dark spots on my beardie

    I recently adopted my beardie but I noticed these dark spots showing up on him every once and awhile I’m afraid its scale rot but I can’t tell!
  19. Z


    I just adopted this little guy and he is so dehydrated and needs uv so bad. this is how I got him. im planning on getting the usb in a new thing with a reflector but also mount it inside his enclosure. Now I don't know if this thing was built for a beardie because there are no ramps to even...
  20. B

    UVB/basking help asap

    So, i’ve read lots of info on lights, but all the lengths/wattages/types are so confsuing, so I just need some direct answers if possible tank info- -currently has heat coil, uvb coil, and basking light -beleieve it is a 40 gallon, 36x18x18 -has a plastic splitter splitting the top metal mesh...
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