1. B

    Is this normal???

    Hi everyone it’s officially a week since i’ve owned a bearded dragon and i made a different thread but now i’m more worried my beardie has been doing strange behaviors he has been licking everywhere running around and he only eats at least 7 bsfl a day and now he has also been doing this with...
  2. T

    Do you know what this is? Please help.

    Hello, I'm at my wits end so I'm hoping someone here has experienced a similar issue or seen this before. My bearded dragon has had some sort of infection in her vent for 6+ months now and I can't seem to get it to clear up. We have been to the vet 2 or 3 times now. The vet gave us antibiotics...
  3. sconley

    Lab results help Pinworms and Coccidia

    I got the following back from the faecal test for my dragon, would this count indicate treatment required? I used an online service that do not remotely prescribe at this time, so I would need to take this to an exotics vet. Thought I'd check here first, as I know all dragons have some...
  4. CassiTheNerd420

    Brumation help

    Hey all been awhile, so I just got frankie back from the vet and what I thought was recent health issues is brumation. Now ive done reasearch on it and ive read he isnt supposed to eat, I have to make sure he uses the bathroom b4 fully in it, and during the next week or two slowly get his...
  5. HippieLizards

    Possible tumor, cyst, or abscess developed while I was on vacation for a week. Please help.

    As the title suggests, I just got back home from being away on vacation for 8 days, I had my uncle come and feed them every 2 days however he is not a reptile guy and wouldn’t have noticed this. I finally have had a chance to take a close look at all of my beardies and check for anything before...
  6. hakusmom

    Stubborn butt won’t eat greens!

    Hi ya’ll, it’s been awhile! Haku is now a year old. And still, after everything I’ve tried, still refuses to eat salad. The only way I can get any kind of green in his mouth is by shoving it in there while he’s chewing on a bug. Usually he’ll take it, not without a few head shakes. And other...
  7. L

    Bearded dragon ingested mold

    I have been been lightly giving parsley possibly infected with powdery mildew I did not know, my bear die just had a small amount a few minutes ago I decided to look up what the small white dots were on its tips turns out it might be powdery mildew. What can I do to help him it was only a small...
  8. Beardielover9000

    Purple/black/orange urate??

    WARNING LONG POST Beards post Hi, my fiancé and I got our beardies in April of 2022. Beeg Guy who is yellow (F) & Funny Guy who’s grey(M) Husbandry 4x2x2 feet zen habitat In inches (48x24x24) 4 or more fake plant/cactus 1 Small drift wood 1 corner hide which is also basking spot 1 tent on...
  9. E

    constant swallowing.

    Hi, My female bearded dragon is a year old and is getting over an ongoing respiratory infection. It started back in the beginning of september, She was going to a vet and was getting injections for two months until we did a culture that took forever to get back. We were actually sent to a...
  10. SarahNancy13

    Possible gum disease?

    Hello! I have already gotten some great input for taking care of little Ember here and am so grateful for it! I’m asking if you can help calm some worries once again. I was taking some pictures of little ember basking and noticed that he has what looks like hardened gums and dirt between his...
  11. C

    What fixture needed for 34in 39W T5 HO?

    Hello everyone! This is my first post here. I’ve had my beardie Chester for soon to be 6 years. I am looking to upgrade my entire set up, and most importantly my UVB set-up. I’m looking at a 34in 39W reptisun 10.0 T5 HO. I can’t seem to find any fixtures for this length of bulb. Does anyone...
  12. SarahNancy13

    6 month old beardie half-brumating but still active?

    Hi! I have a 6 month old (almost 7) beardie named Ember and he had a really long bout of coccidia. Went through 3 antibiotics and the last one finally worked (new vet) and he had a clean fecal (yay!!!). He's been more active when he's out of his enclosure, running around and exploring which I...
  13. 8

    Baby bearded dragon limp front legs

    I need some help. I am very new to bearded dragons. We got one as a pet Nov 3rd this year and he was thriving. He was a voracious cricket eater. He has gone through two sheds already since we got him a month ago. He will not eat greens, like refuses to. He just finished shedding 5 days ago...
  14. lizardlauren

    baby bearded dragon appears to be dying

    hi everyone, im posting here because im very concerned about the health of my girlfriends baby bearded dragon, harold. we adopted harold together from a reputable reptile store. he was very little when we got him, probably 2 months max. she has had him for about a month, and the whole time it...
  15. macandham

    Heating during cold nights

    Although my beardie’s temps are perfect during the day, at night ( particularly now it’s December ) have been suddenly plunging. I am not too sure what to do, as I am relatively new and still unsure. Currently, i’ve been draping a towel over the front during the nights and shutting the door to...
  16. hakusmom

    Bug strike

    My close to 10 month old beardie, Haku, has been such a stickler for veggies. He never eats them. He used to snack on the occasional carrots and bell pepper, but now it seems like he’s gone on veggie strike. I’ve been giving him slurries but it doesn’t seem to help in any way. I got advice from...
  17. S

    Stange Lesions, gray scales

    I noticed strange lesions on my beardie today, the past few days I noticed he was shedding and left him alone to do that however I went to check today and saw strange holes on his arm, there doesn't seem like any yellow coloration, his poop is normal so is his personality, it doesn't seem like...
  18. P

    My 2year old beardie has weird new brown spots! help.

    hello! my recently just turned 2 beardie has weird new brown spots on her tummy. not too sure what this is. noticed yesterday ( 10/31) am prepared to take her to vet! please help
  19. CassiTheNerd420

    Diarrhea Issue (gross photo warning)

    Frankie has been stressed (window surfing and has stress marks) and the last couple of poops have been like in the photo I thought it could be the relocation and shedding but it's been 3 weeks now and he is still surfing and still shedding. (His temps are good, and his uvb should be good)
  20. CassiTheNerd420

    Anything here concerning?

    Got some up-close photos of Frankie and I noticed the spot on his back. Also, the back of his neck sometimes appears to be green or orange and I can't tell if it's the lighting in his tank.
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