mouth rot

  1. M

    Does his mouth look ok? New to this

    As the title says, noticed a little discoloration and saliva. New to beardies and terrified of mouth rot. Also he's a rescue.
  2. H

    Help! Rot/Fester-like thing on the roof of his mouth

    hello folks, we were checking our boy HuaHua and the roof of his mouth (some organ I can't even name) looks strange It may not look severe... in fact it looks like my own canker sore tbh... but is it usual that all these "canker sores" are in the same place? (the rest of his mouth is fine...
  3. T

    mouth rot?

    This is Squats. He got bit in the head by another bearded dragon as a baby and he’s 5 years old now and has growing problems. Idk if it has anything to do with the situation cause i was trying to find causes on google and injury was one of them. Do you think this is mouth rot?
  4. L

    Mouth rot

    My beardie was sick and wet to the vet on Wednesday. The vet said that he had early stages of mouth rot and prescribed a .5ml dosage of SMZ+TMP twice daily. I’ve been giving him his medication and daily soaks but he seems to be getting worse. He’s extremely lethargic and doesn’t move much...
  5. Y

    Mouth rot? Opinions please!

    Hey everyone! I'm looking for opinions on if my little guy looks to have mouth rot. (See pics with/without flash). About my dragon: -He's about 8-9 years old -His appetite is actually the best and most balanced it's been in months. He does prefer his salad in baby food form (I blend...
  6. K

    Does this appear to be scale or mouth rot? I have an appointment scheduled and waiting on an email from his doctor in the interim.

    Please offer advice about my beardies mouth. I have a vet appointment scheduled and waiting on an email from his doctor with advice until the appointment, but can’t hurt to ask here too. My babe’s mouth just started looking like this. There’s bits of white, but I think that’s just from the...
  7. motherofalittledragon

    Can I use a chlorhexidine 2% solution to clean my beardie's teeth?

    My beardie's teeth have a buildup of brown and I want to try what I can at home before taking him to the vet (if it was urgent I definitely would). I'd like to try out chlorhexidine because that sounds like a good potential solution, but I'm so confused on which one to use. I'd rather not get...
  8. Forrest T.

    Beardie Mouth Rot

    I have a male bearded dragon (he's around three yo), and I recently discovered he has mouth rot by looking inside of his mouth with a Q-tip. I have been rinsing it with betadine and water, administering vitamins and probiotics, and I have even been using rot guard, but it's not getting better...
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