mouth rot

  1. motherofalittledragon

    Can I use a chlorhexidine 2% solution to clean my beardie's teeth?

    My beardie's teeth have a buildup of brown and I want to try what I can at home before taking him to the vet (if it was urgent I definitely would). I'd like to try out chlorhexidine because that sounds like a good potential solution, but I'm so confused on which one to use. I'd rather not get...
  2. Forrest T.

    Beardie Mouth Rot

    I have a male bearded dragon (he's around three yo), and I recently discovered he has mouth rot by looking inside of his mouth with a Q-tip. I have been rinsing it with betadine and water, administering vitamins and probiotics, and I have even been using rot guard, but it's not getting better...
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