1. goosegoose

    Should I be concerned about his tail?

    I got a new beardie about 5 days ago and I noticed a notch at the end of his tail. I looked at a picture of him before we bought him and it's definitely there too. I need help knowing if there's actually something wrong and if I should be concerned?
  2. B

    Bear dies tail losing blood circulation but i want to avoid amputating tail what should I do?

    My beardie isn’t that old but isn’t a hatchling anymore either she was shedding one time and I noticed the she’d got stuck around her tail in a way I don’t know but it looks like it cut into her and left only the tip of the tail kinda broken and drying up but it will not fall off and I’m...
  3. Willowww

    Beardie getting full super quick

    I’m genuinely so confused because of this but since like late February maybe early March my bearded dragon has had a weird appetite. He would usually eat like 30 crickets and still want more but now he eats 5-15 and doesn’t want anymore? I’m not super sure how old he is but I’m estimating like...
  4. J

    New to Beardies don't know much about parasites.

    Hi I'm just asking here I'm working with a friend whos a vet but he's not a vet for reptiles so he's asking through clinics and I figured id ask though here for advice or help.
  5. J

    Beardie is 12 years old and laying eggs?

    This is my first time using a forum, so apologies if this isn't the right place. I have yet to find any answer similar to this online. My bearded dragon is around 12/13 years old. We got her in 2013 when she was already an adult. She has laid eggs for years now, all infertile obviously, but for...
  6. LilAl

    Hiding Behavior

    Hello! I’ve been concerned about my 1 year old bearded dragon over the last few days. He has been hiding more frequently than he used to. I started noticing the behavior late last month up through now. At first, I didn’t think anything of it, knowing that as an adult, bearded dragons tend to...
  7. C

    Strange growth

    Hi, recently my bearded dragon has started to have 2 strange growths on his head. 1 on the top of his head one under his mouth. They look like spikes and are very hard. The skin around it has also gone somewhat flaky. Does anyone have any idea what this could be? Thanks,
  8. C

    Broken tail or tail rot?

    hi, i'm not sure if this is the correct place for this but i need a second opinion. the other day my beardie ran off of my bed and fell onto the floor. i think she injured her tail and i had been keeping an eye on it for the last few days. it looked fine until today. the tip got darker and...
  9. R

    Bloody toe?

    Noticed this wound under his nail… suggestions? No idea how it happened
  10. B

    Is my bearded dragon okay?

    My bearded dragon nose recently changed colors just in this one spot. Does anyone know why and is this normal?
  11. B

    Sudden Aggression and Hiding, Sick?

    Hi! I have a beardie named King Norbert who is about 5 years ago, I adopted him last year. He is a great boy, loves to run and jump around and is my best friend. However, he has been acting really weird for the past week. Last Thursday, I realized that one of his heat lamps fell into his cage. I...
  12. B

    Bearded Dragon Health Concerns

    I have a 9 year old bearded dragon named Beardo. He's generally very healthy and energetic, but there's a couple things I've noticed over the past couple months. The main issue is his tail. I let him free-roam, so I've had a few close calls where I've almost stepped on him... The last time I...
  13. Roberts926

    Introduction and Feedback

    Good evening, my name is Robert. I have recently purchased my second bearded dragon. My first one passed away right before Christmas 2021. His name was Zeus and he lived to be 12 years old. Samson is my new beardie and he is approximately 8 months old. I never had any issues with Zeus, however I...
  14. NexusGod

    Current Salmonella outbreak linked to beardies; 25 states

    So for anyone that has owned or thinking about owning bearded dragons; during any amount of research, I'm sure we have all came across the word salmonella. It has been well known for years that there is a risk. My issue is that most of the news cycles do not comment on the percentage of the risk...
  15. HeliosTheBeardie

    Scale rot/ yellow fungus

    Help ease my mind… what does this look like to you? We have a vet appt on Monday. Husbandry is as near to perfect as can get in conjunction with vets advice, she just went through a round of baytril( intramuscular injection) for a suspected GI tract infection and I have noticed this recently. I...
  16. T

    Yellow tinted shed

    Hi everyone! This is my baby Rango I’ve posted in here a few times before. He just turned two years old and I’ve had him since 8 weeks. His lighting is all good, hot side 90 but temp gun is about 100 or so. Cool side 80ish. Arcadia UVB mounted inside zen habitat 4x2x2. I noticed that he...
  17. O

    Daily digging, now low energy without laying?

    So Pancake decided around late November that she wanted to dig. I gave her her dig box, thinking she could be gravid since she was mimicking the same behavior as when she was gravid before (previously laid 12/1/20 and 2/22/21). No obvious physical signs though. She seemed to lose interest in...
  18. A

    Inside of throat

    Okay so this may be a really stupid question, but every little thing worries me so I wanna make sure this isn’t a cause for concern. My beardie was on his basking rock, gaping after eating. I noticed inside his throat there is black lines. They’re small, thin black lines and what isn’t black...
  19. K

    Mysterious lump

    Hello, My beardie, Zeke, is 6 1/2 years old and has always been very healthy. I noticed a small lump on his jaw several weeks ago and decided to keep an eye on it. However, this week it’s grown from a small lump to what it is now. Over the course of 3-4 days. He lets me poke at it without...
  20. Cadet_Alpha

    Mystery cut

    My Bearded dragon got a random scab on his face, he doesn't share a terrarium with anyone. The scab fell to reveal a deep hole in between his eye and nostril. How did he get this and how concerned should I be?
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