1. T

    Semi-skinny bearded dragon

    Hi everybody, I am new on the site but I would like to ask a question. I adopted a bearded dragon about a year ago, she has always been healthy and has been getting leafy greens as well as dusted insect feeders. I am only 16 but the money part is no problem for me. But I've been noticing that...
  2. I

    Scale rot on the tail?

    Attached below is a photo of my Dragon's tail. Some of the scales seem softer, a little dry, and sometimes they flake off. We have tile for the enclosure and soil substrate for her dig box. Occasionally she will drag her body through her fecal matter. Obviously this gets cleaned off. To me it...
  3. Isrena

    Possible broken arm

    My baby was perfectly normal when I left for work, a couple hours later I came home and looked at him, noticed he wasn’t using his right leg and that it was swollen. It’s possible he fell from either his rock or he likes to climb on the front of the tank when he wants attention. I picked him up...
  4. E


    Hi, last post was about the inside color of Puffs throat. Turns out the black color is normal and we also ran a fungal culture on her skin because her head looked yellowish. We got results yesterday and shes fungal FREE! Were so happy. Were still trying to beat this respiratory infection though...
  5. H

    Irregular blotchy darker spots on head

    Hello, our dragon Haku has been developing some blotchy darker spots on his head. They started showing up about 2 months ago, but we assumed it was shed. He did shed the whole top of his head eventually but the splotches were still there. He also has lots of "freckles" (like individual black...
  6. C

    Can MBD cause early signs of aging?

    Hi all, thanks for reading. My boy is ~8 years old. He had no heat or UVB on him at purchase (~1 yr old) and was diagnosed with MBD by my vet. He had a crooked back and tail and couldn't walk at all. Overall in really poor shape :( I hand fed him for almost 8 months, he had finally started...
  7. goosegoose


    My beardie just pooped, but part of it is kind of weird and a brownish-red. Is it any concern? (picture below)
  8. SarahNancy13

    Bearded dragon ate day old veggies

    Hi! I'm coming on here again to ask for advice for my little Ember. He's 1 year old now and I had a question about dried out greens. So, usually, I give him fresh greens every morning and let them sit in the tank until his lights go out. Usually he doesn't eat them but sometimes he does...
  9. Lyrebird.Rainwing

    Possible impaction

    I was afraid of this happening because Swordtail has sand as his substrate and I did order a new substrate (Non adhesive shelf liner) but Swordtail hasn't pooped in a few days and I would like to know some symptoms of impaction so I can tell if he is impacted
  10. F

    Beardie getting a cut on face

    My beardie got a cut on her face is there anything we should do to ensure it is clean and safe. There was never blood coming out of the wound but she is shaken up. What should I do
  11. goosegoose

    Healthy poop? (pics)

    My beardie has some strange poops sometimes and I want to just be safe and make sure they look healthy. She poops about once every 5-7 days, typically when I give her a bath. The one picture where she used the bathroom on our carpet (unfortunate for me) was taken April 22nd, and the other...
  12. K

    Does this appear to be scale or mouth rot? I have an appointment scheduled and waiting on an email from his doctor in the interim.

    Please offer advice about my beardies mouth. I have a vet appointment scheduled and waiting on an email from his doctor with advice until the appointment, but can’t hurt to ask here too. My babe’s mouth just started looking like this. There’s bits of white, but I think that’s just from the...
  13. K.E.W.T

    Is my bearded dragon fat?

    My boyfriend says she’s fat! I think she is okay! Please help! Lol
  14. T

    Do you know what this is? Please help.

    Hello, I'm at my wits end so I'm hoping someone here has experienced a similar issue or seen this before. My bearded dragon has had some sort of infection in her vent for 6+ months now and I can't seem to get it to clear up. We have been to the vet 2 or 3 times now. The vet gave us antibiotics...
  15. I

    Black bump on my bearded dragon, is this normal?

    hi, I just saw today that my bearded dragon that I've had for around 6 years has a small weird black bump on his scales. it's not a scale-- is it a scar or something bad? I'm really worried about him
  16. Jordanbryant

    New beardie owner!

    I got my beardie from Pet Smart (I know don’t say it) about a little over a month ago. I’m pretty sure she is a girl and her name is Mango. This is my first beardie and I’ve down a ton of research but I want to know more. So I’m really just open to suggestions! I’m going to attach some pictures...
  17. A

    Shedding or Something else???

    I just want to double check, i think this is him shedding but i’m not sure if it’s something else
  18. SarahNancy13

    Possible gum disease?

    Hello! I have already gotten some great input for taking care of little Ember here and am so grateful for it! I’m asking if you can help calm some worries once again. I was taking some pictures of little ember basking and noticed that he has what looks like hardened gums and dirt between his...
  19. SarahNancy13

    6 month old beardie half-brumating but still active?

    Hi! I have a 6 month old (almost 7) beardie named Ember and he had a really long bout of coccidia. Went through 3 antibiotics and the last one finally worked (new vet) and he had a clean fecal (yay!!!). He's been more active when he's out of his enclosure, running around and exploring which I...
  20. D

    New to beardies is this normal

    My buddy orange has kind of gone off his salad, I can get him to eat a bit if I hand feed. He has been to the vet at the end of October the only report officially was an elevated white blood cell that’s linked to inflammation in bearded dragons . His poops have been brown and healthy looking...
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