chicken broth?

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could I give my beardie chicken or vegetable broth on his greens? He doesn't like them very much, and I was thinking about trying it but wasn't sure if it was mad for beardies or not.

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Well, what you can do is get some chicken or turkey babyfood, & dab a little bit here & there on the greens & veggies to try to entice him into eating them a little bit. Also, I don't remember what worms you are using, but if you are using phoenix worms or butterworms, you can always put a few in with the greens & veggies to entice them as well.



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Im not using any worms, just crickets and veggies, some fruit. I'm paranoid of them getting impacted so i'd rather not take the chance.


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I think it depends if it is organic or not.
Anything with added sal/sugar/flour (added anything really) generally isnt a good idea.
If its purely made from chicken and veggies it should be perfectly fine, but do check the label.

Ive read of memebers having sucess by flicking fruit juice over their greens to intice them.



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OOOO!!! I know what I will do! I'll make a little fruit/veggie smoothy for them. I only eat organic so my house is filled with all yummy stuff.


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scalesandtales":c37c8 said:
OOOO!!! I know what I will do! I'll make a little fruit/veggie smoothy for them. I only eat organic so my house is filled with all yummy stuff.

LOL!!! So excited over making a beardie smoothie. That would be fun, I suppose.... my girl eats squash babyfood ravenously when she's a bit hungry.

Only organic? How does that work out? I'm a vegetarian and would like to eat organic as well. Tomorrow it will be exactly 6 months since I last ate meat! Woo!

Oh and the babyfood is perfectly fine for them. Watch what is in the broth(s) if you do use them. No weird oils or anything. Unless you make the broth yourself, it's probably O.K. then. :D
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