Can bearded dragons open vivs?


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Apparently our bearded dragon got out of his viv and was then bitten by our dog. Is this possible? It has front sliding glass doors. Can he pull these open if there is a gap? Does it need a lock? Thanks in advance


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I'm so sorry your beardie is injured. Did you get to a vet right away? If you need to find a vet this is a good resource for exotic vets Herp Veterinarians

Beardies are generally not strong enough to open a glass door. You should get a lock so this doesn't happen again. Maybe the dog opened the door? Dogs are smart enough and strong enough to figure that out

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I agree with DorgEndo, more likely the the dog opened it, I think about the only way the beardie could is if the door was already open enough to get its head partially through. I have seen mine try to push their way through gaps a few time.
I hope your beardie wasn't hurt to bad by your dog, that is a scary and potentially dangerous thing.


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I hope your beardie is okay. My beardie is very active and hasn't opened it at all but he now tries to jump out as soon as he knows it's open. I second/third getting a lock.
Again, I am sorry this has happen to your beardie. Wishing him well.

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That is unfortunate, but it does happen! You might want to put a lock or something to secure
the door with if it opens easily.
Is your dragon going to be ok? Let us know how he is doing.



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I must eat my words! Rocky just get out, well almost. I heard banging and I ran to the room thinking he wanted more food and he slid the door open. I walked in right before he jumped out. This is so dangerous. I will try to put the camera back on. I have to move the ramp to the other side.
I don't know how I will lock the doors as I have each on each end... ugh!

@xp29 what a stressful morning!

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I keep saying they are smart, i read an article once that some scientists put food behind a door and taught a beardie to open it and get the food, then they let other beardies see what was going on and they all learned to open the door also.
If the doors are sliding like mine you could use strips of velcro on each end. Just put a piece on the ends of your setup and a longer piece on the door that is long enough to wrap around and reach the piece on tbe end. I seriously doubt they are strong enough to get past that sneaky little surprise lol.
Oh and keeping beardies is 1 part joy, and 1 part stress lol.

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