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Hi everyone!
So I learned a lesson today: No more letting Herman run around on the table.
He usually loves running around on our dining room table. It's great enrichment for him, and I usually work at the dining room table when I need a change of scenery from my bedroom lol, so I can keep an eye on him while I'm doing my coursework (in my bedroom this is not an option bec there's not much floor space and he keeps trying to get into the closet and I cannot have him in there who knows how much lint there is on the floor there that he could possibly ingest). He absolutely loves it when he's on the table, he runs around licking everything and manages to park himself on my alptop or on my textbook for a few min to get my attention. And usually he attempts to jump off but I usually don't let him, and if he does manage to jump off he usually lands on a chair and jumps to the floor from there.
Today he was running around on the table and he jumped off onto the floor and he seemed fine, I even took out some of the mealworms that I've been feeding him to give him more space to hunt than just his enclosure. He was running around, eating his bugs, and his coloring was light and normal like he is when he's happy. However when I lifted him up I noticed that there was a slight scratch on his beard that looks red and there is some skin hanging off. It seems to be that he somehow scratched it on his way down to the floor, probably nicked himself on the arm of the chair. I can provide a picture if needed. It's very small and it doesn't seem like he's in pain. His coloring is normal and he's basking like he usually is after he eats.

To get to the point after my very long and winded intro (hehe sorry I tend to ramble when it comes to Herman.), is there anything I should do to help it heal? Or should I just leave it be like I would when I would get a paper cut? Do I have to worry about infection? Please advise.

Thanks in advance!!! :)

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Thank you. I don't have any on hand. Where can I buy it? How often should I reapply it?
iI've gotten Manuka at Sprouts, Whole foods ect should have it, and occasionally I see the raw unpasteurized at the grocery store.
If it's just a scratch once a day would probably be sufficient.

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Well, your boy was definitely naughty! They like to try & fly, don't they?
Yes, you can get either Manuka honey or regular raw unpasteurized honey that you can find
at most health food stores or grocery stores. Be sure it is organic so it is pure.
He should be fine just a little scraped up but hopefully isn't injured in any other way. Just keep
an eye on him!


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