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It's gradually getting warmer here -- 50s in the daytime. It's good when it doesn't warm up too fast because then the snow melts all at once and we have a puddly slushy mess. Not so bad this year -- a very few patches of snow left and things will be starting to turn green soon. My husband is going to pick dandelions this summer even though we don't have a beardie to feed them to anymore. He likes them himself. They're too bitter for me.

It sounds like your friends are having a rough go of it. My husband works for a non-profit that helps people get out of situations like that -- find jobs and decent places to live and such. He loves helping people. Hopefully your friends are not in as dire straights as some of his clients.

I don't celebrate birthdays anymore either. When you get to be my age it's not something to celebrate. Anyway, I hope you have a nice one whatever you do.

Puff was just like Broly when it comes to liking water. But he got to where he would tolerate a bath. We did it every day because we had a heck of a time keeping him hydrated. He almost never drank out of his water dish so we would dribble water on his nose and sometimes he's slurp it up. You're lucky Kane and Jamie aren't picky eaters.

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It’s warm and my birthday passed (yesterday) and we were broke but that’s ok bills are important. So we loaded all 3 dragons in the minivan and headed off to my parents house (4 hours). I had a friend watch our dog, cats and of course my troublemaker, betta fish. He’s always getting banged up (missing scales, chronic tail biter). Stopped a few times because my service dog had to go to the bathroom. I think he had a stomach bug Im not sure how as we don’t give him anything he shouldn’t have.

Anyway, the birthday (my parents celebrate it lol) had a big dinner out. Ribs, steak, deviled eggs, garlic bread. It was a mess but whatever. Tom and Dad cleaned up. Dragons had a good time outside I had to bring them in as Dad was starting the grill and didn’t want them breathing in charcoal from it. Brolys starting shed as he feels waxy on the chest. He wanted to run out on the floor so we had to get dad’s big boxer/pitbull mixed dogs outside for a bit. They’re friendly but too excited and they’ll step on them on accident of course. We had Broly and Kane out, Jamie doesn’t care she’s getting too old already coming up to 10 years old. She’s getting eggy so she needs more calcium. So we’ll keep her situated have a laybox ready.


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So I had a few days of a computer problem that made it so I couldn't reply to your post. But my husband fixed it. Nice to have a computer wiz in the house.

Happy belated birthday. Sounds like you and your beardies all had a good time.

My sisters and their families and I used to go out for dinner whenever someone had a birthday. With everyone in the family we averaged at least one per month. My husband participated with us after we got married so we'd go out for his birthday too. Those were the days... Eventually, it got harder and harder to get everyone together and we stopped doing it. But it was fun while it lasted.

Third try on our new windows today. They were the wrong size AGAIN but it turns out that they got our order mixed up with someone else's this time. So they're coming back tomorrow, hopefully with the right ones this time. What a hassle. I asked if we might get a discount for all the trouble. We'll see...

At least it's warm enough now for Alaskans to be comfortable, so we won't have to worry about freezing air coming in while the windows are out.

I'm surprised that Jamie is still making eggs at her age. I guess there's no such thing as "bearded dragon menopause."

We piled up a bunch of stuff on the platform where Puff's terrarium used to be because we had to move everything away from the windows to make room for them to work. I think most of it is probably going to stay there now, rather than ever get put back where it used to be. Thinks were getting crowded and blocking the windows in other parts of the house. Nice not to have a bunch of stuff in front of the windows blocking the light. And whenever you have a horizontal surface, it becomes a "stuff magnet" and doesn't stay clear for very long, or at least that's what tends to happen around here. We have too much stuff and not enough house.

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Sorry to hear about your computer issues.

I don’t like to celebrate because nothing happens. It’s fine for me though.

Tom is gonna have to find an opening in his busy schedule to fit Broly in. I told him, Broly’s jowl looks swollen/big. Now it could be nothing and his walking (has aggressive MBD in the past) has gotten worse with age despite vet grade vitamin/calcium supplements. He’s almost army crawling. Besides that, he’s happy and loves to eat. I’ll be honest I hadn’t checked his weight in a few months...busy. Im sure it’s fine as he does eat, I’ll get on it as soon as I can. He still hates greens like Vash did in the past. It’s been almost 10 years since he passed. Broly doesn’t care about the jowls being touched or prodded no reaction other than the usual don’t touch my beard.

Tom just arrived home to check on Broly as I know what I’m seeing. He’s not sure what’s going on. I remember it being like this a few weeks ago. I thought he stored food every time but now it looks like this constantly. He doesn’t show any behavior changes though. Could be a bug on the way down but he never indicated anything hurting him when he ate roaches/crickets. Might be an infection so he’s gonna run tests to rule it out then we’ll move on if infections are clear.


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So when you get to be my age, you don't celebrate birthdays anymore. One more year closer to the inevitable, although I come from a long-lived family. My father lived to be 98 and two of his aunts lived to be over 100. Some 90s on my mother's side too. I don't think I'm going to last that long though. I'll be lucky if I get another 20 years. No major health problems yet but I can foresee needing to go into assisted living at some point in the future, definitely if *God Forbid* something happens to my husband. Relatively minor things like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, swollen feet, decreased mobility, etc. Probably all about being too fat. At least no diabetes (yet). I gave up dieting a long time ago. It only makes it worse -- asking your body to spend its savings account. It goes against nature and you usually end up gaining back more weight than you lost. In the end the yo-yo thing is harder on your health than just staying fat. My sister did that all her life and she didn't quite make it to 80, although that actually wasn't too bad -- probably about as good as Puff making it to 10.

Excuse the rant.

Computer issues pretty much fixed now. All I had to do was pull down something from the menu and click on a certain button, but my husband had to show me which button to click. It's like that story about the power plant that went down and nobody knew how to fix it so they called in some retired guy and he came in and pushed one button and the whole thing came back on line and worked fine. Then he sends them an itemized bill: "$1 for pushing the button; $10,000 for knowing which button to push." LOL.

I hope you and Tom can figure out what's up with Broly. Some of it sounds like it could be MBD, especially the army crawling. At least that would be fairly easy to fix with more calcium although it sounds like you're giving him enough, unless he needs more now because of his genetics and his age. The fact that he doesn't seem to be in pain and nothing wrong with his appetite is probably a good sign.

We used to check Puff's weight weekly. That was after he lost all that weight without us realizing it. We weren't going to get blindsided by that again. Not feeding him too many bugs to encourage him to eat greens, but that backfired. He held out for bugs and didn't start eating greens until he got mortally hungry. At first we thought it was a good thing that he was eating greens but when we weighed him we realized it was because he was actually starving. After that we offered him bugs every day and let him eat as many as he wanted, and to heck with the greens. He did eat a little bit of greens (small piece of a small leaf) once in a while, and he still liked squash. We had to settle for that. Not eating enough greens did not seem to shorten his life when all was said and done, especially considering the adenovirus.

We still have the digital scale we bought especially for weighing him. We may find another use for it someday.

Puff didn't seem to mind having his beard touched. In fact, when he fluffed it up I used to be able to get him to relax by stroking him under his chin. "Don't pull that big bad macho dragon routine with me -- I'm bigger than you. Put it down..."

I was outside yesterday, and it actually felt "warm," or at least not "cold". Very pleasant. High 50s. That would have felt cold to me when I lived in California. I guess I've completely adapted after over 25 years up here. About the only time I ever get out of the house anymore is church and doctor's appointments, both of which I now like to do over Zoom whenever I can get away with it. I got spoiled during the pandemic, but now my husband insists on going to church in person, so I go with him. We finally quit wearing masks, but I still feel a little bit unsafe without one. I'm immune to "cabin fever" these days, and I should be immune to covid too, with all the shots I've had.

And to think I thought I wouldn't have much to talk about anymore now that Puff is gone! Excuse the TLDR.

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