Any Beardie Pics Welcome!

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All of the pics on this thread are awesome, everyone has really great looking beardies. So here's our gang:

Sweetie is 3 yrs old, she was our first dragon, wearing her Easter bell:

Helping me with this site:

Lonzo is 5 yrs old, we adopted him last summer. Here he is loving the sunshine on our balcony:

Lonzo showing off his black beard, he bobs everything every morning when he's given the run of the living room floor. He starts with the azalea bush, the bamboo, the couch and all the rest of the furniture. He likes to let everyone know he's the boss:

Next is Issy, short for Isabella. She's now 6 mo old. We rescued her from a pet shop, she'd been badly hurt, she's missing more than 1/2 her tail from being bitten by another beardie baby. She was very dark grey for at least a month while we nursed her back to good health:

Here she is just a few days ago, her colours are pale olive green with brown sidebars and tangerine ovals down her spine:

We also rescued Rubio, from the same pet shop, bitten by the same baby, his front right paw has only 3 short digits & his back front paw is also damaged. Here he is when we first brought him home:

Here he is today, having fun in his boat, we now call him Captain Rubio:

Here is our little Angel, we rescued her last Sunday, the owner was going to just let her loose. She has very soft bones, but has improved greatly in just the last few days. When she first got here:


We also have two other types of reptiles, Rocco is a golden gecko:

And Serena, she came along with Angel, she's a Columbian black & white tegu & very friends, loves to be patted:


So that's our zoo, they are all well loved and spoiled rotten, because we're very good beardie slaves :blob5: :blob8: :blob5:

Deborah & Roger


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Vivid and McLuvin are so cute :)
How big does a German Giant get :?: Elvis looks HUGE :eek:
sweetiepie9; I love the gang, You have so many beautiful babies. I think it's great that you rescue. What a jerk for wanting to let that baby loose :x I'm glad I started this thread, I love the pics.
Awe, awsome pictures you guy's. Now its time to meet Remmy ^_^


(Make one wrong move and your my lunch)


( What are you looking at? o.-)


(i lub my logz :) )


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Kashet doesn't mind the shower, but he doesn't much like to swim. Still lovin the pics. I need to take more of Kashet.


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I love the zoo! Looks like a very happy family. :love5:
Rocco is really cool! I don't think I've ever seen a golden gecko before.


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this is Twitch, he's our latest rescue. Missing part of a toe & part of his tail


then we have Howie, he's been with us about 6 weeks. He was neglected, no uvb, never had a bath, ect... now he is sheding, head bobbing, loves crix, roaches and supers

and Howie was housed with Precious, she was the dominate one. She was not in as bad of shape as Howie

We also have Twinkie, he was our first rescue. His mommy couldn't take him to Hawaii with her

next is Twister, he is my little man. thanks to Hiedi @ Caliente Dragons

Last but not least is my baby girl, Belle, 8 months old 22" & 620g :shock:

I almost forgot, this is Rose, she's a mexican black x desert king snake. just a baby



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I love all the babies. Is Howie standing like that because he has developed wrong :?: No uvb cause it :?: Or did you just get a really cool pic :?:


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Willa":da972 said:
I love all the babies. Is Howie standing like that because he has developed wrong :?: No uvb cause it :?: Or did you just get a really cool pic :?:
he's glass dancing, but it's a cool pic too :)

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Howie sure can dance! They're all so healthy and happy, I really like Twinkle's colourful beard :D Such wonderful pics, thanks so much for sharing. I love beadie pics :blob5: :blob8: :blob5:


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I love his glass dancing :lol: I didn't realize he was against the glass :oops: I'm glad they all are healthy :D Keep posting pics. I love them all :blob8: :blob5:


First week home two years ago, oh goodness, how time flies. This is Alucard

And starting to show his colouring. Cheeky bugger.

Large and in charge! 2 years old, expressing his displeasure at simple old lettuce by making a bed out of it. And then sleeping there all night and well into the morning until I gave him something he liked better!


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Sounds like Kashet except, he kicks sand in it and gives me the evil eye until I give him what he wants :lol:
Speaking of which it is time for this slave to go feed him :D


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Do they like towels? I never thought of putting one in Kashet's viv. He might like it :blob8:
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