Any Beardie Pics Welcome!

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Here are all of them.


Marlboro (Godzilla wanna be)

Papa (my dad's)

Meme (my aunt's 15 year old beardie)



The baby babies were two rescues. Little Elija didn't make it :cry: and Anahita was rehomed once she was completely better to a wonderful science teacher who recently lost his girl after 9 years.

I also have four dogs all rescues and two cats strays that adopted us.


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That's great that you rescue. I have two dogs I've rescues, one thats been with us since birth, and my daughter has a rat, and of course my wonderful Kashet. I would love to rescue beardies, but at the moment I live in a apartment. Noise wouldn't be a factor, but room is. Can't wait to see Scarface :D Sorry to hear about Elija:(


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Vinny is defiantly hamin it for the camra. That is a face you gotta LOVE :lol:


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When I got her in November I was told she was 3-4 months old which would put her at about 8 months, she just under 17'' nose to tip of the tail.

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This is a wonderful pics; I'll have to get my gang on here, I've got 5 beardies, a golden gecko and a Columbian black & white tegu. Keeps us busy and luckily my husband is retired. Our son is grown, married and lives with his wife, so we have extra room for lots of tanks, mind you, they're starting to take any extra space we have. We're very good beardie slaves. This is a wonderful thread, hopefully everyone will post pics of their beardies, young or old. I especially liked the pic of the 15 year old beardie; I'm hoping all of mine will live for a longgggg time. :blob5: :blob8: :blob5:


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Your right, 15 years is probally the longest I've heard of one living. Keep the pics coming. I am enjoying them, hopefully soon I will have some of Kashet in his new viv. It's going to be really cool. My daughter is the interior decorator for it. She's got real talent. Can't wait to see your gang sweetiepie9.
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