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I wanted to share the enrichment videos my beardie has been watching because he’s never liked the videos/games targeted towards reptiles.
Here’s the channel he really likes: https://youtube.com/@HeyBear?si=222K_DAOffnq2LlK
That channel actually has livestreams I run for him if I have him sitting at my desk with me. Just general colorful sensory videos targeted towards babies are very enriching for him, but the dancing fruits and veggies are a favorite.
It’s great if your beardie’s recovering from an injury/procedure and can’t exercise as much. Or if you have to keep biosecurity high (infections, etc.) and can’t use rope/fabric/porous toys.


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That is very sweet, a lot of people tend to leave videos, music, etc on for their dragons if they are at
home, or away for part of the day. I think they probably appreciate that, just for some background noise
or interaction.


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