Young beardie trying to attack my shirt?


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So this morning, my bearded dragon was running around on my bed and decided that the tag on a stuffed animal would be a fun thing to eat. It was a fabric tag, so he didn’t eat any of it, and I just simply pulled it out of his mouth and put him back on my lap. He then proceeded to vigorously attack my shirt (something he had never done before) and puff out his little beard, whilst narrowing his pupils like a feeding response. This went on for about 5-10 minutes. This is very odd for him, as he is normally a very sweet dragon that loves to cuddle and hang out. He did not show any aggression towards me when I picked him up after he attacked it, but continued to try and eat/attack the shirt. He is around five months old and has been eating, pooping, and acting normal otherwise. Is this just his adult hormones coming in, or should I be concerned?


Side Note: I fed him two Dubia roaches afterwards, and he ate them just fine. He had also been fed bugs and a salad that morning, so he had eaten a normal amount before then.


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Three medium sized Dubias or more and a larger salad containing collard greens, tomatoes, sometimes carrots, and sometimes other dragon safe foods with calcium powder every other day. I estimate him to be five months old, but he is around 10 inches long, and does have a healthy fat storage in his tail and a good body weight.

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Please don't feed the tomatoes, they are in the nightshade family and are toxic. Also at 5 months old 3 dubias is not enough in a day. Hecis probably just hungry.
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