odd behavior

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    Post Brumation Behavior

    Greeting fellow Beardie lovers! First time posting - I have found so much helpful info and facts here and could really use some advice. I will just get to the facts: Terrarium: approx 90 Gallons Lighting: 2 - 75w heating bulbs x 15 hrs daily, avg temp 89-95. 1 UVB light x 15 hrs Humidity...
  2. S

    Obese 7 month old hiding in the cold side of it's tank

    Hello! So, my 7 month beardie recently started to go to the cold side of it's tank, dig in there and not move. I can attract her from her "cave" with dubia roaches and she eats them, but after some time she goes back to the cool side to dig again. She started to show such behavior about a half...
  3. Apollo_the_Dragon

    Young beardie trying to attack my shirt?

    So this morning, my bearded dragon was running around on my bed and decided that the tag on a stuffed animal would be a fun thing to eat. It was a fabric tag, so he didn’t eat any of it, and I just simply pulled it out of his mouth and put him back on my lap. He then proceeded to vigorously...
  4. B


    Hi! i’m back with a lil update on Spike, and i’m kinda worried :/ He was doing fine until about this past Tuesday. The weather has been a little cooler, cloudy and rainy, but i’ve noticed he is sleeping like A LOT and it’s been behind his log hide and once found his head inside the log. He’ll...
  5. HippieLizards

    8 y/o is acting unbelievably hyper and constantly glass surfing suddenly.

    Hey y’all, been a while since I’ve posted here, I’ve missed y’all! 💜 Okay so, I have a question, a few days ago I just celebrated 5 years of having My oldest beardie, Daisy. She’s around 8-9 years old, most likely 8. She’s normally an extremely laid back and chill beardie that prefers to just...
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