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  1. M

    What’s your Adult Beardie’s daily routine?

    Hi everyone, we’ve had our 3/4 year old male rescue for 6 months now and I’m just curious to know what everyone else’s does daily/routine wise? And if ours is considered “normal/fine”? I’d hate to be not noticing something/or doing something wrong. We have a camera so can watch him, and the...
  2. B

    Bearded Dragon urinate

    I’m wondering if I should take my bearded dragon into the vet it looks like he might have parasites. Untitled document
  3. B

    Bearded dragon ate 150mg of ibuprofen

    Unfortunately my bearded dragon got ahold of an ibuprofen that somehow fell out of my purse (I know, I’m beating myself up hard right now you have no idea) but anyways I immediately took her to the vet and they weren’t able to give her activated charcoal until 3 hours AFTER she ate the pill...
  4. S

    Health Issue with Bearded Dragon (Yellow Stain - Fungus)

    Help Needed: Health Issue with Bearded Dragon Good afternoon, everyone. I’m reaching out in hopes of getting some guidance regarding a concerning situation with our bearded dragon, Roger. Unfortunately, we live in Cyprus, and there aren't any veterinarians specializing in exotic animals, so...
  5. I

    Looking to rehome beard - Bay Area

    Hello! I'm looking to rehome my six-year-old bearded dragon, Dexter. I'm moving out of the country and unfortunately cannot take her with me. I'm searching for a home where she can have a healthy and loving life. I'm happy to provide her enclosure and other items with her.
  6. J

    Please help!!!

    I have a 5 month old female bearded dragon. I got her from petco a month ago. She has been doing well with eating and pooping. Today, she did not eat as much during breakfast time maybe 5-8 insects (mix of crickets and dubia roaches). I tried to put the insects in front of her during the day...
  7. H

    Help! Rot/Fester-like thing on the roof of his mouth

    hello folks, we were checking our boy HuaHua and the roof of his mouth (some organ I can't even name) looks strange It may not look severe... in fact it looks like my own canker sore tbh... but is it usual that all these "canker sores" are in the same place? (the rest of his mouth is fine...
  8. Rue ✩

    The hero of Hyrule, Link!

    The hero of Hyrule, Link! (Don’t worry, the hat isn’t tight. He’s nice and comfy :D )
  9. Maxwell

    My beardie has strange bump on his hand

    I have had Crowley for 2 months now. I have noticed that he has a small bump on his hand and it’s slightly concerning me. He walks on his hand normally and has had no issues with that hand. Should i take him to the vet for it?
  10. neelaluoma

    Bearded dragon active and pooping but not interested in eating…

    I have had Nova since 2017 and she was an adult when I got her…so idk how old she is! She used to be interested in food but it feels like forever now that she’s not interested in it! She will eat some super worms once in a while but she ignores the salads (arugula, with vitamins and...
  11. T

    Semi-skinny bearded dragon

    Hi everybody, I am new on the site but I would like to ask a question. I adopted a bearded dragon about a year ago, she has always been healthy and has been getting leafy greens as well as dusted insect feeders. I am only 16 but the money part is no problem for me. But I've been noticing that...
  12. K

    Is this a beardie boob?

    I was just giving my beardie a bath until I noticed this huge lump under her right arm, I’m pretty sure it wasn’t there when I started to bath her. What could this be, and should I worry?
  13. B

    Winter & Gas Logs

    Hellooo! i know it’s been a while since i’ve posted anything about Spike, he’s been living his best life lately! Got the new flooring in his tank and even moved his stuff around! With it becoming winter, it’s becoming a lot colder and my mother and father have decided to get gas logs for our...
  14. K

    Hiding, not really eating, digging, high humidity issues

    My girl Ramses has been hiding a lot lately. Mostly on the hot side and now has started digging. She’s only eating every other day. She has also been leaving her mouth cracked open, she does close it occasionally. She won’t eat today. I have offered her greens and worms. This has been a pattern...
  15. Apollo_the_Dragon

    Young beardie trying to attack my shirt?

    So this morning, my bearded dragon was running around on my bed and decided that the tag on a stuffed animal would be a fun thing to eat. It was a fabric tag, so he didn’t eat any of it, and I just simply pulled it out of his mouth and put him back on my lap. He then proceeded to vigorously...
  16. A

    Beard half inflated after getting stuck with head facing gown?

    Hi guys, so Pickle doesn’t typically inflate his beard at all, but it’s been like this since yesterday when I found him stuck against the glass and his cork bark with his head facing down. He wasn’t like that long, maybe an hour or less? He’s otherwise acting normal and eating, and it feels like...
  17. WyattK

    1st Day I got henry

  18. Apollo_the_Dragon

    Help! My juvenile beardie ate cardboard?

    My 4-5 month old bearded dragon ate what appeared to be a smallish piece of cardboard. He jumped out of his bath, ran across the room, and swallowed it in an instant without issue. I don’t believe it was plastic, as there is no pieces of plastic in the room, and I am like 90% sure it was a...
  19. L

    Rescued a bearded dragon - concerned for its health!

    So I work in veterinary, and we had a bearded dragon handed into us that was 'found' in someone's garden.. I have many bearded dragons myself and lots of reptile experience but never have I nursed an extremely poorly bearded dragon before. He has seen a vet, who thinks he's very underweight and...
  20. Pearl Girl

    The pack and what they did today | BLOG |

    This is a blog about what my animals, Kita, Pearl, Star, Milo, and Toasty (and one dog we are soon to get) did today, or any day lol -- Do NOT reply in this! You can start a conversation with me if you want permission, but I may or may not accept it. (You should also give a reason)
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