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  1. Baby_Magatron

    Beardie will only eat Greens

    Hey everyone, I’m relatively new to having a beautiful little bearded friend so I hope this isn’t a stupid question! I can’t seem to find any help online anywhere, if it’s a bizarre one the next stop is a vet!! So I’ve had baby Maggie since October 2021, at this point I was told she was...
  2. A

    Juvenile, 6-8 months old not eating, sleeping all day.

    Hey, my beadie has barely eaten anything in a week, only have 3 crickets about 3 days ago. He also just sleeps all day or chills with his eyes closed. His basking temp is 105° with humidity being around 20-30%. UVB and heat light are over crossing each other and meet at the basking spot, the...
  3. L

    Please help - bearded dragon foot is swollen

    Hello everyone, last Friday I noticed that my beardie’s foot is swollen. It seems like there’s a black spot of where it started swelling from, and in the last few days it became worst. Here’s a picture from Friday: Here’s a picture from today (Tuesday): he...
  4. K

    Does My Rescue Have Yellow Fungus?

    Long story but I feel like its important to get all in. I got a bearded dragon from my friend who had him for about a year, she had got him from a breeder who had him for about 1 1/2 years. My friend didn’t do much research on beardies and unintentionally had the guy in pretty bad conditions. I...
  5. I

    Help my bearded dragon took a huge fall not using back legs

    Hi, I need help! My bearded dragon fell off my 2 story balcony on Memorial Day. He was alert but not using his back legs. I immediately took him to the only open Vet for an emergency visit. They just looked at him, pinched his leg and said it wasn’t broken and sent him home with pain meds. They...
  6. G

    5 month old Bearded dragon sick or dying??? Please help!!

    I have a 5 month old bearded dragon and something is very wrong. I have no idea what to do. 3 days ago I saw her bobbing her head up and down and knew she wasn’t okay. Her beard puffed up and became black and it looked like she was choking. She was still moving and after giving her drops of...
  7. J


    I believe my dad’s bearded dragon has a URI. He doesn’t take me serious when I tell him my concerns, I do not work so I personally can’t take him to a vet, I’m not even sure if we have a vet near us. I was just wondering if there’s any way I can help him without going to the vet? Someway I can...
  8. S

    Identifying Het Zero Beardies

    Hello All! I’m looking to buy a het zero beardie. Is there any way I can confirm that a beardie fits that category?
  9. fcooper

    How Hot Should Your Bearded Dragon Tank Be?

    You need to outfit your tank with a thermometer. Ideally, you should have two. Place one thermometer on either side of the tank (cool and hot sides) in order to get a complete picture of the environment in the tank. The thermometers should be placed in the middle of the tank’s height. Note that...
  10. A

    Bearded dragon shedding Behaviour

    Hey! My beardie, Coop a rescue and he’s around 8. I have had him for a month now and he’s Great! He’s just coming into his first shed and I’d just like some advice on shedding behaviour. He hasn’t really been wanting to bask recently and has been under his hide sleeping a lot, he’s still eating...
  11. lemonbread

    Something in Matcha’s Eye?

    My baby beardie (~3 months old) seems to be having some trouble with his eye. It’s squinted considerably, and the part I can see appears gray and very watery. I’m not sure how to post a picture, but if someone could help me out I’d be happy to add one. He has a proper light setup with a...
  12. LilAl

    Hiding Behavior

    Hello! I’ve been concerned about my 1 year old bearded dragon over the last few days. He has been hiding more frequently than he used to. I started noticing the behavior late last month up through now. At first, I didn’t think anything of it, knowing that as an adult, bearded dragons tend to...
  13. MangosMom22

    There’s shed in my beardies poop.

    My beardie is named Mango. She’s about 3 months old. Today she pooped and it looks like there’s shed mixed in there. Should I be concerned?
  14. C

    5 yr old beardie

    Hi. I’m needing to rehome our 5 yr old beardie. We have moved to a smaller apartment and he doesn’t have the freedom he used to. We also have dogs which he now sees more often and stresses him out… Orlando area, please send me an email for inquiries. [email protected]
  15. K

    Coccidia Round 2 with Albon

    My bearded dragon got results 30 days ago for 4+ coccidia. We did 5 days of Albon .07ml. Unfortunately during her recheck they found the same amount so nothing improved in those 30 days. They don't have ponazuril so we are doing Albon again .07ml but for 21 days. I'm really worried how harsh...
  16. S

    Baytril antibiotic- need a second opinion

    My bearded dragon Pogi is 7 years old and lately he has been keeping one eye closed. We think he has an eye infection. We took him to the vet on 2/24, and they swabbed his eye to send a culture to the lab, but we have yet to hear back from them. The vet prescribed Baytril. We’re supposed to give...
  17. rio00

    Leg issue

    We have a bearded dragon called Rio and she’s around 7/8 years old, she’s a very active lady (she’s currently sat window watching after just having a run around, it’s one of her favourite things to do). We were bathing Rio yesterday and when we got her out of the bath I noticed that her left...
  18. T

    Lighting Questions

    Hi everyone I just finished installing my new zen habitat 4x2x2 enclosure. I have some questions about the lighting. 1. My heat lamp is on top of the screen (24 inches) far away from my bearded dragon. Is this too far? Due to it having a long wire the only other place for it would be about 10...
  19. M

    Potential Respiratory Infection? Reptaid?

    Hi! My lovely lizard unfortunately has been acting strange, he hasn’t been eating as much as usual, and he has been gaping a lot, every once and a while he will let a lil cough however it only really happens when he is outside of the tank or around me? (My parents think it may be my perfume...
  20. T

    Non adhesive shelf liner smelling weird

    I just switched the substrate for my bearded dragon to non adhesive shelf liner. It smells very slightly chemically. I have to put my nose right on to it to smell it. Is this okay? It's new. Any responses are appreciated.
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