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  1. C

    Bearded dragon fell while dead asleep and landed on his head

    My bearded dragon was laying on a pillow and fell about 8 inches off onto the bed and rolled onto his head he seems normal nice Color moves it nothing odd but im scared he is hurt cause he was sleeping and all he will do is go back to bed or sit and look which is normal he is normally sleeping...
  2. D

    Swollen red eyes

    This is Oreo! He is my younger brothers pet. He noticed Oreo had swollen, red, watery eyes. They used sand in his tank and I informed them Oreo is too small for sand in the tank!… His behavior started to change, he would try to snap, he did not want to be bothered. He was in the corner of his...
  3. Dragondog45

    Help strange patch on Bearded dragon? Don’t know what it is

    Hello I have a young bearded dragon named Bowser. She is around 10 months old and has a diet of crickets, mealworms and veggies. I usually keep her humidity low but recently the weather has made her cage humid above 40%. I am getting a dehumidifier to fix the issue. I have noticed this weird...
  4. K

    Red mites

    Hi, I have a male bearded dragon around 8 months old. Around 3 weeks ago I saw little red dots on him and was informed they was mites. Since then his been having warm baths and rubbed down with olive oil. I also bought a mite spray but that didn’t seem to do much. I religiously clean his viv and...
  5. LianneHenry

    Newbie in need of help!

    Hi everyone! I just joined this forum! I adopted my bearded dragon Henry about a month ago. I have zero experience with reptiles so I am freaking out. Henry came from a house where he was severely neglected and was loaded with parasites. He was never really handled but crazy enough is really...
  6. L

    Please help!!!!

    So ive been looking for a new basking spot for my bearded dragon. Something that would allow him to get closer to the light when he wanted too. I created this log when i was a child ( multiple branches stuck together, stained and sanded) and thought “ this would be perfect!” My little buddy...
  7. L

    Beardie shipping

    Hi All! I’m posting on here because I’ve been a bit stressed and anxious about shipping my adult beardie to my new home accross the country for my new job. I’m using a company called Reptiles2You to help me ship my little guy, and though I’ve read great reviews about the company and they’ve been...
  8. E


    My bearded dragon has a small lump on his chin. His behavior is fine, so I don't know if its from glass surfing. There is a small black dot in the middle?
  9. G

    Breaded dragon mouth white

    Hi, this is savage. I have had him for almost a year now and these past two weeks, I notice this white stuff around his mouth. At first I thought it was him shedding but it’s not and He doesn’t have a vet appointment until two weeks from . I’m just trying to get some suggestions on what I should...
  10. C

    Possible bearded dragon dislocation?

    Today when me and my sister were playing with my 1-1/2 year old bearded dragon, she jumped up by the fireplace, her favorite spot. We thought everything was fine until she started moving her arm weirdly. It almost looked like she was waving her arm, and when she put it back down it looked really...
  11. T

    Bearded dragon frantically glass surfing

    My 4 year old male bearded dragon has been constantly glass surfing the past few days. I have no idea why. The temp is 99f. He gets good daily. He has hides. One thing is that I started feeding him pellets again. He loves the pellets. I'm wondering if he's glass surfing to try to get me to give...
  12. DorgEndo

    New rescue Quetzal. About 4 year old male beardie with some issues

    I've been thinking of getting a new rescue beardie for awhile. This guy has been in the Snake Discovery adoption island for something like 3 months? That was after his quarantine too. Something about him just called to me. He can be Quetzalcóatl but Quetzal works good too The history we have...
  13. M

    Painted Agama Black Spots on Belly (Pic)

    Hello everyone, my painted agama Mushu normally has a very bright and creamy colored belly. Recently he has developed these spots on his belly. I am not sure if they have gone away or not considering he can make his skin this color on a whim. I should add that he isn't often showing me his...
  14. CC9C2DD8-07F7-4D96-AB75-414894513532.jpeg


    Toothless is climbing his plants 🪴
  15. J

    Help! My Beardies Toe is Injured

    I was checking in on my Bearded Dragon today and I noticed the tip of his toe had a cut in it. I looked examined more closely and noticed his toe was halfway if not most of the way off. Im afraid that he has an infection or stuck shed. He is my first bearded dragon, I am still learning some...
  16. N

    Is my dragon saying goodbye?

    So I have/had two dragons, this is our story: The first dragon I got was a baby male captive-bred and I had it for around 1 year or so before someone asked me to take on their adult female beardy because they were moving. She was a lone captive-bred beardy around 6-7 years old. I kept them...
  17. M

    Anemic bearded dragon with low blood sugar and low protein, looking for help and advice

    My bearded dragon, Sylvain, is 3 years old and has always had some issues. When I got him he was a year old, covered in his own poop and already had a stiff/bent tail due to metabolic bone disease. He has always had some issue going on with his stomach that makes his poop irregular, but the vet...
  18. Baby_Magatron

    Beardie will only eat Greens

    Hey everyone, I’m relatively new to having a beautiful little bearded friend so I hope this isn’t a stupid question! I can’t seem to find any help online anywhere, if it’s a bizarre one the next stop is a vet!! So I’ve had baby Maggie since October 2021, at this point I was told she was...
  19. A

    Juvenile, 6-8 months old not eating, sleeping all day.

    Hey, my beadie has barely eaten anything in a week, only have 3 crickets about 3 days ago. He also just sleeps all day or chills with his eyes closed. His basking temp is 105° with humidity being around 20-30%. UVB and heat light are over crossing each other and meet at the basking spot, the...
  20. L

    Please help - bearded dragon foot is swollen

    Hello everyone, last Friday I noticed that my beardie’s foot is swollen. It seems like there’s a black spot of where it started swelling from, and in the last few days it became worst. Here’s a picture from Friday: Here’s a picture from today (Tuesday): he...
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