1. M

    Odd bath behaviour

    Hello, I have 2 rescue bearded dragons. My boy is Ridley. He’s approx 3 years old. He came to us after he was abandoned in a rental property. He was not well handled and terrified of just about everything. Fast forward today, he’s the biggest cuddle bug I’ve ever seen. I was told he had...
  2. Orion1002

    Disheartened mama

    Hi everyone. I know I’ve been posting on here a lot lately since I joined the site, but I’m so very disheartened right now and don’t really know what to do or have anyone else to talk about it with as I don’t know anyone else with a beardie (also my whole family thinks I’m dumb for worrying so...
  3. W

    Grumpy baby or something else?

    Hi all! I have an 11 month old (est) male beardie and I'm a little concerned with his current behavior. Now I did move out from my parents (finally!) to an apartment a little over two weeks ago. During the move I gave him superworms since he loves them and he will gladly eat them. He's back to...
  4. A

    Weird Beardie Behavior?

    Hey there, I have about a 4 and a half month old beardie. I’m not sure what’s going on with him. He is constantly glass surfing in a frantic manner and occasionally head bobbing rapidly with it. He will run back and forth and up and down his hide/basking spot. I try to hold him to take him...
  5. T

    Beardie being unusually lazy this morning

    Hi! Sorry in advance for the background - I've got a 7mo old female bebe I've had for only 2 weeks. She came from a not-great home, so she's not well-socialized, and wasn't on the right diet and feeding schedule for a juvenile beardie. However, after just a couple days with me and getting the...
  6. mushumom2021

    New tank new crazy

    I have had my female dragon for a little over a year now, I’m not sure how old she is since I bought her from OfferUp. Recently I moved her into a new tank, this tank had previously housed another beardie I had that passed away. The tank had been cleaned with soap and water as well as rubbing...
  7. W

    Circular Head Motion

    Hi guys, I just have a quick question/behavior observation. Today it was warm enough to take my beardie outside, it is his first time outside ever so it was very closely monitored. Overall he seemed to enjoy it and would run away from me when I tried to bring him in (he doesn't usually run from...
  8. catwu20

    Beardie nervous?

    Hello all, My 3 year old female beardie seems to get nervous whenever we look at her. Her eyes go huge and she twitches/straightens up. She's completely fine with being handled and moved around, but I suppose she doesn't enjoy it. How can I get her more comfortable with eye contact/our...
  9. kenobisaber

    ANY tips/tricks for stress? I NEED help!

    Tigger is my oldest beardie, he will be two years old on August 15th and Mando will be 1 year on May 18th. I am in a slight predicament. Their cages are across the room from each other. When Mando first arrived home (late January), Tigger went I never seen him act like it. Running...
  10. N

    I scared my Dragon... now I dont know what to do..

    Hey guys! I am a recent first time owner of a Bearded Dragon, and while everything for the most part has been fine, I may have royally upset my Beardy on accident. A couple days ago I added a new hammock to Mushrooms enclosure, he didn't do anything with it until last night. This morning I woke...
  11. InfinityEevee99

    Shaking head side to side as if to stab me while holding

    So I have a one year old standard beardies named tank and when I pick him up he does the normal kind of flailing as I have really small hands and he is getting bigger than both my hands together but anyway sometimes he does this thing where he shakes his head from side to side like he is trying...
  12. B

    Glass surfing

    Recently just bought a juvenile bearded dragon. He occasionally glass surfs but he frequently does it a lot when I turn the “night” lamp on when it’s time for bed. Does anyone know why he does this as I want him to be as happy and as healthy as possible?
  13. O

    Daily digging, now low energy without laying?

    So Pancake decided around late November that she wanted to dig. I gave her her dig box, thinking she could be gravid since she was mimicking the same behavior as when she was gravid before (previously laid 12/1/20 and 2/22/21). No obvious physical signs though. She seemed to lose interest in...
  14. L

    Adult Dragon still hates being held

    We've had our female Dragon, Marzia, for almost 3 yrs now. She came from a very loud home, where she lived with a toddler in his room (I know, not the best). She's never liked being held, or taking baths,nothing. I'm not sure what else to try. I will admit I don't take her out as often as I...
  15. F

    Suddenly Fussy Eater

    My beardie is about 3 months old and has suddenly been very difficult to get to feed. He's showing a TON of energy over the past week and has been very difficult to sit still and eat his dubias. He's always eaten his dubias and has only just now been difficult. I was wondering if this is...
  16. Elliot Il Drago

    Partially brumating?

    Hello there! My girl’s name is Ellie and she’s about 1 year and 2 months old. I’ma little concerned about some behavioral changes in the past week. Her tube uvb lights have both been changed within the past 3 months and her temp is 105 in the warm end and about 75 in the cool end. Lately she’s...
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