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Im from Wisconsin. I live in Milwaukee for school, but I visit Madison sometimes on the weekends. That's where I was born. Also, Tebelanger is also from Milwaukee/Madison. Funny story actually. I was working at Pet World to get some extra cash for school during our last winter break and a guy came in for crickets. I did what I usually did, asked him what he was feeding. When he said it was a bearded dragon I made sure he knew about tile, dangers of sand and under tank heaters, etc. Than I asked where he lived and turns out he lived in the apartment complex right next to me, owned by the same people! We even use the same parking lot. His girlfriend is Tebelanger. It's a small small world.


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shanerp69":4c906 said:
Do you guys have any good reptile stores in Wisconsin? We have one in St. Paul and a smaller one down in Burnsville. Are there any over in Hudson?

Nope there are not any good ones in Hudson. The only one I know of is the one on University Ave. in St. Paul.


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Yeah I haven't seen any good reptile stores in wisconsin...think the pet pet store I was in when it came to reptiles was Pet World in Madison...they at least had some cool reptiles and more than 2 products on the shelf.


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Hoffers in Milwaukee is the best one ive been to in Wisconsin. They are HUGE. Im talking about huge iguanas, aligators and iguana living in a natural habitat, frilled dragons, pretty much any kind of lizard.
I gotta check Hoffers out one of these weekends when I go to see my cousins...
Theres a place called Pet Suply in Baraboo. They have a pretty good herp selection most of the time, they have some really gorgeous snakes all the time, but the rest of the store is rather sad... like tanks upon tanks of diseased fish =(
Other than that I only really go to either PetWorld in Madison or PetWorld in Menomonee Falls, or Petsmart to rescue the sad little lizzards :?

Theres a pet store in my town too but I only go there for crickets anymore because the lady that runs the place doesn't know anything about anything! :evil:
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