Viv pics only thread

here's yig's setup. eventually i'm gonna get or make something bigger but right now he's in a 40 gallon breeder. we just switched from paper towels to linoleum today and i love how it looks :)





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Here is Dudley's new 4x2x2 viv!!


He absolutely loves it. He has had such happy colors since he moved in!





@Suspiciouschunks: I'm using non-adhesive linoleum too! :D It works really well, but it's a tad slippery.


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Yeah, but the slipperyness isn't all bad... Dudley likes to leap down from his basking tile and belly slide across the floor, LOL. :lol:

4'x2'x18" front sliding and top opening terrarium built by Magna Force Cages. The stand and canopy are self bult.


The lighting canopy holds 5 bulbs and has 2 timers. One for day and the other for night. It currently has:

1, 36" Repti Glo 10.0 UVB that is controlled by the day timer

Hot Side:
1, 100 Watt Sun Glo Basking Bulb that can be controlled by a dimmer switch
1, 100 Watt Ceramic Heat Emitter (Night)

Cool Side:
1, 65 Watt Spot Light (Day)
1, empty socket that can be used for additional night heat


Last but not least is Larz. A 3 year old male we believe to be a Citrus German Giant. He is on indoor-outdoor carpeting, Grape Wood basking logs, and a 36" piece of hallow cork that serves as his hot and cool hide. Slate Tile is on the cool side and is where his food dish is. A fake rock wall is in the process of being made to cover the sides and back of his terrarium as well.

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