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Hi all I wanted to post these pics of (Newly named) Trintiy she is at a rescue here in British Columbia (canada) and here is her story I still can't believe she is still alive!!

I emailed someone on craigslist as we were getting our new beardie (from the same rescue that currently has Trinity) I was quick to text (as he left his #) and he responded pretty quick his ad read Reptile/Fish Tank he gave the dimensions and and his number that was ALL! So upon texting he informed me there was a beardie currently living in his tank (could not see it from the pic he sent looked like a tank full of drift wood) so I (being a curious george) asked for a pic of the beardie and what I got I could NEVER have even Imagined!! She (we think she is a she but she's soooooo badly malnourished you can't tell!) He told me he has had her since 2004 but never knew if it was male or female and that It (as he always referred to her as) had no name! I quickly sent the pics to my friend that owns the rescue and she told me to go pick her up but ask to pay less for the tank (as I still needed the tank and considering there was a beardie in there he was asking Waaaaay below asking price for such a large tank!) so off I went with my heat pack and towel to go get this Very Sick beardie! When I saw the tank i was in SHOCK! There were small pieces of Lego in there there was No food to be seen or water of any sort just a dried up dish with nothing in it! She was on sand and she had sand caked in her beard on her vent and stuck to her feet! There was even a poop with a balloon in it (YIKES!!!!) I just couldn't imagine how she had survived since 2004 obviously at some point he had cared right? He had the right lighting and calcium so its just plain old Starvation and Dehydration that was killing her! Several times on our drive to the rescue she I could have sworn she had passed but all of a sudden we got within 10mins of the rescue (she was over an hour away where she lived) she opened her eyes and sat up! Long story short she is still alive and is hunting and eating All on her own!! Its been 2 weeks and she seems to be doing well she was loaded with parasites but is on meds now! She hasn't gained much and to see her still is such a sad sight but she's fighting hard!! Im attaching pics of her (BEWARE IF YOU CANT HANDLE SAD PHOTOS!) I wanted to share her story with everyone even though she is not mine ( we adopted Ruby from the rescue and picked her up the day we dropped Trinity off, sucked as now the rescue has 1 more mouth to feed but are SOOOOO happy they are getting to help her!) I will try to post some pics as she starts to regain her health right now she doesn't look much better then the pics but she's feeling Waaaaay better these days!! Thanks for reading!1


(She will not be available for adoption for a very loooooong time and they do not ship outside the province of BC incase someone was wanting to inquire!)

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I've been following along & am so pleased so see the great difference in him now & that he's shedding brought tears to my eyes (even if it made him cross!) It's so good to hear how well he's doing & he does look like a regular beardie, it's just amazing when I look back at what he looked like when you picked him up, Tracy, it's such a miracle that you got him when you did, he was literally banging at death's door. He is a real miracle, indeed. I'm so glad his foster mom is staying in touch with you so you can pass along the good news to us. Thanks so much, rescuing beardies is such an awesome thing!


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Thanks everyone! I'm soooo pleased with his progress and sooo happy to share it with everyone :D he's a grumpy one but his foster momma is working on him :)

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He looks so great, you have done a wonderful job and should be very proud of yourself. :D


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Well no pics again yet but he's shedding again so that AWESOME news! He's a cranky little bum lol but sounds like he's calming down a touch. He's such a handsome man can't wait to see what he looks like when he's all chubby like Ruby :p any who just wanted to keep everyone notified that he's doing well and still gaining :) I will try to get a pic again soon :) (on a side note we will not be adopting him as we ended up getting a Severely deformed and neglected RedFoot Tortoise he's sooooo adorable and sweet he's only 7inches long and should be 12-14inches he's such a little cutie and needed a new home (he's from the same reptile rescue as Zevan and Ruby) so we ended up helping a different creature and my kids are in love with him so instead I will be helping the rescue to look long and hard for the perfect home for Zevan when he's available)


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What an amazing story!He has gained so much weight.Does the foster lady know how much he weighs now?He is so cute,i love his colors.Its so great that you found him in time before he perished. :notworthy: .I find that i get angry really very easily so would have beaten that guy up because i can't control my anger sometimes.I can't believe i was able to look at those photos of when you found him.Thank god he's now with someone who can love him. :D


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Thanks Lara I don't control myself well either but had my 2 kids in my van and hubby wouldn't let me go inside cause he knew if i was by my kids I would try harder not to cause a scene lol! He's in much better hands for the rest of his life its a good feeling :D


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This is PROOF that if you take your time, don't force feed too much protein, don't get in a rush to fatten a starving dragon up, then you will get a slow and steady weight gain over time. That recent picture is really quite amazing. He looks like a completely different dragon. Wonder why he has such an attitude...? lol


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hello there,
just wanted to let you know i have been following this thread and i was hoping he would make it and i'm so glad he has!! Like others have said he is a fighter, and deserves a wonderful home!!! you are an amazing person to be willing to jump in and help this little guy, because of your quick action he's still alive today!!! I had to go back and read a few parts that i missed but all in all he is looking really great!!! i cant wait to see what he looks like again!


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NEROtheMONSTER":p8bx8jbw said:
That is a good thing to know that he will be in good hands now,hopefully. :roll:

He is in VERY good hands now not sure he will ever be adopted out as he is quite up there in years!
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