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Hi all I wanted to post these pics of (Newly named) Trintiy she is at a rescue here in British Columbia (canada) and here is her story I still can't believe she is still alive!!

I emailed someone on craigslist as we were getting our new beardie (from the same rescue that currently has Trinity) I was quick to text (as he left his #) and he responded pretty quick his ad read Reptile/Fish Tank he gave the dimensions and and his number that was ALL! So upon texting he informed me there was a beardie currently living in his tank (could not see it from the pic he sent looked like a tank full of drift wood) so I (being a curious george) asked for a pic of the beardie and what I got I could NEVER have even Imagined!! She (we think she is a she but she's soooooo badly malnourished you can't tell!) He told me he has had her since 2004 but never knew if it was male or female and that It (as he always referred to her as) had no name! I quickly sent the pics to my friend that owns the rescue and she told me to go pick her up but ask to pay less for the tank (as I still needed the tank and considering there was a beardie in there he was asking Waaaaay below asking price for such a large tank!) so off I went with my heat pack and towel to go get this Very Sick beardie! When I saw the tank i was in SHOCK! There were small pieces of Lego in there there was No food to be seen or water of any sort just a dried up dish with nothing in it! She was on sand and she had sand caked in her beard on her vent and stuck to her feet! There was even a poop with a balloon in it (YIKES!!!!) I just couldn't imagine how she had survived since 2004 obviously at some point he had cared right? He had the right lighting and calcium so its just plain old Starvation and Dehydration that was killing her! Several times on our drive to the rescue she I could have sworn she had passed but all of a sudden we got within 10mins of the rescue (she was over an hour away where she lived) she opened her eyes and sat up! Long story short she is still alive and is hunting and eating All on her own!! Its been 2 weeks and she seems to be doing well she was loaded with parasites but is on meds now! She hasn't gained much and to see her still is such a sad sight but she's fighting hard!! Im attaching pics of her (BEWARE IF YOU CANT HANDLE SAD PHOTOS!) I wanted to share her story with everyone even though she is not mine ( we adopted Ruby from the rescue and picked her up the day we dropped Trinity off, sucked as now the rescue has 1 more mouth to feed but are SOOOOO happy they are getting to help her!) I will try to post some pics as she starts to regain her health right now she doesn't look much better then the pics but she's feeling Waaaaay better these days!! Thanks for reading!1


(She will not be available for adoption for a very loooooong time and they do not ship outside the province of BC incase someone was wanting to inquire!)

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I just found this thread & I'm just amazed at his recovery & the fact he didn't have MBD is just wonderful, considering what he looked like when you found him (and thank God you did). His foster mom is taking great care of him, just him standing up is a great feat! He's getting better every day, good for them & you for finding him.

I recently got a rescue, too, from my pet shop. I went in for worms & there was a little beardie that had been dropped off by his owners. He looks like Zeven looks now, sunken head fat pads, skinny, can see his spine & little. He's 17" long in total, he's got a long head 2" but his little body is only 5" long. I picked him up & he tried to hide in my coat, so he came home. I already have 4 males, so now I have 5 (I had an empty tank, as my Sweetie passed away in Dec from pneumonia). I had sworn I wasn't getting anymore, but now Gabriel shares my bedroom with me. He's not leaving the bedroom, as he did have parasites & is 1/2 way thru his meds. I took him to my vet the same day I got him & he doesn't have MBD either.

So I'm so glad that Zeven is doing so much better, the pics are great. I weigh Gabriel tomorrow, I've had him just over 2 weeks, the first week he gained 5 grams, so I'm hoping within a few months he'll be fat light the rest of my crew.

Thanks again for your rescue effort, it sure paid off!


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Thanks everyone :D Makes me feel good to know Im not the only one that cares. Don't want my thread getting closed so just posting a
:) Thanks :)

I have emailed his foster mom today asking for an update (and a pic if she has time) so I will let you all know what I find out :D


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I have heard that if your thread ever gets closed you can PM a mod for it to be reopened. :D I cruise CL for beardies all the time, but luckily the ones posted all look very well cared for. You just never know, though.


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ShannyBeard - Omg there was someone who posted on Kijiji here in BC (near my house) his dragon was living in Filth and was living with a tranatula and a gecko?? Although the gecko had been "missing" for a few days (guess either the dragon or the spider ate it) It was Crazy had our whole reptile community up in arms he kept giving everyone different stories " i wanna learn how to care for it properly I want whats best for the dragon" but was asking $295.00 for Everything on kijiji and when I offered to go get the dragon he kept saying he still wanted $$ his dragon was dehydrated and everything and still he wouldn't budge. Eventually someone called the SPCA and had them go check it as it was ridiculous to ask $$ for a sick dragon!! ( I already paid for Zevan lol ) Thanks for the update on getting the thread reopened. Hope all is well with you and I will post the update as soon as I can :D


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Thanks :) Our poor Local Reptile rescue unfortunately gets LOTS of these stories it really Sucks!! I heard from Zevan's foster home and heard he's starting to look like a regular dragon (Still a loooong way to go) but heard he just looks like a skinny dragon now not one literally banging down deaths door! ANNNNNND he's a Stinker!!!! He puffs up and goes black in the beard and has a Real Attitude!!! Foster Mom is working with him to see what kind of progress she can make with him! This poor local rescue just got back in an Iggy that was adopted about 3yrs ago rescue was convinced these people Really LOVED Steve (is his name) they knew a lot and were really excited now 3yrs later they moved and wanted to bring him back no time being the excuse, and he's Soooooo sick he has a skin infection throughout his WHOLE body his skin in Black and he's now missing toes and has scars on his face he also used to be really calm and sweet now he's not that friendly becomes quite upset during handling (maybe because of pain) and he looks awful. At least now he's back at the rescue where he can be cared for properly!! I just don't understand people!!! :banghead:


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Wow those stories are infuriating. I really do not understand people either. I don't get it. :angry5: :shock: :evil:

I drive across town to buy Emmy her worms, I order bugs online and have them shipped from other provinces, just so she can have what she likes. I even shop at Choices Market for her (for those who are not aware of Choices, it a very expensive, health food store that sells Organic Veggies).

Unbelievable, (shakes head)

I am so happy you had stumbled across this little guy. What the heck was he going to do with the beardie if he was originally only selling the tank? I probably don't even want to know!

Never the less, I am so happy he is doing so well, and it's really good to know that there are others out there who understand the responsibility of long term pet ownership and take leadership in defending a pets right to a live a happy and health life.

Some people should just not have the LUXURY of owning pets, seriously!

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Hi Bayoupig5, it's nice to hear from a fellow Canadian. I live in New Westminster, BC and I go to choices for veggies, too. I try to find the best for my 5 adult males & so far they're all very healthy.

I'm so amazed that he's doing so well & black bearding is such a great sigh! His foster mom is doing a GREAT job & so did you in finding him. He'll now have a great life, thanks to you both. I rescue dragons, too, have gotten a couple in his shape & gotten them healthy again, I just keep them, though, then run out of room. Right now I have 5 males, 3 rescues & 2 adopted. I just can't let them go once I have them healthy again. I would love to work at a rescue, but we don't have one in this area. When I have more time I"m going to joint Animal Control for a few hours a week, they don't get reptiles, but still need help with all the other animals. And I"m going to check to see if there is a rescue in the surrounding area, there was one in Richmond, but I think it was closed.

Maybe you can get some pic of Zevan soon so we can see how well he's doing.

That is a sad story about the iguana, what in the world were they doing to that poor animal, makes you want to put that family in jail. I'm glad you have a great rescue society going so he can get the help he needs. Some people just don't deserve to have any animals to care for!


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It's so great to see his progress! :blob5: :blob8: Nice that he feels well enough to have an attitude. :mrgreen:

Sometimes I just hate humans. You want to believe in the good in humanity, but there are too many stories like these. Some are no better with their kids. At least they will part with a neglected pet. Too bad we can't rescue the kids as easily. :banghead: Sorry, seen too much sadness lately.

Post new picts as you can. It is great to see a success story. :D

Sandy H :mrgreen:


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Havnt heard any updates for awhile. Have you gotten a chance or pics of him since he has gone to the foster home? or her. Sorry i forgot what sex he/she was haha. I bet she/he is all fat and good looking now :)


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Hi Soooo update time :D Well Im pleased to announce Mr Zevan had his FIRST shed since he came in. He is a Grumpy bum lol gotta be really carefully when putting your hand in his tank he flares up goes all black and charges a bit but hasn't bitten. He is a really neat colour and his pattern is sooo cool. I have attached a pic he is gaining weight a bit quicker now as you can see from the pic and seems to have no adverse side effects from being soooo emaciated (but only time will tell) So here is a pic of this handsome man and I will keep them coming as long as he's in the rescue/foster moms care :D
This pic is right after his shed ( i believe she is using her cell to take pics excuse the quality)


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He looks SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much better. Kudo's to the foster mom getting his weight up! :)I would be grumpy too if i was in his situation haha its nice to see how far he has come
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