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My Aurorah (Ora for short), has been wheezing and now has a little cough as well.
Sometimes it’s every 15 seconds for about 5 times. Then she won’t do it for an hour.
Then it’ll be once a minute.
She has been active, eating normally.
Had crickets and went crazy for them-like usual.
Then had two crickets and a salad.
Same yesterday and today.
She’s her usually self except for this cough.
She is climbing up my chest to elevate herself.
So even though she went to bed an hour ago, I have her in the same position, letting her snuggle

The second time I went to feed her, she didn’t immediately jump down for food like usual. It took a few minutes but she ate her few crickets and started on the salad.
Then left it and came back & ate a good bit when she thought I was coming to take it.

She pooped.
We checked it out and didn’t see anything other than the food she’s recently eaten.

Her head has been white for a week- but she is growing so fast she does shed at minimum of 3-4 times a month.

I can’t get into a vet fast enough for comfort.
I can’t get beytril without a prescription and can’t get that without going to vet.

There’s no mucus coming out or anything, nose holes are clear.
But you can tell that different positions definitely trigger different breathing.

I was considering getting some electrolyte drink and giving her a bath with some in it. As I’ve read online to do.

I’ve also read about a liquid variant of serrapeptase.
But I’m not sure about it.?

If anyone has any advice, please help.
She’s my baby.

I lost my boy, Clause in early January.
I can’t lose my Ora.

My profile contains pics and info on enclosure set up.
Tube UVB, runs across atleast 2/3 of tank.
I think it’s 32x24x18.
75watt basking bulb.
Reptile carpet.
Thank y’all & GOD Bless.


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I’m gonna tag an admin on here who’s a vet tech and also supplies me with all my liquid calcium/vitamins and many other things she mixes and sells herself. She will have knowledge of your issue and also carries forms of serrapeptase. @Drache613

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Hi , nice looking group you have there ! First off, don't bother with a Pedialyte bath , it won't do a thing for her if she has an R.I. Do you soak her regularly ? If so, she may have aspirated some water so cut out the soaks as well, maybe 1 every 10 days for 5-10 minutes to let her drink a little.. Hopefully she will recover in a few days. You also need to limit the time she's out of the tank, she needs the heat to help her recover. It's good that she's eating, she's not TOO sick and will keep her strength up. Drache613 may be able to help with Baytril if Aurorah needs it. See if she's still wheezing in a few days, it may stop on it's own if she just aspirated water.

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How is your girl doing? Is her breathing still the same, just a little bit of wheezing but has it gotten
any better?
I agree, if you suspect any type of respiratory issue, you can hold off on any baths right now. You
can get fluids into her using a plastic syringe or dropper. If possible, you can try to keep her a bit
warmer overnight to help boost her immune system.
Liquid serrapeptase is helpful for respiratory issues, liver health & overall health.
Let us know how she is doing.

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