beardie cough

  1. S

    Does this look like an Upper Respiratory Infection!?

    Hi, so I just got my new beardie 3 weeks ago. When I got him his head was in shed. He was constantly itching himself and rubbing on things to get it off. About 2 days after he got all of his shed off I noticed his left eye was staying shut. As the days went on gunk was building up. I...
  2. M

    Baby Beardie hasn’t eaten over a week; weird symptoms

    Hi everyone! I’m hoping someone out there can help me. I got my little guy Miko almost 2 weeks ago from PetSmart (yeah…I know not the best) and I started noticing some weird symptoms after a couple of days. Miko was estimated to be between 3-6 months old (baby) and he weights 8 grams. He hasn’t...
  3. Clause2021

    Think Babygirl has respiratory infection.

    My Aurorah (Ora for short), has been wheezing and now has a little cough as well. Sometimes it’s every 15 seconds for about 5 times. Then she won’t do it for an hour. Then it’ll be once a minute. She has been active, eating normally. Had crickets and went crazy for them-like usual. Then...
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