help my baby

  1. B

    Bear dies tail losing blood circulation but i want to avoid amputating tail what should I do?

    My beardie isn’t that old but isn’t a hatchling anymore either she was shedding one time and I noticed the she’d got stuck around her tail in a way I don’t know but it looks like it cut into her and left only the tip of the tail kinda broken and drying up but it will not fall off and I’m...
  2. annieandziggy

    Some health concerns; don’t know if this should be in ER thread or not

    Ziggy is about five months old. His basking temperature is around 95-105 and his cool side is around 75-85. Humidity can range anywhere between 15-40 depending on the day. If it’s low like 15 I put a humidifier in my room and close the door. He has the Reptisun 17 W UVB bulb. I dust his food...
  3. Clause2021

    Think Babygirl has respiratory infection.

    My Aurorah (Ora for short), has been wheezing and now has a little cough as well. Sometimes it’s every 15 seconds for about 5 times. Then she won’t do it for an hour. Then it’ll be once a minute. She has been active, eating normally. Had crickets and went crazy for them-like usual. Then...
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