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  1. My_Darling_Clementine

    I've rescued my first bearded dragon, and I need some advice.

    Hello, I am writing this post because of my beloved son. On March 3rd, I acquired Quasi the 5 year old bearded dragon for free off of Facebook. What his previous owners failed to mention in the post were his major spinal deformities, giving him an unnatural hunch in his spine. It's likely...
  2. M

    I cannot help my dying beardie

    Hello everyone, I have had my bearded dragon for only four years. She had always been in good health, with frequent check ups from the doctor saying everything was checked out. Recently I have hit a huge financial struggle. I could still afford her needs and things to ensure she has a more than...
  3. Lyrebird.Rainwing


    Swordtail was drinking a bunch of water but when he stopped he started to open his mouth and puff out his beard! I had to repeatability open his mouth so he could breathe and he ended up vomiting out some worms he ate earlier and also pooed There is a bit of blood but thankfully (Or I guess not...
  4. C

    Beardie anxiety, need advice

    I have a 3 year old beardie who in the last few months had developed a weird trait. Her tail and legs twitch involuntarily, touching or not touching her. Even now as I am typing this, her tail almost seems like it’s vibrating every couple of mins. When I touch her tail , it’s not like she is...
  5. Lyrebird.Rainwing

    I accidentally took bearded dragon out of bath while they were drinking!

    I heard this could be dangerous and so I immediately opened their mouth and tried to get them to breathe. They are breathing now but pretty heavily, is there anything more I can do so ensure my man is okay? (They seem to be okay enough to the point they could eat. Their beard was puffed out but...
  6. J

    Juvenile with on going diarrhea

    Hello, I am new here. I am mildly educated in basics of reptile care, having them all my life and my parents having them as well. But I’m at a loss and exhausted. For some information: 75g tank, weighs 236g, basking ambient temp is 90.1, laser checked at 105, cool side 74. 100w deep dome...
  7. B


    Hi! i’m back with a lil update on Spike, and i’m kinda worried :/ He was doing fine until about this past Tuesday. The weather has been a little cooler, cloudy and rainy, but i’ve noticed he is sleeping like A LOT and it’s been behind his log hide and once found his head inside the log. He’ll...
  8. B

    New Bearded dragon owner need help

    Hi everyone I just got a baby bearded dragon about 5 days ago He lives in a 40 gallon tank enclosure with a 150w basking bulb and a Reptisun 10 T8 UVB bulb his basking spots are around 105-120 and humidity is under 40% I have aluminum foil on top of the tank to insulate the heat because my house...
  9. Beardielover9000

    Purple/black/orange urate??

    WARNING LONG POST Beards post Hi, my fiancé and I got our beardies in April of 2022. Beeg Guy who is yellow (F) & Funny Guy who’s grey(M) Husbandry 4x2x2 feet zen habitat In inches (48x24x24) 4 or more fake plant/cactus 1 Small drift wood 1 corner hide which is also basking spot 1 tent on...
  10. K

    Update on Scarlett and poop/parasites

    Hi all! I posted a few days ago, but after a second dose of ponizural and some purée pumpkin and a bath (on advice from my vet), our girl finally pooped. It’s still not totally solid and it’s smaller than I’d think for not having pooped in a week. There also appears to be some blood! It’s...
  11. lizardlauren

    baby bearded dragon appears to be dying

    hi everyone, im posting here because im very concerned about the health of my girlfriends baby bearded dragon, harold. we adopted harold together from a reputable reptile store. he was very little when we got him, probably 2 months max. she has had him for about a month, and the whole time it...
  12. CassiTheNerd420

    Diarrhea Issue (gross photo warning)

    Frankie has been stressed (window surfing and has stress marks) and the last couple of poops have been like in the photo I thought it could be the relocation and shedding but it's been 3 weeks now and he is still surfing and still shedding. (His temps are good, and his uvb should be good)
  13. L

    Baby Beardie Still Not Eating- Please Help!

    Apologies in advance for the lengthy post—I'm hoping someone here has had a similar experience and can advise me on what to do. We've had our baby Brea for a little over three weeks. I've posted pictures of her enclosure below; specs are included in my profile but the basics are as follows: Zoo...
  14. L

    Baby Beardie Not Eating

    I'm a new beardie parent, we've had our sweet Brea for a little over two weeks. I've included all of the stats on his enclosure in my profile. For the first week and a half, he was eating great! About 20 small Dubias per day and the occasional collard green, pooping about twice a day. I couldn't...
  15. SarahNancy13

    Baby beardie has coccidia parasite!!!!!

    Hi! I'm new to the site as a poster but have been stalking it ever since I got my little guy Ember (3 months old) in the beginning of July. I took him to an exotics vet and she prescribed 0.2mL of a SulfaTrimeth for 10 days. I put his first dose on a bit of strawberry and he gobbled it right up...
  16. TurkeyKirkey

    New 7 month old male bearded dragon

    Hey my new baby toothless came from a home where people were scared of him so would pull his tail to move him :( now I feel he was so traumatized he is scared of humans now are there any tips to start bonding with a aggressive or stressed out beardi that’s new to your home
  17. A

    Yellow Fungus???

    does this look like yfd or some other kind of health issue i should be worried about. (sorry about the bad pictures kinda panicking here)
  18. B

    Bear dies tail losing blood circulation but i want to avoid amputating tail what should I do?

    My beardie isn’t that old but isn’t a hatchling anymore either she was shedding one time and I noticed the she’d got stuck around her tail in a way I don’t know but it looks like it cut into her and left only the tip of the tail kinda broken and drying up but it will not fall off and I’m...
  19. annieandziggy

    Some health concerns; don’t know if this should be in ER thread or not

    Ziggy is about five months old. His basking temperature is around 95-105 and his cool side is around 75-85. Humidity can range anywhere between 15-40 depending on the day. If it’s low like 15 I put a humidifier in my room and close the door. He has the Reptisun 17 W UVB bulb. I dust his food...
  20. Clause2021

    Think Babygirl has respiratory infection.

    My Aurorah (Ora for short), has been wheezing and now has a little cough as well. Sometimes it’s every 15 seconds for about 5 times. Then she won’t do it for an hour. Then it’ll be once a minute. She has been active, eating normally. Had crickets and went crazy for them-like usual. Then...
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