The "Bligg" Arrival ... New Pics(pg112)

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Hello Everyone!

For those of you who do not already know... I am about to welcome the newest member of my family.... Bligg!
He is on his way to my house right now... via the big brown viv.. aka as UPS :D

Bligg is one of Barbara's (fresnowitte) babies born out of wedlock to Ms.Tiggs and Blaze. His name I came up with by blending his parents names together.... Blaze + Tigg = Bligg :wink:

Here is the story of Bligg.... the little beardie who has been melting my heart for the past 56 days and will very soon be here at his forever home in Florida!

Bligg was born on July 15th in a small farm house in Fresno, CA.

Here is Bligg making his grand entrance

Here's the hour old and glass dancing already :shock:

Bligg's first shed at 19 days old....Awwww!

One month old and too darn cute!

Bligg on my birthday last month... BTW... Bligg is my b'day present to myself :D

4 days ago..... Would you look at that big boy :shock:

Okay.... I need another cup of coffee and a peek out the window(it's only the 37th time I've done it :roll: )

Goonie Sicko
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gulfbrzdawn":2lymqmin said:
Goonie":2lymqmin said:
I was starting to forget what my god-beardie looked like :roll:
Sorry Gina :oops:
on a side note.. you don't have any legal rights as Bliggy's godmother to take him away from me for being a bad "posting pic" mommy, do you? :shock:
Yuh huh! . . . at least until you decide to be a better "posting pic" mommy.

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spurlee01":q79g6438 said:
I see, all I have to do is go out of the country to get you to post pictures!
Sara, I don't even know what you are talking about. What country did you go to and why?

sweetiepie9 Sicko
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Dawn, they went to Barbados on a cruise ship. Check out Sara's thread & there's a link to pics of their trip. The pics are beautiful!
I've been so glad to see you posting again. The shower pics I saw in the "bath thread' are so cute!

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Thanks Deb! I will go check out Sara's thread and see what kind of trouble she got herself into while in Barbados, LOL

gulfbrzdawn Addict
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HeHe... yeah I just figured that out after seeing your thread.
We'll have to give Deb some credit... they do both start with the letter "B". :wink:


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gulfbrzdawn":3dwggo5a said:
Bliggy is Mr. Outdoors. Loves being outside even though half the time he has one eye on the sky looking for those dreadful predators, aka The Hawks. Here he is enjoying the garden.
(and no, he is not a snow dragon, just bad lighting :roll: )
this would be a geat picture for the next calender

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Michele... good to see ya stranger! :wink:
Bliggy is such a character! I love the pic of him staring at the lizard too.. :lol:

Morgan... that pic would probably be a good one for the calendar, but I think it is very similar to the one I had put in the calendar last year. :roll: :D

beardie osk

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It's been catch-up time for me, just love the pics of Rex, Bligg and Bonnie......whew, almost missed the six month updates! :headbang:

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Hi Christine! Hope all is well with you. I know you were MIA there for a while. Hope it was just being busy and nothing else.

beardie osk":3e1m99hw said:
whew, almost missed the six month updates! :headbang:
Thank goodness you made it in time. :mrgreen:

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Okay, so I have decided to do a three week update on my two. :mrgreen:
Rex and Bligg are both doing wonderful. Eating like crazy and leaving skin trails all over the house.
I am very excited to say that Rex has decided greens are okay as a daily staple in her diet again. She has not cared much for any veggies for a few years now. The ocassional bite here and there, but nothing to write home about. She is now eating them only because they are topped with her supers. So YAY to that!

At this moment I am sitting on my back porch while I type this and Rex is taking her turn in the outdoor enclosure. So I am typing away and happen to glance over at Rex to see her doing the breast stroke, or what I thought was the breast stroke. :shock: Upon further observation I realize she is arm waving, haven't seen that in years. What at???? Hehe... dragonflies... REALLY REX?! :roll: :lol:

Now for the little booger butt Bliggy... let me set the scene... Bligg taking his shower this morning

Okay... so he's taking his shower, everything goes as normal.. runs around.. plays under the water.. runs around.. and then exits the shower. While he is doing this I am in the bedroom cleaning his viv. I see him come out of the bathroom and head towards the back corner of the room where Bonnie's bed is... his normal favorite spot. Then all of a sudden I see this
Bligg running like a bat outta hell back towards the bathroom. :shock: So I follow him into the bathroom where he proceeds to get back in the shower. WTH! I'm thinking okay, so you want another shower. Uh-uh.... Tail lifts up, legs start to splay and aaaaah relief(you get the picture). He then jumps out of the shower and heads back into the bedroom. I guess when you gotta go, you gotta go, LOL
Way to go Bliggy!!! Who says you can't train a beardie?! :lol:


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haa haa he's potty trained! Bonnie probably had a talk with him and said she's be happy to share her bed, but he's gotta respect "a few rules LOL"
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