The "Bligg" Arrival ... New Pics(pg112)

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Hello Everyone!

For those of you who do not already know... I am about to welcome the newest member of my family.... Bligg!
He is on his way to my house right now... via the big brown viv.. aka as UPS :D

Bligg is one of Barbara's (fresnowitte) babies born out of wedlock to Ms.Tiggs and Blaze. His name I came up with by blending his parents names together.... Blaze + Tigg = Bligg :wink:

Here is the story of Bligg.... the little beardie who has been melting my heart for the past 56 days and will very soon be here at his forever home in Florida!

Bligg was born on July 15th in a small farm house in Fresno, CA.

Here is Bligg making his grand entrance

Here's the hour old and glass dancing already :shock:

Bligg's first shed at 19 days old....Awwww!

One month old and too darn cute!

Bligg on my birthday last month... BTW... Bligg is my b'day present to myself :D

4 days ago..... Would you look at that big boy :shock:

Okay.... I need another cup of coffee and a peek out the window(it's only the 37th time I've done it :roll: )


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Since I misremembered when Lady Annabelle is coming ( tomorrow not today...) I'll just sit here and keep you company ;)
Janie :D


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I'm keeping watch on both threads :D I don't get a chance to post much, but been reading all the good things here and I'm waiting too!

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I am having a horrible time with this waiting thing.

I feel like that little boy in "A Christmas Story" waiting for my Red Ryder BB Gun with a compass in the stock! Except nobody's chanting "You'll shoot your eye out!" :shock: :roll: :lol:

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Okay...... so to get to where I live, which is a strip of land surrounded by water, you must go over a three mile bridge. I just got back from posting a sign at the entrance of the bridge that reads....

If you see this... PLEASE contact Dawn at 555-5555 ASAP!

I hope my phone rings soon! :D

fresnowitte Sicko
gulfbrzdawn":3b51d said:
Except nobody's chanting "You'll shoot your eye out!" :shock: :roll: :lol:
But Dawn it wouldn't matter if you shot your eye out BECAUSE YOUR GOING TO BE BLIND from staring out the window so hard. :p :lol:

I just got back from taking my oldest son Daniel to work...damn on the way I notice I have to stop for gas...well I just wonder how many people actually seen me cussing at that slow ars gas pump. :lol:
Yep! I'm definitely a little crazy this morning....yelling at a gas pump..."don't you know I have to get home you blankety blank blank blank gas pump!" :lol: Then I look over to see this cop laughing is butt off at least he didn't escort me to the hospital for an evaluation. :lol:

Dawn I can really believe that you'd do something like that. But for some reason I picture you standing up on the rail of the bridge trying to see the other end to see if he's coming.

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beardieaddict":c7d96 said:
congrats so when is bligg supposed to be arriving?

I don't know! I guess when the man in the brown suit delivers all of his meaningless packages first :roll: :(


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AGHHHHHHH it's after 10... ISN'T HE THERE YET???????? I'm getting ready to leave for a few hours and won't be able to check in on Bliggy!!!!

Bliggy... Latte's mommy says hi and I hope your ride wasn't too bad!!!!


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awwwwwwww goodness COME ON UPS man....

Oh yah Dawn....I think he's not there yet because Barbara accidently put MY address down on the sorry :p

gulfbrzdawn Addict
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:( No... he is not here yet!

I am going crazy with anticipation here. Alright Barb.... I'm fixin' to call you!

fresnowitte Sicko
Your funny Brandy but Dawn already seen the label with her address
cuz I sent her pic's of his last bath here, him in the box all sealed up
with label :( , an of the UPS drop off.
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