Studly Dudley! ♥ *Massive Picture Overload 7/30*

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My dad just randomly came home with him! He is cutest thing ever, and has tons of chub! He just dived into his salad! :D
Hes 2 years old, 15-17 in. long (has pretty good sized nip) and 442 grams... Dyed from red sand, so I cant see his colors. :D

Will post more details/pics later... I have to babysit! :D


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@CHRISTLIKECHEF: Thanks! :D I'll PM you about the rock.

@Bowsersmo-... Err, Littlebirdy! You got your name changed! :D Haha, all these name changes are starting to confuse me a little. :roll:
Thanks! They lay around in much random positions LOL.


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The new viv looks great Jess! Don't worry I'm sure Dud will come around :lol:

Quick question, what do you use for the main material for the rocks? I got some polystyrene from Lowes I think that's 3/4 inch thick - if you can use that let me know and I'll bring it down with Sarth. Then maybe my husband will stop nagging me to "clean it up" (it's stacked neatly in a corner of the basement :roll: )


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I use sheets of foam, so that would be perfect if you wanted to bring it! :D
Do you want me to start it this weekend, or should I wait until you bring your foam?


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If you have the stuff you can start it whenever, I think you said they take about a week to make so there might not be enough time if I bring it with Sarth? Up to you though!


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Ok, yeah I'll start it sooner then. :D I didn't know if you wanted it made with your own foam or something, LOL.

And guys, I have some epic news!! According to Steven from Bloodbank, Dudley is a "short snout" or "pug" beardie!! :shock: Here is what he said about Dud:

Dudley is one of the best looking short snout dragons I have ever seen. He has a perfect ballance of facial proportions with an ideal structure.

Cute button nose without the extreme eye buldging.

Very nice.


Steven Barnes

So know I know why he looks so different! :mrgreen:
There aren't many breeders of short snout beardies, so I'm wondering if I could figure out where he came from? Probably not LOL, but I've always wanted to know!

Here are some more short snout beardies. It's hard to find much about them!


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Daggone it Jess, I did not need to know that I too could own an adorable Dudley-like beardie. Seriously, Clovis gives me quite enough stress, what with not eating salads like a normal beardie *grumbles while googling short snout bearded dragons*


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Dudley is sooooo cute and now he's even cuter now that he has a name to the cuteness and the pictures dudley studley even cuter :love5: :love5:


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Dud is a pretty handsome guy but one question.. Is his tail chopped a little bit or was he born like that? Just curious :) Great new viv!


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That's cool that you know exactly why he's so darn cute! I didn't realize that was an actual trait, I just figured it was just Dudders! :)


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Hehe, thanks everyone. :D I think we should all create a small army of short snout beardies. I LOVE the pictures of the little babies!

@Littlebirdy: Aww, come on... One more cute little beardie wouldn't hurt! :lol:

@Wyatt: He was like that when I got him, but it looks like it was bit off because the end of it is all scarred and weird looking.

@Kidster: I think it would say if she was? Compared to the other baby short snouts I saw, her face looks a little longer to me. But I'm no expert LOL.

@Sashee: I know! I'd never even heard of a short snout before. It's all so random. In a way though, I kinda still wish he was "one of a kind", but it's neat to be able to put a name to it too, and know I have a rather "rare" kind of beardie LOL.


Oh, and guess what? Today, Dudley set one little foot on the bottom step of his stair case. It's progress! :wink:


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This explains so much! O_O

Awa, he's still special.
He doesn't have the weird eyes or disformed cheekbones the other short snouts do. /shot
they're still adorable, though. he's just...more adorable. =P

Maybe that's why he was such an amazing stud? (;
But dude, if he was a stud before you got him...
does that mean that there are mini dudleys running around somewhere?! o_O
Never put two and two together until now, lol.

Butyeah, that's so weird.. short snout beardies.. never heard of.. o:


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Hehe, IMO he looks cuter than some of the other adult short snouts... I might be a tad biased though. :roll:

Yes! :D I actually met one of his babies! He was really cute, and he only had about an inch of a tail because the rest was bit off. But Dudley was surrendered with his mate and two of his babies. I couldn't convince my mom to let me adopt the whole family, but I took him back for a visit once. :(
But yeah, for all I know there are hundreds of mini Dudleys out there.
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