Studly Dudley! ♥ *Massive Picture Overload 7/30*

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My dad just randomly came home with him! He is cutest thing ever, and has tons of chub! He just dived into his salad! :D
Hes 2 years old, 15-17 in. long (has pretty good sized nip) and 442 grams... Dyed from red sand, so I cant see his colors. :D

Will post more details/pics later... I have to babysit! :D


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That is AWESOME!!! Congratulations!!!! Beardies are so addicting...I only have two...for now LOL

Looking forward to pictures!


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Thats great, Be sure to let his see its beautiful colors:D
Im curious of where he got was it from a friend or something cuz its like 2 yrs old? :study:


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Thanks everyone!!! Im SO happy with him- he is perfect! My sister snuggled him to sleep while I was babysitting... He is so calm and relaxed, and he doesnt even have any stress marks yet! He has a HUGE appetite, and he attacked his squash last night, plus 12 supers so far. :D Its nice to see one eat for a change!!
BTW, Wink passed away on my birthday (the 13th) so I still only have 1, if anyones wondering. :|
Here are some crappy phone pics... He is actually yellow, and looks like he might have some lavender side bars under his dirty-ness:




And now for the story/details...
So last week, my mom took me to Leaping Lizards (reptile store) "Just to look", because they had some adults up for adoption (Preggo woman couldnt keep her 4). I saw this huge, squishy male, and I completely fell in love! But he was $125, and my mom said I couldnt get him. I was really sad, and he was all I could think about after that. I looked on CL and emailed some people, but all the beardies on CL look completely emaciated, and I just cant handle another sick one. I looked into Blue Toungue skinks, Leos, and some other lizards, but they just werent the same!
Then yesterday, my dad told my to come over the the laundry room because he has something to show me. I thought it was because I had to clean up something or something like that- I dont have a good relationship with my dad, and thats usually the only reason he talks to me. But I went over, and he was holding my pet carrier and a bag of supers, and a little beardie face peeked out at me throught the little window!! It was SO unexpetced, because my parents said they didnt want more beardies, and I didnt think he had even liked Wink in the first place! My mom didnt even know he got the beardie! :D

He is already pretty settled in. I used to have a little pic of a beardie taped to the side of the tank when I had Wink because he never noticed it, but when I came to give the new guy a salad, he had his nose pressed against the glass black bearding and staring it down! :lol: I had to take it off right away!
He attached his UV light too LOL. I had it down lower, since Wink would not climb things to get close enough to it, and he completely launched him self at it... Im suprised it didnt break! So that had to be fixed too LOL.
This morning I randomly woke up at 7:00, and he was already awake and glaring at me LOL... I guess he is used to having his lights on earlier! After he warmed up a little, he started stretching his beard and yawned... Exactly like Wink used to do!

Im giving him a bath and a nail trim today, and buying him a couple things too. My mom had gotten my a XL Exoterra cave for my birthday, but it is not XL enough for this guy... He cant even fit his head through the opening. :roll: So Im getting him a bigger one, and I need larger drift wood too.

Sorry this is SO long LOL!!

As for names, I think I am down to 2:
1. Jasper
2. Ziggy
Not sure though... he might remain nameless for a few days. Any other suggestions?


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Here is an update on him!

I went on a mini shopping spree, and I got him the biggest hide I could find (I still would prefer a bigger one... :roll: ) and a HUGE basking log. He did not like Winks slate basking rock- I think it got to hot for him, because he was gaping alot and would not lay directly on it... I think it got a little too hot for him! But he loves his new log. It was the only one big enough for him! He only likes his basking temps to be around 98-100*F too.

I also bathed him and clipped his toes, but that stupid red staining would not come off! So his tail, feet, and belly are still orange. Im going to have to wait untill he sheds.
He didnt want his salad last night, but he downed 9 supers. Im trying not to handle him today, other than maybe a bath, and so far Im having a REALLY hard time!

And I am 99% sure on the name Ziggy. It seems to suit him the best! I will upload some new pics of him and his enclosure later today! :D


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More updates. :D He is too cute!

I discovered that Ziggy is semi-aquatic! :p I gave him another bath today, and he had an adsolute blast swimming... He was SO cute! You can tell that his previous mommy probably gave him soaks too- He already seems to know that baths = Swimming, drinking, and pooping LOL! Wink absolutely hated his baths and would do anything to get out, so its really neat to have one that enjoys his baths! He even "dived" and put his little head under! Too cute! :D
He doesnt get the concept of his cave though. He was sitting on top of it LOL! He has something against being "Burritoed" at night too, because he always crawls out of his blankie.
He did not eat today, so Im crossing my fingers for tommarrow!

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Congrats! I'm glad you got a new one. I know how hard it is to loose a beardie, even one that isn't super healthy to start with. Thanks for the pics. You are going to have an even better time with this one.

I was going to suggest Jasper as a name in honor of the first rescue that Sandi had gotten a few years ago. Her screen name is jaspersmom. She lost Jasper as he was in really bad shape when she first got him and he died when she'd only had him for about 1.5 years, I can't remember the exact time she had him. She rescued another one who died after about 8 or 10 months with her. She has since rescued 3 more. She only does rescues and that can hurt even more because you don't know how long you will have them.


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I still really like the name Jasper, and I saw Sandis screen name but Im pretty sure she had him before I joined! Now Im not as sure on Ziggy (every one is telling me he doesnt look like a Ziggy!), so right now I am thinking Jasper, Cisco, or Louie... This is SO difficult LOL! I had Wink named in a matter of minutes, but I just cant find something that sticks for this big guy!

When I rescued Wink from being put down, I had no idea how big of an impression he would have on me. I had him less than a year, but when they require so much care and special attention its really strange to be with out them!
But I think this beardie is the perfect situation for me- I wanted an adult, and Im not one for buying from pet stores (all my pets are rescued), but I didnt want another sick beardie either. This boy and the others for adoption were obviously very well loved and taken care of in their old home!
Im going to swing by the vets with him too probably some time this week, since they wanted to meet him... And that usually means a free check up too! :D

And I had a quick question too... How long should his relocation stress last? He doesnt act too stressed out, but he just didnt want to eat yesterday. Other than a bath and a 10 minute cuddle, and to show him off to 2 people, I didnt handle him yesterday! (Oh, ok... I failed!)


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What a handsome boy you got there! Don't be so hard on your dad. Most teens and dads don't see eye to eye. I think akwardness would sum it up nicely. He's trying to relate, and your thinking he's outta date. Just remember communication is a two way street!

Congrats on getting your new baby!


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What a handsome fella! You just gotta pick him up and squeeze him! Can't blame you for not being able to keep your hands off, lol. :lol:


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And I think I found the perfect name for him... Dudley! :blob5: What does everyone think??
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