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As mentioned, in MY OPINION she looks fine. Not sick, no mbd no nothing so no need to get hysteric. She will come out of brumation when she's ready and the temps rise again. Your initial question was about some dents but I don't see anything concerning, to be honest.

If you are looking into a new bulb, here in Europe (I'm from Germany) we use the ReptiZoo D3 Super Sun a lot, it's a good mvb for the price with really high uvb output.
Thanks a lot! I will definetly buy 2 uvb, one for now and one backup (still have a headlamp backup) I will also make some more notes such as the weight.

These were things I overlooked so I'm glad you all shared your opinion on the matter.


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Technically a mvb is not a uvb bulb, it is a mixed-light-bulb as it puts out heat and uvb. That bulb will be your basking bulb ;)

Also try to offer her water weekly with an eyedroper or syringe

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Her pads look somewhat dented down so try to
get oral hydration into her. I wouldn't let her
brumate very hard right now, until you can get
some more weight on her.
Is she a leatherback also? She looks very sweet.

Let us know how she is doing.

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