Sarth, Daeds, & Starling **5/28 First Camping Trip Pics!**

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I figured I would post some pics of Sarth...even though he hasn't been eating very well the past month he still finds every opportunity to be cute! I think I might just keep adding pics to this thread along with my blog, we will see!

The most recent ones are at the top.

I thought this was adorable...he was kind of lounging against the glass, looking at me like "what?!"

Just trying out a close-up of his's hard to get good pics during the weekdays when the sun is going down by the time I get home

Scoping out his rearranged tank

Morning stretches, as usual :)

Him looking *really* grumpy sitting in the sun on the back of our recliner. And I put his tail like that, lol

My husband took this :roll:

A rare shot of him actually eating his salad

Watching Glee with me!

He loves to explore the coffee table, not sure why

I did not put him like this, lol. I should have entered it in this months photo competition!

Him still being really mad from the vet's visit the night before. He looked so hilarious, all puffed up with the black beard. I started petting him and he deflated while managing to look confused.

Just looking cute. This was right around when he stopped eating about a month ago.

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I'll have to ask my vet about that as the shots worked on Didi's abcess. And I hope you're able to fight that infection in Scully arm, sounds so nasty.


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Ugh, well more bad news. I brought Scully in with me to get the meds today and the vet gave her a quick look over. The front right arm is unchanged. However, the back left, the one that was getting better, is now more swollen again. And get this, it looks like it's spread to her back right knee joint now too :( The vet is stumped and is wondering now if she has some underlying issue that's causing the antibiotics to be so ineffective.
Since her liver enzymes were fine she's think it's *not* adeno virus but it could still be a possibility, which is extremely scarey for me.
So we're coming back on Monday evening for a blood culture, and she's having me switch back to the first antibiotic she was on instead of the clindamycin. Then it's more wait and see for a couple more weeks.

This is stressing me out so much, I was teary eyed the whole way home. I just want her to get better and she isn't despite everything we're trying. :(

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I can understand so well how you feel. Hopefully the culture will find an underlying cause for all this and your vet will then find a remedy that will work. Poor you and Scully, it's so hard when our babies are sick and we can't get them better. Titan is starting to fail, he's become so skinny, so I'm back to force feeding him. His tail is skinnier and his back thigh muscles are reducing, too. I can now see his spine. So I didn't take him to the vet today, I want to work with him to plump him up again and see what I can do; we'll be at the vet on Thursday morning and I'll let you know what she says.

I feel for you both, hopefully you'll get some good news in a couple of months. Hugs to you both.

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I'm so sorry to hear about this rough patch you and Scully are going through. I hope it gets better for the both of you.


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So my vet called me at 9am today to talk about Scully's remaining options. She thought that if the blood culture doesn't show us anything new we're now looking at euthanasia instead of just surgery :( Needless to say this wrecked my day. I rescheduled the blood culture for earlier because I couldn't stay at work crying my eyes out.
I got her down there (crying the whole way) and the vet took her to get the blood. She came back and said Scully's back right leg looks way better so thinks the metronidazole is working for it. So now there's some hope. The culture is testing the aerobic, anaerobic, and fungals. She said aerobic general takes 3-5 days, fungal around 10, and the anaerobic she wasn't 100% sure but will take the longest. So once the cultures are grown they can test and see what kind of antibiotics will kill the bacteria. It wasn't cheap but this is basically Scully's last chance I think. As long as it doesn't spread anymore.

In the meantime I was talking with Tracie here on the forums. I'm going to get an adeno test done, and she suggested I get some serrapeptase and milk thistle, so I ordered both of those today.

My vet gave me some baytril as well to use if I want until we hear back about the cultures, but I'm going to check with Tracie and see what she thinks about that.

So needless to say I'm a giant wreck :( If we have to put Scully down because we can't stop the infection it will crush me. I can't even think about it, much less type it out without getting teary :(

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God, I'm so sorry to hear this news, but hopefully the cultures will help figure out what she has so you can deal with it & not have to euthanize her. I've had to make that decision with Titan, he's lost 200g in 3 weeks and is failing fast & I just don't want him to suffer anymore.

So here's hoping good news come from the cultures. I know how expensive they are, I had a biopsy done on Titan to find out if he had YF and it wasn't cheap.

I'm praying that you'll have some good news soon. Poor Scully, we were so hopeful it was the same thing that Daeds had & that was easy to fix.

Keep your hope up until all the cultures come in. I don't think it's fungal, it would have spread like crazy, like it did on Titan, by now. So if it's bacterial, there is a big chance that your vet will find the right course of action for her. And if Tracie is on board, even better!

Take care


I'm so sorry to hear all that you and Scully have been through. It reads like a saga and the news you got today is just gut wrenching. I really hope the cultures can shed some light on the infection.

Reading this thread does scare me a little now that Ty has this big lump on his back knee. Today the doc aspirated puss out of his joint and now I kind of wish we'd cultured it just to get a jump on it and not waste time with meds that may not be helpful. What concerns me is that antibiotics have just become pretty ineffective because of resistant bacterial strains. It's frightening. He postulated that this infection could have been the result of a small poke or injury many months ago and that the drop in temperatures caused his immune system to weaken allowing the bacteria to bloom. We changed up some things in his set-up and hopefully I'll have better control of the temps now. It's nowhere near as cold here as what all of the posters in this thread have been experiencing. Still I was completely unprepared.

I hope you don't mind me crashing your thread, Jen. I'd like to hear what happens with Scully and Titan and have a place to commiserate as we attempt to heal Ty's abscess.

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Firewoman, I'm sorry to hear about Ty, can you not still get a culture done. It's expensive, but well worth it. Unfortunately, Titan lost his battle with YF, he's very sick and having trouble breathing now; we're going to the vet Thurs am & he'll be put to sleep. I'll be burying him with his "sisters", Sweetie, Angel, Issy & Loish, close by so I can visit him. I'm hoping & praying that both you and Jen will have success in the fight again the bacterial infections your beardies have.


sweetiepie9":6g1w8mo4 said:
Firewoman, I'm sorry to hear about Ty, can you not still get a culture done. It's expensive, but well worth it. Unfortunately, Titan lost his battle with YF, he's very sick and having trouble breathing now; we're going to the vet Thurs am & he'll be put to sleep. I'll be burying him with his "sisters", Sweetie, Angel, Issy & Loish, close by so I can visit him. I'm hoping & praying that both you and Jen will have success in the fight again the bacterial infections your beardies have.

Terrible news about Titan and I'm so sorry to hear he's suffering so much. Big hugs to you.

Jen are you giving Scully any kind of probiotic supplement or fermented food? The vet told me they aren't beneficial, even in humans. I know this to be untrue for humans so I'm wondering if I should try offering some kimichi or other fermented vegetable.


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No worry at all firewoman, people are always welcome in these threads :) I can tell you that the culture was $193 from my vet. She has treated beardies with this before with success, but for whatever reason Scully's system is just not able to fight it off. She had it for so long in the back foot (probably since June or July) and we chalked it up to a sprain from her egg laying. In the meantime it spread to her front right arm, and all of the sudden she couldn't walk. Like I said I try not to blame myself but I worry that we waited too long for the antibiotics to be effective. You caught it right away with Ty so you should be fine.

I do give Scully and my other 2 acidiophiliz every couple days to help with her gut flora and I do think it helps. I also give her bee pollen and have serrapeptase and milk thistle coming this week, all good things for their immune systems.

Scully was doing good this morning. It was an injection day and I have her the baytril along with the metronidazole and tramadol. I forgot the metacam but I'll give that to her in the evening. Poor girl is on so much medication, but her system seems to be handling it well for now.


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Just wanted to post a little update. Scully is pretty much the same, but she got hornworms the last couple days so I think she's quite pleased with that :) No word back from the vet yet on the culture, so I'm hoping on Monday for that.

I did get the adeno test and serrapeptase from Tracie today. Scully has been pooping almost every day so I should have a sample ready to go back to her on Monday.

Daedalus has been rampaging lately also. I come home and her whole tank is rearranged. She was doing this last night so I took her out and she ran straight for the sliding glass door and started glass dancing there too:

So we opened the door, and fwoom! Out she charged, fearlessly into the snow. I had to take off my socks and hike up my pants and go get her, lol!

Sarth is awakeish and ate a horn worm for me a few days ago. We had some cuddle time earlier tonight. He's such a sweet heart, too bad I can't have him out with the girls!

Look at the pretty orange tail. The rest of him needs to hurry up and shed, I wonder what it looks like underneath? He hasn't done a body shed in a loooong time, and the tail was just this summer if I recall.

And of course the ultimate stink-eye from my baby girl.

I hope I have some updates from the vet on Monday. Otherwise the holiday might delay things :( Will keep updates coming as I get them!


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Hey Jen, I am so sorry to hear about Scully! :( Me and Duds have our fingers crossed that you get good news from the culture!

That's hilarious that Daedalus actually went in the snow!! You would think that they would avoid it at all costs. She's a true Minnesotan reptile I guess. :p

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Hi Jen, loved all the pics & Jess said it all, Daeds is a true winter beardie! I'm so hoping that you will get good news from the cultures, by that they have it figured out and it can be properly treated. My prayers are with you. Titan is now on Rainbow Bridge, went to the vet yesterday am, he looked so peaceful & that made me feel peaceful too, that I did the right thing. So here's hoping it's a bacterial infection and that the proper med can be used & she can be finally cured. Glad she enjoyed her hornworms.

Sarth sounds like Gabriel, can't see a female without getting on top of her :lol: Gabriel hasn't figured out that there's a winter yet, even though it's snowing outside, he's bobbing at everything and he tried to bite Lonzo when they were getting their baths. Puff has moved in just fine, she was on the ramp driving Gabriel crazy yesterday, he hopped all over his tank trying to get out. Blacked bearded and bobbed the whole time she was out. So her tank is set up & she's in it now. Now that they've all had a bath, it's feeding time.

Keep us all posted, k? & give Scully an extra big hug from me.


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Thanks Jess :) Yea I was surprised too! Scully did the same thing last year:

Scully has had the tinge of a black beard for the last couple days, and I'm not sure if it's due to pain or if she's annoyed at Daedalus, who was been rampaging and destroying her tank for the last couple days too. It goes away when I take her out, so it's hard to say. She's been very active though, she so wants to move around and explore like she used to but she just can't. I generally have to help her with a hand under her belly if she wants to do something like turn around.

I've got the adeno test ready to go for Monday. I'll have to double check with Tracie how long it takes to get results, but hopefully I'll get those by the end of next week. If it's positive I feel like I might have to get Daeds tested too since they spend a lot of time together and I think it's pretty contagious :(

Fingers crossed that the vet not only calls on Monday but that she has some good news as well. It's going to be tricky with these busy holiday weeks coming up. Our next steps more or less hinge on what, if anything, these cultures tell us.

Oh and here is a pic of what Daed's tank looks like the last two days I've gotten home :roll:

So I can just imagine Scully getting stressed from all the ruckus that causes.

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It's like they think it's spring. Gabriel's been doing the same thing, destroying his tank almost every day. Will be looking forward to the culture results, too.
Scully is beside Daeds, so she hears all the commotion, too. They're just so funny in their antics :lol:
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