Sarth, Daeds, & Starling **5/28 First Camping Trip Pics!**

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I figured I would post some pics of Sarth...even though he hasn't been eating very well the past month he still finds every opportunity to be cute! I think I might just keep adding pics to this thread along with my blog, we will see!

The most recent ones are at the top.

I thought this was adorable...he was kind of lounging against the glass, looking at me like "what?!"

Just trying out a close-up of his's hard to get good pics during the weekdays when the sun is going down by the time I get home

Scoping out his rearranged tank

Morning stretches, as usual :)

Him looking *really* grumpy sitting in the sun on the back of our recliner. And I put his tail like that, lol

My husband took this :roll:

A rare shot of him actually eating his salad

Watching Glee with me!

He loves to explore the coffee table, not sure why

I did not put him like this, lol. I should have entered it in this months photo competition!

Him still being really mad from the vet's visit the night before. He looked so hilarious, all puffed up with the black beard. I started petting him and he deflated while managing to look confused.

Just looking cute. This was right around when he stopped eating about a month ago.


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zeppy123":1u5uvxwk said:
Beautiful boy, so much personality. Hope he starts eating again soon.
Thanks! Things have actually been improving for him the last couple days. I started putting him under his basking spot at night so that when it comes on in the morning I don't have to worry about him not moving over to it. It seems to be working, he's been eating his roaches and let's me hand feed him a few bites of salad. 2 days in a row now! Will have to see if the trend continues.

I know that is a great pic right :p Haven't seen him sleep like that since, lol


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Well I started feeding him some repta-aid this evening. He didn't accept more than a few pieces of his greens and a few roaches this morning. He seems to have completely lost interest in the repti worms, ugh. He sat pretty calmly in my hand for a bit while I gave him about 2cc's of the stuff by letting him slurp it off his nose until he really tried to get out of my hand and black bearded at me :p I feel bad for him but I see no other way for him to get his calcium and vitamins if he's not going to eat a good meal by himself. I really wish it would warm up so I could take him outside!!
Anyway we'll try again with the real food in the morning, otherwise more repta-aid

So of course 10 mins before lights out he decided he wanted to try and climb out the window. Deposited him on my chair instead, then wrapped him up in his T-shirt a few minutes later :p

Let's hope tomorrow brings a better day! His bday is on Tuesday and he's barely grown half an inch since last month :(


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Here in MN we cherish the few months of warm weather we get. According to the weather it's 47 degrees out, but there's 0 breeze and sitting in the sun I was actually getting sweaty :p So I decided it was warm enough to take Sartharion outside for the first time!

He was pretty scared for awhile. Stiff as a board, wouldn't even look around.

wtf is this place? Scaryyyyyy

Still stressed out

I moved him onto my leg to help him relax, he was still pretty tense though

Hmmm maybe this isn't so bad...happy color time!



Now that he's back in his tank though he's acting really skittish, trying to hide under anything he can. I guess it'll take him some time to get used to the great outdoors, lol.


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Ok, I definitely laughed at the little jacket leash contraption! Did you make it?

Mine isn't super thrilled with the outdoors yet either....loved the pics, keep more coming! :D


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mrstuart75":39ybiu2y said:
Ok, I definitely laughed at the little jacket leash contraption! Did you make it?

Mine isn't super thrilled with the outdoors yet either....loved the pics, keep more coming! :D
No I didn't make it, there is a member here who makes them and I bought one from her. I think the little leather jacket looks quite cute on him :D

Well today was his 7 month birthday! Just measured him and he appears to be just at 16". I'm pretty disappointed, I was hoping he'd be more like 17", but due to over a month of declined appetite hasn't even grown a full inch since his last month's birthday. But I'm hopeful, having him wake up under his basking light seems to be helping his appetite. Plus a few cc's of repta-aid a day to supplement the nutrients he's lost. Hopefully I'll be able to bring him out in the sunshine again tomorrow.

Well I don't have many pics since I posted most of them in the above posts but I do have a couple :)

In the bath yesterday! He does enjoy them very much

Just a few mins ago before I put him away. Snuggling with yours truly :love5:


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yes the leather jacket is cute! it just cracks me up everytime I look at it!!
what is the user that makes them??? maybe mine should have one too! does yours actually mind wearing it?

also, how's the reptaid going? i've been debating ordering some just to have on hand....but I'm always skeptical of miracle juices. Let me know!!!

thank you!!!


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Here's a link to the thread for the harnesses mrstuart. Sartharion does not mind his harness at all, but he has always been an easy going lizard so not much bothers him anyway. [ Invalid URL Removed / p= t=136827 f=2 ]
As far as the repta-aid goes, I haven't given him very much so I'm not sure how much it's helping, but since he is missing out on his calcium and vitamin dusted roaches I figured he should have something to compensate. When I brought him to the vet originally when he just flat out wasn't eating, he said just having that little something in their tummies can help get their appetite going again. So whether it actually does that or not, at least I know he's getting his vitamins :)


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So we seem to have misplaced the camera somewhere...seriously cramps the picture taking! Usually by the time I grab my phone for a pic it's too late! I managed to snag a couple decent ones of him in the bath at least.

Aaah water so warm, think I'll lay here for a bit

Too long! Now I'm sleepy (but I'll put my happiest colors on)

We are going to try some tough love and not offer any food for a couple days. Today he ate one measely piece of collard green and a horn worm, so I gave him about a cc of the repta-aid. He is getting better at licking liquid off his nose, which is great because I ordered some liquid calcium and multi vitamins. We'll see if he's hungry enough to eat a cup of roaches for us on Saturday.


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FINALLY found the camera! It was in my husband's work bag...good place for it :p So I took just a few pics today, didn't have much time!

Here's the usual "let's see if I can make the leap to the coffee table" look

His pretty colors came out in this one :)

This is a good place to sleep...fuzzy pillow and cold leather couch
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