Ruby showed me love!

Look closely at Ruby holding my hand with both of his hands. This is a monumental moment!
PROUD MOM:love:--- FYI he ran away about a minute afterward but hey, I'll take it.

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IDK, that look appears as if it could be construed as "Put me down or I swear I will kill you in your sleep" just as easily as it could construe affection... :ROFLMAO:



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These are precious moments! One day Foxy was sitting next to me and I called him. He approached my hand, which was lying there, and I swear, he butted it with his head as if he wanted to crawl under my arm, as if he wanted to say take me and put me on your shoulder, of course I put him on my shoulder and he was extremely pleased. It happened once, but I remembered this moment!


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I just couldn't have my moment lol:ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO: He actually had each hand but I had to patiently wait and grab the phone LOL

My mother says that I am too hard on him. He is a scammer...he only loved on me to get into my house to get all of the bugs that he could eat!
By the time he is 4 years old, we will be besties. I feel it!


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Rocky, Ruby
You are so right. Ruby's head would pop off it could. He totally only came into my life for food. I am totally convinced of it. I can't wait for Rocky to end brumation. His love is pure, LOL
Ruby has something that says EAT 24 -7 and since I wont comply, I am totally useless to him.
We get more cuddle time but he expects a reward at the end-- No buddy, the cuddle is the reward. Now he stays and jumps back into the enclosure like, "YOU THINK I"M STUPID"-
so when I take him out, we take a lap around the house. Whatever works right LOL

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It sounds like you have your hands full with this one lol.
Rocky spoiled ya 😀

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